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Take Action-Operation Congress Pink Slips

February 14, 2010

by ccrofny

Get your “pink slips for congress” here

Congress may be getting “numb” to phone calls, e mails and fax messages, and letters take a while to get processed since the anthrax issue.
I came up with “PINK SLIPS” for Congress, in a post card format See examples below.
My idea is for people to print them out in the home or office, and mail them to their Congress critters.
Diana Wingfield has designed a black and white version in MS word, that can be printed in black ink, 2 to a page. Just buy pink paper. Download Here: DianasPinkSlip.doc
Ken Lowder, Tx 2 district coord has designed a .PDF version that can be printed on Avery postcard stock 4 per side. Download Here:
Here are the original 6 image files in a .ZIP file comprising a front and back file for each format PLUS a word file with the entire Congressional snail mail database.
Your choice… Feel free to post any other versions that you think others may prefer, in the comments section below.
A big thanks to Diana and Ken…Great job!!
Here is the Congressional snail mail database:Congressional mailing and phone list.doc

As well as printing and sending the pink slips, I encourage everyone to distribute the LINK to this post, in as many appropriate OFFSITE venues as possible..The Craigslist political section, other blogs and appropriate E mails to non members on YOUR list.

Go here for a quick copy paste Craigslist post:

I feel it is of paramount importance to keep the pressure on in every imaginable way during this time, and hopefully, the post cards may offer a lot of BANG for little effort should they become widely known and available.
We MUST stop this madness.
Post card front:

Post card back:

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