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NY 2010 Elections- Races- Candidates- Guides- F.L.I.P Principles

1- Candidate’s briefing book & the F.L.I.P. pledge

2- 2010 Ny Races (all) / our endorsements / parties

3- Candidate Palm cards (pdf’s) for print/email/distribution

4- NYFRF Value Voter guides

5- Paladino – An in depth profile

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2010 The year of reckoning. Candidate’s briefing book & the F.L.I.P. pledge

February 14, 2010

If you are running for Congress Please download this booklet

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The F.L.I.P Principles
The F.L.I.P. Principles provide a clear and concise philosophical foundation for the Flip The House effort. These Principles are rooted in the founding of our nation and seek to guide our nation in restoring the founding ideals of liberty and limited government.

We propose that every candidate for elected office support these F.L.I.P. Principles:

F-Free Markets
Perhaps never before has the ideal of the free market been under assault. The rising tide of statism and the nationalization of industry are undermining the free market upon which our prosperity and our American dream are founded. Flip This House boldly calls for a return to the ideal of the Free Market.

L-Limited Government
The founders of this nation designed
into the very structure of our Constitution strict limits on the power and authority of federal government. They feared what we face — an ever-expanding federal state that ultimately consumes all liberties. In order to FLIP This House, we must return to a more humble and constitutional view of the power of the federal government.

I-Individual & Family Liberties
In today’s politically correct world, our entire conception of “rights” has been turned on its head. For example, a “right” to healthcare has become an entitlement to get something from society instead of my individual liberty to pursue my own health needs. Likewise, the individual’s associations — family, church, business — have become a threat to the statist ideal. The F.L.I.P Principles uphold personal and family liberties against the all-consuming state.

P-Private Property & Prosperity

The statist regime of nationalization, excessive taxation and regulation has all-but destroyed the American ideal of private property. Our nation was literally built on the promise and security of private property. Private property is the foundation of our prosperity. Any candidate for public office must affirm and uphold the ideal of private property over and above this rising tide of statism.

The F.L.I.P Platform
We propose that House Flippers across this nation only support candidates for public office who are committed to the FLIP Principles and the FLIP Platform (below).

The FLIP Platform offers a simple, clear slate of positions that directly challenge Big Government Statism. These principles are non-partisan and can be supported by candidates of all parties.

We propose that every candidate for elected office pledge his or her commitment to these F.L.I.P. Principles:

F-FIX the size of Government
Government is out of control. The FY 2009 deficit has approached $2 trillion and the total unfunded liability of our government has eclipsed $100 trillion.

The only solution is to specifically limit the amount of money Congress can spend. That’s why we propose that the size of the federal government be FIXED (i.e. limited) to never exceed 20% of the prior year’s Gross Domestic Product. The platform states:

As member of Congress or other elected office, I will oppose any federal budget that exceeds 20% of the prior fiscal year’s GDP and will support efforts by legislation or constitutional amendment to specifically limit the spending of the federal government to not exceed 20% of prior year’s GDP.

L–Limit Taxes
To understand our current crisis of statism, one simply needs to follow the money. The federal government’s excessive power is directly linked to the federal government’s excessive and oppressive power of taxation. Federal taxation is excessive in its amount and oppressive in its scheme. The solution is clear: abolish the income tax scheme and establish ONE consolidated federal tax that is not hidden or obscured and every American can understand. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I support the abolishment of the Income Tax and the currently oppressive multi-tiered federal taxation system. I support the establishment of ONE consolidated federal tax that can be debated in the open forum and understood by every American.

II–IMPOSE Term Limits

The era of institutionalized politicians must end… immediately. That’s why we must immediately impose term limits on Congress. No Member of Congress will be allowed to serve more than 12 years in the Senate (two terms) or 12 years in the House (six terms), or a total of 18 years in both. After that, step aside and let someone else serve. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I support establishing by Constitutional amendment a specific limit on the number of years an individual can serve in Congress: 12 years in the Senate, 12 years in the House or a total of 18 years in both.

P–PURGE Nationalization of Industry
In recent months, businesses and even entire sectors of our economy have been nationalized by the federal government (the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the U.S. auto industry, insurance (AIG), and student loans to name a few). Others are on the brink of nationalization (health care and energy). Soon, government will directly manage or control more than half our economy. It’s time to PURGE our nation’s of its socialist appetite and return these businesses and industries to the private sector where they belong. The platform states:

As a member of Congress or other elected office, I pledge to oppose any and all efforts to nationalize or otherwise control private sector industries. Specifically, I oppose the recent nationalization of much of the U.S. auto industry and home mortgage industry. The federal government must get out of the business of running American business.

Sign the Flip Pledge Here



Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2010.

