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Take Action – Repeal Obamacare and related


1- Revere America

2- Heritage Foundation

3- Tea Party Patriots

4- Freedom Action

5- Freedom Works – No reconciliation

6- Congressman Fleming

 Revere America

Revere America Petition

October 28, 2010 — Congressional Candidates Pledge to Repeal and Replace Healthcare Law

Effort Gains Support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents
Washington, D.C.- Revere America today announced that a bipartisan group of candidates for Congress have joined House Minority Leader John Boehner in signing its pledge to Repeal and Replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

The pledge, which was sent to all incumbents and Congressional candidates, reads: “I pledge, that if elected to serve the people of (state, district) I will vote to repeal Public Law 111-152 and  Public Law 111-148 and work toward enacting responsible health care reform.”

“We are pleased that a range of candidates are getting aboard the Repeal and Replace movement,” said former Gov. George Pataki, Chairman of Revere America.  “We are counting on the new Members of the 111th Congress to step up and undo the damage done by the last Congress.  Revere America is receiving signed pledges every day.”

Republicans: Rep. John Boehner(OH-8), Rep. Elton Gallegly (CA-24), Wayne Miller (CA-34), Scott Folkens (CA-43), Rep. Mary Bono Mack (CA-45), Tim Huelskamp (KS-1), Frank Guinta (NH-1), Charles Bass (NH-2), Randolph Altschuler (NY-1), John Gomez (NY-2), Kenneth Reynolds (NY-7), Diana Muniz (NY-10), Michael Grimm (NY-13), Nan Hayworth (NY-19), Chris Gibson (NY-20), Leonard Roberto (NY-27), James Graham (OH-17), Bob Gibbs (OH-18), Jim Gerlack (PA-6), Carson Adcock (PA-13), and David Argall (PA-17), Steve Southerland (FL-2), Teri Newman (IL-12), Tim Walberg (MI-7), Jacob Turk ( MO-5), Bob Latta (OH-5), Robert Hurt (VA- 5), Chad Lee (WI-2), David McKinley (WV-1)

Democrats: David Hancock (TN-2)

Independents and other Parties: Floyd Bayne (VA-7), Robert Raymond (WI-5), Gary Kauther (WI-7), Mickey Higgins (AR-1), David Nolan (AZ-US Senate), Nicole Patti (AZ-1), Mark Lambert (CA-42), Joe Cantrell (FL-1), Dianne Berryhill (FL- 2), Rodger Jennings (IL-12), William Lang (LA-US Senate), Richard Shawver (MD-US Senate), Richard Davis (MD-1), Steven Wilson (MN-1), Lon Cecil (NC-12), Jonathan Hansen (NV-1), Travis Irvine (OH-12), Lindsey Sutton (OH-18), Richard Cadle (OH-6), Marc Delphine (OR-US Senate), Michael Idrogo (TX-20), James Strohm (TX-21),  Mark Boler (TX-26), Jim Prindle (TX-4), Robert Taylor (WI- US Senate)

Revere America has launched a “Pledge to Win Campaign,” which includes a get out the vote mailing in key districts, automated calls by Gov. Pataki and television ads.  Governor Pataki has toured Congressional districts around the country in  which  Members voted for the healthcare law.

Heritage Action for America



Democrat Defects! Supports Obamacare Repeal


September 16,2010

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Support for Obamacare is collapsing. Today, Mississippi Democrat Gene Taylor broke ranks and signed the House Discharge Petition demanding a repeal of Obamacare. Representative Taylor is the first Democrat to support repeal. Heritage Action is pleased to see him choose principle over party.

This is a victory for America and a tribute to conservative activists like you and over 70 conservative organizations that joined our efforts. This is a small, but vital step in the long battle to repeal Obamacare. We need your help to keep the pressure on.

At the end of August, we launched a targeted advertising blitz to pressure those Democrats to support a full repeal of Obamacare. Even though a majority of Americans support repeal, no Congressional Democrat had publicly endorsed repeal – until today. Those issue ads in Mississippi paid off.

Obamacare is on the ropes. Americans are energized. President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are nervous. Now is the time to expose Members who say they oppose Obamacare, but are quietly supporting its implementation.

Who will be the next Democrat to back a full repeal of Obamacare? Will it be Rep. Travis Childers, who is also from Mississippi, or another one of the 33 other Democrats who voted against Obamacare? Who will be the next to join our repeal effort and choose principle over party?

