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Take Action-NY- Say NO to job killing legislation

Tell your legislator to say NO to job-killing legislation that will expose small business owners to frivolous lawsuits in the guise of preventing “workplace bullying.”



This Legislation is an invitation to sue virtually every employer in New York and could effectively end “at will” employment.

The New York State Assembly is currently considering dangerous legislation (S.1823B/A.5414B) that would create a new private cause of action for employees subjected to an “abusive work environment.”  This legislation has already passed the Senate, and poses a major risk to every employer in our state.  We need your help TODAY to stop it.

The sponsors of this legislation claim that the bill is aimed at preventing “workplace bullying.”  However, small business owners and employers would be the real victims of “bullying” at the hands of trial lawyers and disgruntled employees as they fend off frivolous and costly lawsuits this bill would promote.

Perhaps most troubling is the fact that this legislation would hold employers strictly liable for any “abusive conduct” in the workplace, whether or not the employer was aware of it.  This is an unreasonable and unfair standard and will clearly open the door even further to lawsuit abuse aimed at employers. 

We do not disagree with the sponsors’ statement that, “[t]he social and economic well-being of the state is dependent upon healthy and productive employees.”  We would simply note that the health and productivity of employees is also greatly impacted by the availability and retention of jobs, not to mention the social and economic well-being of our state.  Both are undermined by well-meaning but ill-advised measures such as this bill which subject employers to abuse and worsen our state’s already poor business climate.

As a small business owner, you deal with the difficulties that can occur managing the workplace.  And with this bill, trial lawyers and the courts would be interfering in your day to day operations seeking motive behind every tough decision you make.  It’s time for and the legislature to stop wasting time on senseless bills like this that undermine our economy, and begin dealing with real problems, such as a growing deficit, lack of job creation and retention, and most importantly, providing an environment that will allow small business to survive and prosper. 

Join NFIB/NY in sending a message to the Legislature to Say NO to S.1823B/A.5414B

Mike Elmendorf
State Director, NFIB/New York

Please click on this link to contact your legislator TODAY and urge your legislator to protect your business from costly, pointless and frivolous lawsuits by opposing this legislation.

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