* = Incumbent (Incumbent Party Listed First)

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): July 2010
Filing Deadline (Independents): August 2010
Filing Deadline (Other Parties): September 2010
Primary: September 14, 2010
General: November 2, 2010


(D) = Democrat • (R) = Republican • (C) = Conservative • (CNST) = Constitution
(G) = Green • (IP) = Independence Party • (I) = Independent/No Party • (Ind) – Independent
(L) = Liberal • (LIBT) = Libertarian • (NL) = Natural Law • (RTL) = Right to Life
(SJ) = Save Jobs • (SC) = School Choice • (SWP) = Socialist Workers
(WF) = Working Families
Note: New York law permits “fusion” candidates (i.e., individuals who
concurrently seek an office as a candidate of more than one party).


This page was last updated on September 15, 2010


(Note: Governor & Lt. Governor nominees run together on tickets in the General Election.)

[ David Paterson (D)* – Retiring in 2010. ]
& [ Richard Ravitch (D)* – Retiring in 2010. ] 
Andrew Cuomo (D/IP/WF) – Attorney General & Ex-US Housing Secretary. 
& Bob Duffy (D/IP) – Rochester Mayor & Ex-Rochester Police Chief
Carl Paladino (R/Taxpayers) – Real Estate Developer & Attorney. Tea Party supported.


& Greg Edwards (R/C) 2 term Chautauqua County Executive, successful law practice for 18 years prior, Family Dairy Farmer, Lives in rural Busti, NY with wife Carrie and their 3 children. An effective Executive having held the line despite Albany’s crushing mandates, reduced property taxes, eliminated and consolidated departments, has spearheaded creative economic development initiatives that have produced significant revenues, and has increased his county’s bond rating to an A+.
Kristin Davis (Anti-Prohibition) – Ex-Prostitution Escort Service Madam & Ex-Hedge Fund Executive
& Linda Espejo (Anti-Prohibition)
Rick Lazio (C) – Ex-Congressman, Attorney & ’00 US Sen. Nominee (former Edwards running mate)              

& Tom Ognibene (Taxpayers) – Ex-NYC Councilman & ’05 NYC Mayor Candidate (former Paladino running mate)
Charles Barron (Freedom) – NYC City Councilman, Ex-Black Panther Activist, Community Organizer & Democrat  (SEE COMMENTS ON THIS PARTY BELOW)
& Eva Doyle (Freedom) – Educator, Author & Historian
Howie Hawkins (Green) – Truck Unloader, Anti-Nuclear Activist, Green Party of the US Co-Founder & Frequent Candidate
& Gloria Mattera (Green) – State Party Co-Chair, Educator, Peace Activist & Frequent Candidate
Warren Redlich (Libertarian) – Attorney, Guilderland Town Board Member & ’04/’06 US Rep. Nominee
& Alden Link (Libertarian) – Businessman & ’08 Presidential Candidate

Jimmy McMillan (Rent Is Too Damn High) – Private Investigator, Vietnam War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
& No Running mate Designated

Dan Fein (Socialist Workers/Write-In) – Communist Political Organizer & Frequent Candidate
& No Runningmate Designated

Steve Cohn (Tea) – Attorney, 20+ year Democratic state committeeman and an executive secretary of the Kings County Democratic Party, and

former NYC council candidate both as a Democrat and as a Liberal  (a Tea Party fraud)
& No Runningmate Designated
Kenneth Schaeffer (WF) – Attorney
& Elon Harpaz (WF) – Attorney


Tom DiNapoli (D/WF)*(Campaign Site)
Harry Wilson (R/IP/C)Scarsdale, Westchester County. Hedge Fund Manager.
Julia Willebrand (Green) – Educator, Progressive Activist, ’06 Nominee & ’01 NYC Mayor Candidate
John Gaetani (Libertarian) – Accountant
Rus Thompson (Taxpayers) – Tea Party Activist

[ Andrew Cuomo (D)* – Candidate for Governor in 2010. ]
Eric Schneiderman (D) – State Sen., Attorney & Ex-Police Officer
Dan Donovan (R/C) – Staten Island District Attorney
Ramon Jimenez (Freedom) – Attorney, Ex-Administrative Law Judge & Community Activist
Stephen Lynch (IP) – Attorney
Carl Person (Libertarian) – Attorney & ’06 Candidate
Amy Young (WF) – Attorney


State Assembly

State Senate

(Republican Caucus)    



(Democratic Caucus)



104th – Deb Busch,(R, C) Tea Party reformer: “She is not only a hard campaigner, last year she came with in 5 percentage points of defeating a 20 year incumbent for city coroner, she went to Mass. and helped campaign for Scott Brown.

*Jack Quinn – (R) 146th Vacating the seat, running for State Senate

Kevin Smardz, member of Hamburg Town Council, refused taxpayer funded payraise, health insurance and healthcare stipend, cut taxes every year, businessman, prides himself on being a citizen legislator.

