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Take Action – Break the Obama-Media alliance

From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center


While many Americans understand what is going on in Wisconsin, far too many of them are being bamboozled with propaganda from the liberal media every night when they turn on the news! —David

The protests against fiscal restraint in Wisconsin are intensifying, thanks in large part to public employees abusing sick leave and President Obama’s Organizing for America group busing protesters into Wisconsin to fight efforts to control government spending.

Make no mistake – what is happening in Wisconsin is a desperate attempt by big government liberals to block any attempt at sane budgeting. This chaos is being eagerly fanned by the liberal media rejecting any effort to rein in government spending as an attack on the working class!
+ + Wisconsin Unions vs. Tea Party: Heroes vs. Villains

When conservatives peacefully protested last March against a statist agenda that included government takeovers of banks, businesses and healthcare, the Obama-allied media focused attention not on the rapid expansion of the federal government, but on the protesters themselves. Grassroots activists were referred to as “a violent gang … roaming Washington.” CBS’s Nancy Cordes declared the Tea Party protests, “A weekend filled with incivility.”

Not so with the current protests in Wisconsin.

A just released MRC Media Reality Check shows an unmistakable, double-standard favoring left-wing causes, and an open hostility toward Conservative and Tea Party protests.

Click here for the full Media Reality Check and to take fast action with
the MRC to break the unholy alliance between President Obama and
the liberal media that is now threatening our freedom and liberty.

During the Tea Party protests, ABC anchor Charles Gibson was aghast that protestors brought pictures of Obama with a Hitler-style mustache to a town hall meeting. Gibson deceptively failed to report the truth that these signs were not from a Tea Partier but rather a product of Lyndon LaRouche’s ultra-left wing fringe movement.

But the truth doesn’t matter when the Leftist media are on a mission to discredit and demonize conservatives.

Jump forward to the Wisconsin union protests and no one in the liberal media seems concerned about signs featuring Governor Scott Walker as Adolf Hitler or soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Signs with messages like, “Don’t Retreat, Reload; Repeal Walker” with crosshairs over the face of the governor are ignored. By comparison, a Facebook map posted by Sarah Palin that placed a crosshair graphic on maps of congressional districts – not elected officials – was the subject of a liberal media meltdown last month.
+ + Grassroots Americans Breaking the Obama-Media alliance

paul, the Obama-Media alliance represents a formidable and dangerous threat to freedom-loving Americans. That’s why MRC founder Brent Bozell is committed to exposing, neutralizing and ultimately breaking this unholy alliance.

But as we see in Wisconsin, President Obama has his union shock-troops fighting the ground war and the liberal media providing the air cover by manipulating public perception of the situation. This is an all out offensive to advance their statist agenda!

How conservatives and Tea Party Americans respond to this threat is critical.

That’s why we are urging all members of our team to sign our petition to break the Obama – Media alliance by clicking here.

We at the MRC realize the gravity of this situation, and we’re prepared to take action. Much depends on quickly building a pro-active grassroots coalition of first-responders who will join with the MRC to challenge and neutralize the liberal media.

Our goal is to quickly amass 50,000 signatures that will be used on the frontlines to call out, expose and neutralize the media’s role in Obama’s statist scheme.

After signing, alert your conservative friends and family to join with you by signing our petition as well.

Thank you for taking swift action with the MRC.

David Martin

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