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    Sponsor of Leadership Tea Party, Class 2

    February 27, 2010

    Chantilly, Virginia
    Irving, Texas

    Our Core Values

    1. Limited Government, as authorized by the Constitution
    2. Fiscal Responsibility
    3. Free Markets

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    Tea Party Ecosystem



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    How would you like to plug in to
    the Tea Party Movement Ecosystem?
    I can give a minimum of 10 minutes a day online to support specific action projects
    I want to help organize a local teaparty
    I want to attend a local teaparty caucus meeting
    I want to start and organize a new event




    Our Goals:



    Our Goals:



  • To Defeat Tax and Spend Politicians at the Polls on Election Day, November 2010.
  • To Place a Fiscally Responsible Politician as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

    Who are the members of this coalition?


    All Americans who believe in the simple proposition that the Federal Government should not spend money it does not have. Democrats (the 70% who in a recent Rasmussen Poll said they support capitalism and not socialism), Republicans (the 90% who aren’t RINOs), Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Independents, Home Schooling families, and Small Business Owners form the backbone of this coalition. We believe that the United States is a republic of individuals acting independently as they see fit, not as the Federal Government instructs them to act. 

    What is the Tea Party Movement Ecosystem?


    It’s a term that is descriptive of how the Tea Party Movement actually works. The Tea Party Movement Ecosystem is a collection of individuals and self-organizing groups all united in accomplishing a single goal: returning fiscal responsibility and limited government to the United States through the exercise of political activism. It consists of the 1 million plus individuals who attended the 900 tea parties held across the country on April 15, and the millions more who believe in the noble cause of saving our republic from socialism today. Each individual and group within this ecosystem determines where they want to place their focus, and works independently to accomplish their own unique goals, but communicates and collaborates with every other individual and group within the ecosystem, so that we are all moving the ball forward to achieve the objective that unites us all — returning fiscal responsibility to all levels of government in the United States.



    St Louis Tea Party Blogroll:

    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”   Samuel Adams, 1776


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    Recommended Links

    Congressional Dissatisfaction

    There are sites popping up all over the internet expressing the need to replace Congress. We need to join forces. If you have a site that should be added, please send a note to Given the number of requests we now get, we give preference to sites that already link to, are non-partisan, and G-rated.


    Congressional Review

    • Find your Congressman and District
    • Flip Congress 2010 – Reseach Congressional voting records
    • Truth in Accounting – The truth about government spending
    • – The Federal Elections Commission home page with daily news on the results of their oversight activities.
    • – Committee on House Administration.  This is the “HR” site for House members, and includes lots of interesting information such as a staggering list of reimbursable expenditures.
    • – Tracks congressional salaries, trip expenditures, and legislative activity.
    • – Tracks the relationship between special interest group money, bills, and the US Congressmen that sponsored them.
    • – See who’s giving money, even down to your zip code, and who they gave it to.
    • – Focusing on the donations given at the state Congressional level.
    • – Not only can you see how much a candidate has spent, but how much money they have on hand and what what their odds of winning look like.
    • – Look up any member of Congress and see how their funds were gathered: personal funds, personal donations, and more.


    Issues / Party Information

    • FairTax Nation – Focused on the FairTax
    • FairTax – Americans for Fair Taxation – Replace the Federal Income Tax System
    • – Legislative information freely available to the public through the Library of Congress covering all aspects of Congressional activity.
    • – Outstanding website that allows you to vote in a thumbs up/down manner on various bills, send your votes to your officials, and discuss your opinions with the Govit community.
    • – Allows you to compose a single letter, and, with a few clicks, send it to every official that represents you. Sends letters free of charge to your officials’ email boxes and fax machines.
    • – Political clearinghouse with a thorough list and description of major and minor political parties.
    • – Link list and newsfeed aggregator focusing on third parties.
    • – Centralized news source and online community focused entirely on minor party politics.
    • – Look up any candidate, down to state, and see where they stand on a multitude of issues and how they’ve voted.
    • – Shows you campaign contributions, compares the candidates on the issues in a simplified grid format and more.
    • – Attempts to give you a visual image of how the blogosphere is reacting to the issues.
    • SpeakOut. com – Tracking all the candidates and the issues that will shape this election cycle.
    • SelectSmart Presidential Candidate Comparison – Choose one candidate from each column, and get a side-by-side comparison of their information.
    • Stateline – A collection of blogs from across the country that attempts to paint a picture of the national political climate.
    • Fair Vote – Leading national advocate for election process reform with a focus on Instant Runoff Voting.


    Ballot Access

    • – Newsletter and blog of Richard Winger, a leading expert on ballot access in the United States.
    • Free and Equal – Advocates fair ballot access for all candidates.
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