(Mr Smardz has received the unanimous endorsements of Republican committees across his district, and we endorse him as well)


*William Parment – (D) 150th  (Now talk about a big “D”, this guy is Disconnected, Doesn’t Deliver, is Double Dipping, and soon may be Done) (UPDATE: He’s done, quit and replaced by Nancy Bargar (D))

Andrew Goodell (R, C, Change Albany) – Former County Executive, Prominent Attorney. (Announcement article). Has the experience, the intelligence, all the right principled ideas, and the fire in the belly seeing the desperate need for new energy and accountability in Albany.  

(Mr Goodell is a quality candidate and exactly what his district and the State Assembly needs. His strong candidacy makes up for the weak, or lack of, opposition to Parment in the past. Parment has long since lost his way, is bought and paid for by NYC and Albany special interests, votes against his constituency on several fronts, and has come to abuse the taxpayer by using his long political career to retire, stay in office, and get a state pension at the same time. The difference in representation will be like night and day. Mr Goodell has our endorsement and our full support. Mr Goodell is endorsed by the Chautauqua County GOP and the County Conservatives)


Lee Zeldin (R, C) 3rd  Military Intelligence Corps, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom 18th airborne infantry, presently Captain Army reserves, Juris Doctorate Albany Law School, one of the youngest ever to pass the NY State bar, now runs his own practice. Married to Diana, father of twin daughters. 

(Great young man, we support him in all his endeavors)


Pattie Ritchie(R) 48th  St. Lawrence County Clerk. Leadership on issues ranging from opposing higher fees to battling Spitzer’s plan to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. President of New York’s County Clerks association. Patty used that position to rally her fellow Clerks to join forces and successfully stop Patterson and Albany’s plan to require new license plates for every vehicle – even if we don’t need them. 

(Good job, go Patty)

*Young, Catharine – (R, C, I) 57th |  District 57Contact 

(Senator Young is one of the few best things New York has going for it, and specifically has been just excellent in the representaion of her district and our state. We continue to give her our strongest endorsement.)

*Bill Stachowski -(D) 58th (Lost Democrat primary to Kennedy)

Tim Kennedy – (D) Erie County Legislator

Tom Casey, Independent Democrat, Educator, founder of Orchard Park Citizens Group (OPCG) formed to combat union abuses by the school district, former business owner, candidate in five elections, Right-to-Life candidate and supports school choice. However, supports Amnesty, and will vote with the Democrats on redistricting (meaning no change to heavily gerrymandered districts).

Jack Quinn, Republican Assemblyman in the 146th who has a strong record of limited government and reduced taxation voting. Says he wants to see, “true ethics reform, Medicaid reform and lower taxes” in the state.  (We endorse Quinn all the way….)

*Dale Volker (R) 59th (retiring) 

David DiPietro, Republican, pioneer in the movement to downsize government, leaving East Aurora with 13% percent fewer employees by the time he left, by merging services with the Town of East Aurora and East County He was a key leader of the local tea party movement last year and is a member of the WNY Tea Party Coalition. He also hosts the radio show Buffalo Uncensored (WECK 1230AM) 

 Pat Gallivan, R?/IP, Former Erie Co sheriff endorsed by the Erie County Independence Party
 Jim Domagalski– Erie County GOP Chairman; “I’m happy…to go into the trenches and find how we”re going to cut the budget in this state, department by department, bureaucracy by bureaucracy…until the taxpayers in New York receive a fair return for their investment in  government.”  Campaign site now online @

(Domagalski is well respected and well deserving as fighter and a private sector champion. He has our endorsement. Also endorsed by the Erie Co GOP and Conservative Party) (Note, if DiPeitro does come out the front runner, we will stand behind him)

8TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT (Covering the 8 counties of WNY):
 Judge Deborah Chimes

Jeffrey F Voelkl Esq., LL.M


Chuck Schumer (D/IP/WF)*
– (Campaign Site)
Jay Townsend (R/C) – Political Strategist, Business owner & Ex-Purdue University Trustee
Randy Credico (Anti-Prohibition/Libertarian) – Comedian & Drug Legalization Activist
James Germalic (Black/White) – Frequent Candidate
Colia Clark (Green) – Civil Rights Activist
Gary Berntsen (Taxpayers) – Investigative Agency Owner, Retired CIA Officer, Author & USAF Veteran

Kirsten Gillibrand (D/IP/WF)*
– (Campaign Site)
Joe DioGuardi (R/C) – 

Ex-Congressman, Certified Public Accountant, Army Veteran, was also instrumental in the awarding of nine medals of honor to African Americans who served in World Wars I and II.  (Prior to Joe’s aggressive intervention, not one African American war hero from either World War had received our nation’s highest award, even though 1,550,000 had served.) Is the Author of Unaccountable Congress: It Doesn’t Add Up, Contributor to include The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times and Post, and The National Law Journal, Board member of the Phoenix House, Joe’s message of fiscal reform has reached millions with his website