Thank you for everything you have done in this fight to preserve freedom in America.


Needham Signature

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America


Repeal The Bill!

Step One: Sign the petition.
Step Two: Help get 1 million signatures by sharing with everyone on your facebook pages and elsewhere.
Step Three: Use the ‘I Signed The Petition’ image on your facebook and twitter profiles and spread the word.

SNAPSHOT-03/31/10 Tea Party Patriots LIVE Repeal The Bill Signature Counter
115,944 Signatures Already
11.6% of 1 million.
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Take Action Now- NO to Socialized Medicine

Write Your Congressmen Now Before We Get Socialized Medicine—Click Here
Take Action No One Believes Socialized Medicine Will Cost NothingClick above and Email your chosen talking points to Schumer, Gillibrand, and Higgins simultaneously.

The Democrats in the House may be trying to pass the Senate’s healthcare bill without an actual vote on the bill.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Each bill that comes before the House for a vote on final passage must be given a rule that determines things like whether the minority would be able to offer amendments to it from the floor.

In the (Rep. Louise) Slaughter Solution, the rule would declare that the House “deems” the Senate version of Obamacare to have been passed by the House. House members would still have to vote on whether to accept the rule, but they would then be able to say they only voted for a rule, not for the bill itself.

And Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did confirm today that he will use the budget reconciliation process, the procedure that requires 51 votes rather than 60, to get  Senate passage for the $2.3 trillion healthcare bill..
Please use our simple form (click here) and, at the top of your letter, let your representatives know if you don’t want them to vote for the deceptive rule, either.
The good news of the day? The House Republican Representatives today promised a one-year moratorium on earmark requests directed to for-profit companies!
Yours for freedom,
Julie Walsh
Julie Walsh
Freedom Action
1899 L Street, NW
Suite 1250
Washington, DC 20036
Connect with Freedom Action on Facebook and Twitter!



Take action- No Reconciliation


Congressman Fleming’s Petition

“John Fleming’s primary goal is to uphold America’s constitution and is working in Washington with a single purpose: to represent the people as a servant leader.”

Good News

 Please go to the website below and act on this!!!  This should Kill the Health Plan--I hope
 Finally, some good news to act on!!.
 Forward this as fast as you can!
 On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a
 two-page amendment that would require all Members and their staffs to enroll
 in any new government-run health plan..
 It took me less than a minute to sign up to require our congressmen and
 senators to drink at the same trough!
 Three cheers for Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana !
 Congressman John Fleming ( Louisiana physician) has proposed an
 amendment that would require congressmen and senators to take the same
 healthcare plan they force on us (under proposed legislation they are
 curiously exempt).
 Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go on his Website and Sign
 his petition (very simple – just email).
 I have just done just that at: 
 Please urge as many people as you can to do the same! If Congress forces
 this on the American people, the Congress should have to accept the same
 level of health care for themselves and their families.
 To do otherwise is the height of hypocrisy!
 Please pass this on!!


Take Action- Code Red Alert-Operation Urgent Care- Phone Fax Email NY

Larger TPP Logo





Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin just got off the phone with 2 reliable sources in Washington DC who have told us that the Blue Dog Democrats are caving on health care and will be voting for it.  Many Blue Dogs are saying that Speaker Pelosi will have the votes before or by next Thursday and they are saying this very confidently.  The important thing to note is that as soon as Speaker Pelosi thinks she has the votes, she will immediately call for the vote on the House Floor.  That means it the vote could come as early as tomorrow, or it could be later.It is up to each and every one of us to stop this health care bill.  Over 60% of Americans do NOT want this bill yet that does not matter to the Democrats in Congress.  Sen. Coburn said on Tea Party Patriots’ Hot Tea Radio program today, that current polling shows 48% of Americans want the entire health care bill scrapped and to start over.  Only 25% of Americans even want this bill, and polling shows jobs is the top priority for Americans and health care reform ranks well down the list at number six.  Yet Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat leadership in the House and the Senate are prepared to shove this bill down our throats, regardless of what the American people want.   

We cannot let our liberty go without fighting for it with everything we have.  In the battle to prevent the government from taking over our health care, Tea Party Patriots across the country have left no stone unturned.  Right now we must keep the pressure up!!! The Blue Dog Democrats must feel as much pressure from the “Tea Party folks” as they are feeling from Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat House Leadership.   

