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NY TAX CAP TRAP – Petition for 2% “Decrease”


From the Desk of Irene Tiburcio & Lynn Teger,                   Citizens of the State of New York        


The State of New York, under Governor Cuomo, passed a 2% Property Tax Cap.  Although the name “tax cap” sounds good, the real effect is a tax increase.

Property tax caps are a fraud. The issue is not capping property taxes, the issue is ending items such as, but not limited to: unfunded state mandates, local spending, local government salaries and project labor agreements. What the tax cap does, is treat the symptom, not the cause.  At the same time that the 2% tax cap increase is being instituted by the state, funding for school mandates is being reduced or discontinued completely. 


So who will be paying for this one way or the other? YOU: THE TAXPAYER.


The good news is that Cuomo has created a committee to work on reviewing and possibly discontinuing some of these unfunded mandates.  We would like Governor Cuomo to know that we are in favor and support what he is doing with regard to analyzing and discontinuing the unfunded school mandates in order to reduce the budget.  It is a good START.  However, a 2% annual property tax increase is simply not acceptable.


New York State has the highest property taxes in the country. As individuals in the tea party movement, you have witnessed first hand what this means.  New Yorkers cannot afford any more increases nor can we afford to lose any more businesses or residents who are leaving this State in mass.


We invite all Tea Party leaders to assist us in obtaining 100,000 signatures to be presented to Albany in the shortest time possible.  We can only do this, if all Tea Parties agree to assist us in this effort.  The proposal is plain and simple and in alignment with what the tea party was founded upon: 





An annual property tax DECREASE in the amount of 2% per year, plus a 2% annual budget reduction until New York State is in a sound fiscal condition.




We need to send a message to Albany!


If you agree, please help us!  This is what we need you to do:


If you are a Tea Party Leader:  Make a presentation to your members.  See if they will sign and try to get others to sign.

If you are a member of the Tea Party:  You can ask any friends or relatives willing to sign to assist.

If you have already signed, please print up the attached petition and see if you can get others interested in helping.


Below we have attached some information to help you decide if you agree.  We encourage you to do your own research as well.  If you agree to help, below is a petition which you can help us to get signed.  You can present this information to your tea party members.  If they agree, they can sign the petitions.  There are additional ways to get signatures which we will discuss with you if your group decides they would like to participate.



We would like to get all the signed petitions back by March 30th.  They can be mailed to:
Lynn Teger, PO Box 566, West Haverstraw, New York 10993


All Tea Party organizations who participate in this effort will be named as part of the New York Tea Party Coalition who took part in this cause.  One thing is guaranteed:  If we do nothing, we can rest assured nothing will happen.  If we do something, then that gives us a chance TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!


If you have any questions, you may contact:

Irene Tiburcio – 845-494-1966

Lynn Teger – 845-709-0929


We look forward to your participation and hearing from you!


Click link below to access the petition.





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