Vivia Morgan (Anti-Prohibition) – Cable TV Show Host, Ex-NYC Mayoral Aide & Community Activist
Cecile Lawrence (Green) – University Professor & Attorney
John Clifton (Libertarian) – Ex-State Party Chair, Social Worker, Navy Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Joseph Huff (Rent Is Too Damn High) – Community Activist
Bruce Blakeman (Tax Revolt) – Ex-Port Authority Commissioner, Ex-Nassau County Legislator, Attorney & ’98 State Comptroller Nominee
David Malpass (Taxpayers) – Economist, Ex-Wall Street Executive, Ex-Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary & Ex-Congressional Aide


District 1:
Tim Bishop (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Randy Altschuler (R/C) – Businessman  (on NRCC young guns list)

Chris Cantwell (Libertarian) – Computer Consultant
Chris Cox (Taxpayers) – Business Consultant, Attorney, GOP Activist & Grandson of President Nixon

District 2:
Steve Israel (D/IP/WF)*(Campaign Site)
John Gomez (R/IP/C) – Telecommunications Consultant & Ex-Radio Talk Show Host
Anthony Tolda (Constitution) – Financial Consultant & Tea Party Activist

District 3:
Pete King (R/IP/C/Tax Revolt)* – (Campaign Site)
Howard Kudler (D) – Teacher & Community Activist

District 4:
Carolyn McCarthy (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Fran Becker (R) – Nassau County Legislator & Financial Planner
Frank Scaturro (C) – Attorney, Law Professor & Author

District 5:
Gary Ackerman (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
James Milano (R/C) – Physician
Liz Berney (Libertarian/Tax Revolt) – Attorney, Violinist & ’08 Nominee

District 6:
Gregory Meeks (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Asher Taub (R) – Attorney

District 7:
Joe Crowley (D)*(Campaign Site)
Ken Reynolds (R/C) – Community Activist
Tony Gronowicz (Green) – College Professor, Peace Activist & ’05 NYC Mayor Candidate

District 8:
Jerrold Nadler (D)*(Campaign Site)
Susan Kone (R) – Attorney
Steven Leiner (Independent)

District 9:
Anthony Weiner (D)*(Campaign Site)
Bob Turner (R) – Investor, Retired Broadcasting Executive & Army Veteran

District 10:
Ed Towns (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Diana Muniz (R) – Social Services Group Administrator & GOP Activist

District 11:
Yvette Clarke (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Hugh Carr (R) – ’08 Nominee & ’09 NYC City Council Candidate
Cartrell Gore (C) – Realtor & ’00/’08 Nominee

District 12:
Nydia Velazquez (D)*

District 13:
Mike McMahon (D/IP)* – (Campaign Site)
Mike Grimm (R/C)Businessman, Ex-FBI Agent & Gulf War Veteran
(on NRCC young guns list)
Tom Venditteli (Libertarian) – Advertising Broadcast Coordinator & Musician

District 14:
Carolyn Maloney (D/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Ryan Brumberg (R) – Management Consultant & Attorney
Dino Laverghetta (IP) – Attorney

District 15:
Charlie Rangel (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Michel Faulkner (R/Jobs Now)Pastor, Non-Profit Group Executive, Ex-University Administrator & Ex-Pro Football Player
Róger Calero (SWP) – (“The Militant”) Journalist, Communist Political Organizer & Frequent Candidate
Craig Schley (Independent) – Non-Profit Group Founder, Ex-Fashion Model, Ex-Fire Fighter & ’08 Candidate

District 16:
Jose Serrano (D)*
Frank Della Valle (R) – Frequent Candidate

District 17:
Eliot Engel (D/WF)*
York Kleinhandler (R/C/IP) – Businessman, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer & Army Veteran
Anthony Mele (Taxpayers) – Businessman, Security Consultant & Army Veteran

District 18:
Nita Lowey (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
This guy should be removed from the ballot and replaced. Jim Russell (R) – Computer Programmer & ’06/’08 Candidate

District 19:
John Hall (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Nan Hayworth (R/IP/C) – Ophthalmologist
(on NRCC young guns list)

District 20:
Scott Murphy (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Chris Gibson (R/IP/C) – Retired Army Officer & Ex-Congressional Fellow

District 21:
Paul Tonko (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Ted Danz (R/C) – HVAC Contractor & Navy Veteran

District 22:
Maurice Hinchey (D/IP/WF)*(Campaign Site)
George Phillips (R/IP/C) – Teacher, Ex-Congressional Aide & ’08 Nominee

District 23:
Bill Owens (D/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Matt Doheny (R/IP) – Attorney & Investment Banker
Doug Hoffman (C) – Accountant, Community Activist, Army Veteran & ’09 Candidate

District 24:
Mike Arcuri (D/NY Moderates)* – (Campaign Site)
Richard Hanna (R/IP/C) – Construction Executive & ’08 Nominee
(on NRCC young guns list)
E. Logan Bell (Libertarian) – Carpenter, Construction Worker & USMC Veteran

