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Who are we? Our members have joined us from all over the nation, from every state and even from foreign countries!

Tea Party Nation (or TPN) is a user-driven group of like-minded people who desire our God given Individual Freedoms which were written out by the Founding Fathers. We believe in Limited Government, Free Speech, the 2nd Amendment, our Military, Secure Borders and our Country!

Please join us, make and form strong bonds, network, and make plans for action. We are doing what we could not do alone, to preserve that which we value.

Tea Party Nation is pleased to announce the National Tea Party Unity Convention!

President Obama told Americans not to go to Las Vegas so that is exactly where Tea Party Nation will be holding our next event!

Tea Party Nation ( is pleased to announce the National Tea Party Unity Convention, July 15 through the 17th, to be held in Las Vegas.

Coming off the success of the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, the National Tea Party Unity Convention is going to bring Tea Party leaders and activists in the movement together to present a unified front as we go into the fall 2010 elections.

In addition to the fabulous speakers and trainers, who will be offering their services at this event, the National Tea Party Unity Convention will also be presenting the first Tea Party Nation Conservative Film Festival.

Tickets for the event will be on sale soon. More information can be found on the Tea Party Nation website (

Mark your Calendars! July 15-17, 2010.!

Let’s go to Vegas!

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