The absolute most effective thing that you can do is to go to the office of the Congressmen who are on the fence and still undecided on this government takeover of health care bill.  Let the Undecided Congressmen see the live faces of the people who do not want this health care bill shoved down our throats.  Make them look in your eyes.   

In addition to the action items emailed late last night, we need you right now to plan an event and have car loads of people visiting the local district offices in a constant stream this week. 

Here is how to do it:  

  1. Check our site to see when other events are currently planned in your area to protest government take over of health care. You can see this by going to, click on Tea Parties. Then click on your state and then click on Events.  Make a mental note of when events are currently planned.
  2. Now plan a visit to the targeted Congressmen in your state who are still undecided in their office tomorrow, Friday, over the weekend, and/or each day next week.  Plan an event that does not conflict with the time, date, and place of a currently planned event. For instance if one is planned at noon tomorrow, then plan on for 3:00 tomorrow.  We need as much constant pressure as possible.
  3. Login to and list your event on our website. After logging in, click on My Account. Then click on Add Event.  Fill out the pertinent information.  Click Submit. We will have people approving events every couple of hours and you will get an email as soon as it is approved.
  4. Email all of your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors an invitation to the event you are planning.  Each of us has a unique circle of influence that no one else has. Use that circle of influence to contact the people within it and tell them how important this vote is. Tell them why you are taking time away from your family, work, and other normal activities to plan an event and ask them to attend.
  5. Create an event for it on Facebook as well.  You can do this by click logging into On the left hand side, click on Events. Then click Create an Event and follow the directions on the site. Once your event is created, invite your friends on Facebook to attend as well.
Remember, the tea party movement and Tea Party Patriots began because individuals like you were tired of politics as usual and were willing to speak out against big government tax and spend policies.


Rep. Tim Bishop, New York 1st  

DC Office Number:  (202) 225-3826, DC Fax Number:  (202) 225-3143
Local Office Number: (631) 696-6500, Local Fax Number: (631) 696-4520
Voted Yes on Health Care
Currently Undecided


Rep. Michael E. McMahon, New York 13th  

DC Office Number: (202) 225-3371, DC Fax Number: (202) 226-1272
Local Office Number: (718) 351-1062, Local Fax Number: (718) 980-0768
Voted Yes on Stupak, Voted No on Health Care, Currently Undecided on Next Health Care Takeover Vote


Rep. Scott Murphy, New York 20th  

DC Office Number:  (202) 225-5614, DC Fax Number:  (202) 225-1168
Local Office Number: (518) 828-3109, Local Fax Number: (518) 828-3985
Voted Yes on Stupak
Voted No on Health Care
Currently Undecided on Next Health Care Takeover Vote
Listed on Blue Dog Coalition


Rep. Bill Owens, New York 23rd  

DC Office Number:  (202) 225-4611, DC Fax Number:   (202) 226-0621
Local Office Number: (315) 782-3150, Local Fax Number: (315) 782-1291
Voted Yes on Health Care
Currently Undecided on Next Health Care Takeover Vote


Rep. Michael Arcuri, New York 24th  

DC Office Number: (202) 225-3665, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-1891
Local Office Number: (315) 252-2777/2778, Local Fax Number:  (315) 252-2779
Voted Yes on Health Care
Currently No Vote on Health Care
Listed on Blue Dog Coalition Membership


Rep. Daniel B. Maffei, New York, 25th  

DC Fax Number: (202) 225-3701, DC Fax Number: (202) 225-4042
Local Office Number: (315) 423-5657, Local Fax Number: (315) 423-5669


Rep. Brian Higgins via Web Form.   Website:

431 Cannon House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-3227
Phone: (202) 225-3306
Fax: (202) 226-0347

726 Exchange Street, Suite 601
Buffalo, New York 14210
Phone: (716) 852-3501
Fax: (716) 852-3929

2 East 2nd Street, Suite 300
Jamestown, New York 14701
Phone: (716) 484-0729
Fax: (716) 484-1049


Don’t have a fax machine. You can send 2 free faxes per day with each of these services.

Free Fax Homepage 
Another great tool: Contact all of Ny’s 27th at once. Fed, State, and local media.
Right click on image-open new tab/window
US Congress Switchboard –
877-762-8762  TOLL FREE
800-333-4636 “Fed info” TOLL FREE
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