District 25:
Dan Maffei (D/IP/WF)* – (Campaign Site)
Ann Marie Buerkle (R/IP/C) – Assistant State Attorney General, Ex-Syracuse City Councilor & Nurse
Marc Romain (Libertarian) – Marijuana Legalization Activist & ’00 US Sen. Candidate

District 26:
Chris Lee (R/IP/C)* – (Campaign Site) Veteran
Philip Fedele (D) – Ex-Monroe County Legislator, Teacher, Army Veteran & ’06 State Assembly Candidate

District 27:
Brian Higgins (D/IP/WF)*(Campaign Site)
Lenny Roberto (R/C/Taxpayers)Founder and Chairman of Primary Challenge, Businessman, 32 year career in manufacturing, 22 years as founder and president of Batavia Enclosures. Ordained Baptist Minister and for 18 years has served as an interim pastor for local Baptist Churches, U.S. Navy six years as an Electronics Tech aboard the USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22) during Vietnam and then was on the commissioning crew of the USS Texas, and married with three sons and four grandchildren.  A limited Government, fiscal conservative, stands for constitutional health care reforms, spending limits and lower taxes, opposes bailouts and ineffective stimulus, stands for secure borders and an immediate halt to “illegal” immigration. For more, see his issues page.

Dean Sandstrom (Libertarian) – Tea Party Activist

District 28:
Louise Slaughter (D/IP/WF)*(Campaign Site)
Jill Rowland (R/C) – Dentist & Tea Party Activist. A Doctorate in Dental Surgery, fiscal and social conservative. “Why run? Why now? I am running because I see a country I once knew becoming unrecognizable, a country where national pride is turning into international apologies, where free speech is turning into the “reinvention” of journalism, and where rugged individualism and self reliance is  being replaced with a culture of dependence and big government. I see the American dream turning into the American nightmare. My love for my country and my duty to my past, my children and our future generations compels me to run.

District 29:
[ Eric Massa (D)* – Resigned March 8, 2010. ]
Matt Zeller (D/WF) – Afghan War Veteran

Tom Reed (R/IP/C) – Ex-Corning Mayor, Attorney & Mortgage Broker
(on NRCC young guns list)
Angelo Campini (Write-In) – Businessman & Engineer
Janice Volk (Write-In) – Radio Talk Show Host, Farmer, Tea Party Activist & ’04 Candidate


America First Party of New York State
Conservative Party of New York State
Constitution Party of New York
New York State Democratic Party
Green Party of New York State
Independence Party of New York
Liberal Party of New York
Libertarian Party of New York
New York Loyalist Party
Rent Is Too Damn High Party
New York State Republican Party
New York Right To Life Party
Socialist Party of New York  (Communist/Marxist/Statist progressives)
Socialist Workers Party of New York 
(Communist/Marxist/Statist progressives)
Working Families Party  (Communist/Marxist/Statist progressives)

Freedom Party of New York State (A liberal social justice type, with hints of black liberation theology, this party is RACIST, a black only [though they allowed in hispanics]party organized by former Black Panther Barron)


State Board of Elections


Candidate Palm Cards: Download-print-distribute

Support these candidates by downloading, printing, and emailing these flyers. Help spread the information. Getting the word is out is key.

All of them will print on 1 sheet 8 1/2 x 11 with the exception of the Dioguardi flyer which is designed for either 2 pages or 1 page front and back.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download and install it for free at

Paladino-Cuomo Comparison Chart (PDF)

Paladino-Cuomo Where_do_YOU_stand (PDF)

Paladino-Cuomo Who Shares Our Values (PDF)


By clicking HERE you can download the Carl Country window sign (PDF)

By clicking HERE you can download the Mad as Hell window sign (PDF)




dioguardi for senate (PDF)


townsend for senate (PDF)


Goodell for 150th NYS Assembly (PDF)


Wilson for Comptroller (PDF)


Donovan for AG (PDF)


NYFRF Value Voter Guides


Paladino in depth Profile

Carl P. Paladino (born August 24, 1946) is an American businessman from Buffalo, New York. He is best known for serving as Chief Executive Officer of Ellicott Development Company, a real estate development company he founded in 1973 which has grown to a half-billion dollar entity. Carl Paladino is not a politician and the first to tell you so. He is known for speaking his mind – especially if folks don’t want to hear what he is saying. Paladino is currently a Republican and Taxpayers candidate for governor of New York, but he is not the candidate of political bosses. He fought and worked hard to petition his way into the GOP primary ballot and as well the Tea Party inspired independent line. He has stated, “There’s no stopping me, this isn’t Carl looking to be a politician or hold down a place in government. I don’t bluff. I don’t fabricate. I’m not politically correct. I tell the truth as I know it”, and fittingly his campaign slogan is “For the People” 

In addition to his extensive business developments that range from office and retail space across the state, three major hotels, and over 550,000 square feet of apartments, condominiums, and townhouses, Paladino also is a senior managing partner in the law firm of Paladino, Cavan and Quinlivin, a firm that specializes in corporate and real estate law.

