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Signs of Freedom – a must watch


Documented! The signs of the tea partiers

‘We are like those who ignited the light of liberty at America’s inception’

Posted: February 22, 2010
9:48 pm Eastern

© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Barack Obama condescends to them. To Nancy Pelosi, they’re “Nazis.” 

MSNBC, Time magazine and the New York Times brand them racists and warn their “darker” side is primed for violent extremism. 

The political and press establishments seem to be sharing a teleprompter in their attempts to malign the everyday Americans who call themselves tea partiers. But the best way to find out what they’re really about is to see – and read – for yourself. 

Want to understand the tea-party movement? 

Want to see what its adherents really believe? 

You can see it in their signs. 

And now you can see for yourself – in the biggest, most colorful, most beautifully and professional packaged book ever produced to commemorate the most earth-shattering, grass-roots political awakening the U.S. has ever seen. 

It’s called “Don’t Tread on US!” – the latest release from WND Books, with a foreword by ultimate patriot warrior Chuck Norris. 

“It is with great pride that WND Books introduces ‘Don’t Tread on US!’ It’s complete with 192 full-color pages of pictures devoted to the stirring, inspiring and spot-on signs witnessed at the tea-party rallies erupting around the nation,” said Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of “The spirit of the patriot – so integral and unique to America’s DNA – is alive on the pages of this beautiful book.” 

The signs provide the book’s primary editorializing – save one powerful inclusion: The foreword penned by Norris. 

“Some say we patriots are temporary pains on the political scene – that our passions are fleeting fires,” writes Norris, a WND columnist. “But I know fighters. And we are like those who ignited the light of liberty at America’s inception. We are those who weather the storms of oppression and who can persevere until we triumph over tyranny.”  

“In a fashion fitting the organic origins of this movement, the photography appearing throughout ‘Don’t Tread on US!’ was captured and contributed by tea-party participants themselves,” adds Farah. “Many cited their appreciation for WND’s full and fair coverage from the earliest inception. They kindly and wholeheartedly entrusted the portrayal of their images to WND – a privilege our creative director, Mark Karis, handled with particular care and devotion.” 

The cover, an ode to the passion, ingenuity and creativity behind the signs waving at the rallies, is an enticing entrance to what’s inside. For more information, see the website dedicated to this historic publishing project.  

Don’t Tread on US!” is one of our most important and cherished works to date,” Farah added. “It chronicles the early efforts of what’s blossomed into one of the most exciting movements in contemporary American politics – and certainly one of the most exciting happenings of my lifetime.” 

Farah drew rounds of applause as a speaker at the inaugural Tea Party Convention in Nashville. Event organizer Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, described Farah as “a tea partier before there was a tea-party movement.” 

Two of Farah’s books, “Taking America Back,” published in 2003, and 2008’s “None of the Above” presaged the federal government’s acceleration of intrusive and unconstitutional polices – and explained how best to direct the righteous awakening it would spark. 

What’s also sure to accelerate are the media attacks against the tea-party faithful, especially as their influence and electoral success expands. But in the foreword of “Don’t Tread on US!” tea partiers will find strength for the fight from no less a motivator than Chuck Norris. 

“But any warrior (cultural or otherwise) will tell you that if you’re going to slay the dragons, you have to adjust to a certain level of fear and intimidation,” Norris writes. “You have to find a certain level of comfort in staring down the impossible – in facing giants, often alone. There will be no victory without it.” 

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