Mr Paladino has been given numerous awards and honors over the years. In 1991 Paladino was honored by the City of Buffalo as Buffalonian of the Year and in 1993 he was honored as Alumnus of the Year by St. Bonaventure University. Some others since then include; an Executive of the year award from Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives, the  Leadership Impact Award from Leadership Buffalo, and the Brick by Brick Lifetime achievement award from Business First Buffalo. As recently as this year he received Man of the Year award from West Side Business & Taxpayers Assoc., and was presented the Nikola Tesla Developer of the Year award by Niagara Rises, Inc. Back in April he was also chosen by the SUNY Fredonia Business Club as the Keynote speaker to present the 33rd annual business person of the year award. The award is given to a local business person that demonstrates outstanding leadership skills, commitment to public service, ethical business practices, and a genuine concern for the well being of employees. Those chosen as keynote presenters such as Paladino are known to be considerably accomplished businessman and of course are deemed to meet the same standards described above.

Carl is frequently sought out to share his leadership and expertise with many organizations. He is a Director of Buffalo Place, Inc., a Trustee of Bishop Timon/St. Jude High School, a Director of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps, and a former Director of the Horizons Waterfront Commission.  He is also former member of the Executive Board of the Niagara Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and the Advisory Boards of Erie Community College and D’Youville College. Carl is also a former Trustee of St. Bonaventure University and past Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, having presided over the planning and construction of many of the physical improvements and renovations seen at the college today. Not the arch-conservative political bogeyman he’s made out to be by some in the press and by his opponents, he’s the guy who has for years routinely stopped by St. Luke’s Mission in inner city Buffalo, where he is a major contributor to programs that teach life and work skills. The people that know him there see him not a bombastic nut, but a caring, intelligent businessman with charm behind his piercing dark eyes.


Political history

Paladino registered with the Democratic Party in 1974 and remained there until 2005 when he changed to the Republican Party where he has remained since. Paladino has been an activist off and on for many years and describes his former affiliation as that of having always been a conservative democrat in the mold of Jimmy Griffin and Ronald Reagan.  Paladino’s campaign site proudly features a 1980s picture of him alongside former President Reagan. He also has a disdain for political correctness and casts no dispersions about that.

Gubernatorial campaign

On April 5, 2010, Paladino officially entered the race for Governor of New York. Tom Ognibene, the former minority leader of the New York City Council, is his running mate (see below). Paladino competed against Rick Lazio, Steve Levy, and Myers Mermel for the Republican nomination at the state Republican convention, where he was certainly treated less than fairly by the Chairman Ed Cox, and which resulted in Rick Lazio winning the delegates nomination. Enough of them banded together around one person – Lazio – to stop the Chairman’s outrageous support of Levy, a registered Democrat at the time of his nomination by Cox. Paladino continues to have a contentious if not non-existent relationship with Cox, and along with many GOP Chairs, Senate Candidates, several sitting public officials, and countless other republican faithfuls, has called for his ouster. Requiring 15,000 signatures for a primary, he submitted 28,000, and will face off Lazio in the September primary. Paladino originally planned on seeking the nomination of the Conservative Party of New York but dropped out of that nomination battle due to party chairman Michael Long’s having made trade offs resulting in his support for Lazio as well as his disingenuous decision to allow Paladino only two minutes of speech time to make his case. As a result, he skipped the party convention and was unable to garner enough support to get the Wilson Pakula for the Conservative Party’s nomination, with that going to Rick Lazio, ironically a Republican known for his support of abortion and gun control which is entirely inconsistent with the party’s platform. In Paladino’s place on the primary ballot will be Ralph Lorigo, the chairman of the Erie County Conservative Party and a supporter of Paladino’s campaign who objected to Long’s decisions. Lorigo, being a party member, did not need a Wilson Pakula to get on the primary ballot and will face off Lazio in the September primary.

Paladino also submitted 30,000 signatures, twice the number required, and created the independent “Taxpayers” line on August 10, 2010. The goal of the line; is to give disenfranchised conservatives, non-affiliates and other voters outside the 2 mainstream political parties, as well as Independance Party members disenfranchised by the committees endorsement of Cuomo (as many contend that the Democrats actually control their party); a place to vote.

Paladino held a two-week boat tour at the end of May 2010 along the Erie Canal to better acquaint himself with the rest of upstate New York. He since has spent considerable time traveling the state from home to New York city and all points in between, repeatedly. He began his television and radio advertising campaign back in July, and has overall ran an aggressive campaign.

His campaign continues to gain support becoming more and more widely known, climbing in the polls, has received some major endorsements including several County GOP chairs who have defected from Lazio to Paladino camp, and enjoys substantial grass roots support with the Tea Party movement. He has also extended several challenges to his opponent for a debate to no avail. Recently after having hosted other GOP primary debates, Capitol Tonight hosted Paladino at the Onondaga County Community College as a solo debate with Lazio being a no show. 

Some early Controversy 

Paladino has allegedly forwarded numerous e-mails containing inappropriate humor to unidentified friends, whom he has described as old college buddies and others within the circles of the Construction industries that he interacts with on his numerous development projects. The private forwarded e-mails were anonymously leaked (see below) to a Web site known as, an undisputed left-wing collaborative news blog. Paladino acknowledged that at least some of the e-mails were authentic, but denied that he originated any of them. Campaign manager Michael Caputo stated that the authenticity of some of the e-mails could not be verified, and the site has been accused in the past of forging e-mails pertaining to another scandal (see Alan Bedenko of Buffalo Pundit vs Glenn Gramigna of New WNY Politics). Regardless, Paladino has apologized about this saying that he is human, and just as we all do, sometimes makes a mistake. This was definitely a mistake and as he’s said, was in poor taste. If asked about it he does not duck the issue and will offer his apology directly to anyone that took offense.

But enough of that and now on to the most important and substantive issues:

Political positions

  • Paladino says that he plans to properly use the Constitution of the State of New York to declare a fiscal state of emergency, which he will then use to freeze compensation of state, municipal and school employees and cut the state budget by ten to twenty percent.
  • He has said repeatedly that he believes NY, like the Federal government, must be restored to it’s proper constitutional role regarding size, power, and duties.
  • Having called the dysfunctional NYS Government a “cesspool”, he has stated his intention to appoint a special full-time prosecutor to investigate corruption in Albany.
  • In the past, Paladino has called for a constitutional convention to make certain needed changes in the state constitution, which, he argues, currently creates a welfare state and contributes to many of the state’s and therefore the people’s problems. He proposes increasing the frequency of constitutional convention referendums, currently set for every 20 years with the next one scheduled for 2017, down to 10 years.
  • He proposes closing off welfare services to those who come from out of state to receive benefits, by placing a minimum residency requirement of one year before anyone can claim state benefits. He seeks to cut the state’s Medicaid budget by a factor of nearly 30%, both by making significant cuts to benefits as well as requiring identification, fingerprints and drug testing in order to receive benefits, as well as other measures that will further reduce waste fraud and overspending.
  • He has also expressed distaste for public service labor unions and is an outspoken critic of the state’s Taylor Law, which gives unions significant negotiating advantages in exchange for prohibiting them from striking. He supports current governor David Paterson’s efforts to furlough state employees in light of the current record deficit as well as record level of state spending.
  • In the event of unconstitutionally late budgets, as NY has become so inappropriately accustomed, he has indicated that action will be taken to shut down most levels of government, except those critical functions such as public health and safety, until remedied.
  • Paladino will target patronage jobs for elimination; i.e., those who received their jobs as political favors. As for the overall workforce, he has already sent a memo to every state employee saying he will rely on the state’s rank and file to target persons “incapable for whatever reason of performing their functions at a cost productive level, and has further asked them to share with him any suggestions they may have.
  • On the issue of jobs, he knows only cutting spending and taxes enables Job creation and that it’s only the private sector that can create them, not government. New York lost 247,000 private sector jobs last year but Albany has done nothing about it – except hire more bureaucrats. He’ll give New York manufacturers a tax holiday to reinvest profits and create good paying jobs. A Paladino administration would be pro-business – keeping companies in New York and attracting new ones without treating our existing businesses unfairly. This will entail reforming some existing programs and eliminating others.

Paladino has announced his plan to create a “Dignity Corps” with is a jobs program for the unemployed as well as a welfare to work program for those in the system that are capable. His passion for this initiative is modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps to which his father participated as a young immigrant with nothing. He has said his father lauded the opportunities it provided him his whole life.

He supports proposals to enforce excise tax laws on Indian tribes such as the Iroquois who have so far refused to pay over taxes deemed collectible and owing, in accordance with treaties which hold that the Indian nations have the right to buy tax free, to trade and sell tax free among themselves, but not to allow non-Indians to evade taxes thereby creating an unfair burden to the rest of the state. He has stated that “The fact that the past three governors have neglected to enforce the law because they’re afraid”, is not acceptable. Notwithstanding past violence or threats of new violence, he has also praised the Indian nations. In discussing the need to stand up to the overreaching, abuse of power, and unfair burdens such as unfunded mandates by the state, he has said “If you want a good lesson in how to say No to the state, go a sit with the Indians for a while, they can teach you a thing or two.”

Paladino on the matter of local control has voiced strong support for shoring up home rule across the counties with state reforms and legislative restrictions on the State Senate and Assembly. He has stated that New York’s bloated, onerously burdensome, and over- reaching government has to be reigned in back to function within it’s proper constitutional role.

Paladino supports hard term limits of eight years on all “elected officials” within the state’s jurisdiction, including county and local governments. He also desires to see their positions declared “part time” and as such, state pensions reformed or eliminated, as well as lifetime medical coverage eliminated; in addition, he opposes automatic cost of living adjustment increases for legislators and seeks to force them to take an up or down vote on their own pay raises. He would seek a complete reorganization of the state education department, including dissolution of the Board of Regents and the SUNY Board of Trustees to which the bloated salaries therein are costing the states taxpayers multi-millions of dollars each year. He also supports super-majority approval being necessary for any tax increases. At the local government level, he would consolidate the operations of most school districts at the county level, with a single appointed school district superintendent. He is currently considering a solution for districts that span multiple counties. Similarly, the state Department of Transportation would, under Paladino’s proposals, absorb the currently independent and unaccountable Thruway Authority and the Bridge and Tunnel Authorities. 

On the Second Amendment, Paladino who has a handgun permit “carries wherever it is legal,” and is strongly in favor of firearm ownership and Second Amendment rights; he seeks to repeal the NYS Assault Weapon Ban as it is considered to be unconstitutional. He has recently been endorsed by the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association

Though he personally opposes same-sex marriage and has publicly stated so, he encourages a statewide referendum on the issue and will honor the result of said referendum.

He is firmly in favor of Natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Formation. The unofficial moratorium followed by the passing of an official moratorium has for too long now put the state economy and many energy companies in our state at a disadvantage. Natural gas is one of our biggest state resources and while our neighbor Pennsylvania excels complimenting their coffers to the advantage of their taxpayers, we are lagging behind and missing out on opportunity, not to mention that many of our energy companies, especially the smaller ones, are struggling to stay afloat and struggling to keep their employees working or at least working enough fully support their families.

In regard to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which he adamantly opposes due to; Federal overreaching of authority, unconstitutional provisions, and the unsustainable and intolerable fiscal burden that it places upon our state; he has stated that he believes that state challenges must be put forth. He has called on the Attorney General, of course now his Gubernatorial opponent, to take action to no avail. Once Paladino is governor though, there will also be a new AG, and along with a look at the model of what Gov Pawlenty just did out in Minnesota, there is an insight on how this issue might take a new direction in NY after November  .

Paladino has pledged himself to one term in office and, like fellow businessmen-turned-politician Chris Collins, the Erie County Executive who is widely popular and has proven to be very successful so far, will forgo collecting his salary if elected. Note that Collins has endorsed Paladino calling him the only credible candidate.

With regard to a planned Islamic community center two blocks from the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City, in late July, 2010, Paladino came out with a radio ad which stated, “As Governor, I will use the power of eminent domain to stop this mosque and make the site a state recognized war memorial instead of a monument to those who attacked our country.” He has said however that he prefers the Federal Government to declare it a National war memorial and has called on the appropriate state representatives pressure to work to that end.

Personal life

Paladino is a life long New Yorker, a Catholic, and is a second-generation American whose parents emigrated from Italy to the United States. His father participated in the original Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s during some of the toughest times in this country with regard to the depression. Paladino has been married to Mary Catherine Hannon for 30 years. They have three children William Paladino, a daughter Danielle Paladino-Jacobs and a son Patrick Paladino (ca. 1980-2009), who died in an automobile accident, which Carl speaks of as the greatest “horror” of his life. In addition he has a daughter Sarah Paladino who although a step daughter to his wife, is often seen in her company and on the road with her father on the campaign trail. Incidentally, Paladino is related by marriage to Representative Brian Higgins as their wives are cousins. Regardless however Paladino sticks to his principles and political views, having said; that Higgins has sold out to the left, has capitulated to doing virtually everything Nancy Pelosi wants, that he has no respect for him, and he is backing his opponent. Paladino’s campaign believes that Higgins is responsible for leaking the private emails that touched off a the scandal early in his campaign, a charge he of course denies.

Paladino attended St. Bonaventure University where he received a BA and the Syracuse University College of Law where he received his Juris Doctor degree in 1971. He spent three years on active duty in the United States Army and seven years in the reserve, retiring in 1981 at the rank of Captain. He has stated his passion in that we must always take care of our Veterans and that we should support our troops serving in harms way today and say a prayer for them every day.

Paladino’s running mate:

Thomas Ognibene, Lt Gov candidate, ran for mayor of New York City against incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the 2005 mayoral election.Ognibene, a conservative, sought to beat Bloomberg who has been labeled by many as a “Republican In Name Only”. He  originally sought to run in the Republican Party’s primary election. Bloomberg’s big money campaign and army of lawyers prevailed however, successfully challenged enough of the signatures Ognibene had submitted to the Board of Elections to prevent Ognibene from appearing on ballots for the Republican primary. Instead, Ognibene ran only on the Conservative Party ticket. 

Previously Ognibene was a former Queens City Councilman and Council minority leader (1992-2001).

Originally from Middle Village in Queens, Ognibene graduated from C.W. Post College in 1966, served in the United States Army from 1967 to 1970, graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1974, and is a former New York City junior high school teacher. He is a resident of Queens, has been married for 37 years to his wife Margaret, and they have two children, Guy and Eve.

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