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Govtrack supports and believes in:

  • A strong national defense. America as the beacon of hope for freedom. Preservation of America as the shining city upon the hill. Peace through Strength. The staunchest defender of Liberty in this world. That success in the war on terror is not an option.
  • That the enemy of our enemy is not our friend, when they are also our enemy. (ie. FDR and Russia-Uncle Joe, WWII)
  • Limited Constitutional Government. Our Democratic REPUBLIC. Less government spending and lower taxes.
  • Respect of the 10th Amendment by the Fed, and enforcement by the State.
  • Reliance on self not reliance on government. A hand up not a hand out. That big brother is family term not a government one.
  • The sanctity of marriage and natural law.
  • The unfettered right to bear arms. First and foremost, our First and Second Amendments, which were written in that order for a reason.
  • Speaking of reason, Common Sense. (and a rejection of political correctness)
  • An unborn child’s right to life. “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
  • Redundant yes, but we can’t stress enough – A reduction in the size and scope of federal and state government.
  • The right to work, the right not to be unionized, and the right to work on an even playing field with public employees.
  • The strength of our free enterprise system. That the more regulation there is, the less prosperity we have.
  • That we have become an over legislated society with laws regarding victimless crimes being too numerous and too onerous.
  • That capital punishment is more than proper and should never be taken off the table with regard to serial and mass murderers.
  • An end to the unconstitutional interference of the Federal government in our education system. Education is a local concern and parental rights are paramount. The freedom to choose a public school without penalty. The freedom to take per child school tax dollars and apply them toward private school tuition.
  • Secure and controlled borders. An end to illegal immigration which is in recent years is an invasion, has and is leading to further insurrection, and the domestic threat – economic and physical – that comes therewith. With regards to Legal immigration, that a proper and equal naturalization policy is administered with assimilation being paramount. Theodore Roosevelt’s statement on immigration.
  • That treason is not an obscure term, nor a figment of one’s imagination. keeping one’s oath is not an option.
  • Healthcare reform that includes tort liability reform, elimination of fraud and waste, reform of medicaid, interstate competition among health insurance companies, and less government interference.
  • Energy independence. The use of all the natural resources our Nation is so blessed to have. 
  • A return to the gold standard. Audit and reformation of the Federal reserve.
  • That foreign interests and that of non-citizens shall never be placed before the Citizen. That our sovereignty as a nation shall never be capitulated to world bodies such as the United Nations, to which we advocate be dismantled.
  • Adherence, defense, and preservation of Our Founders interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, and
  • the Declaration of Independence, American Heritage, and
  • That we are One Nation Under God.

We are inclusive to all true American Patriots, Citizens and those that are properly becoming naturalized, those affiliated with political parties that are American in that their ideology and practice is within the framework of our Constitutional Republic and builds upon the foundation thereof. This includes primarily Constitution Parties, Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians (not so much left leaning ones), centrists (if there really are any), traditional democrats, and independents.

For those that operate in contradiction thereto and outside said framework, you are not welcome. This would include statists, collectivists, progressives-socialists, leftists (which are not necessarily liberals ie. the classic liberal) marxists, communists, maoists, stalinists, islamists (no it’s not just a religion, it’s their politics too, it’s all one in the same), nazism, baathism, and any other schools of dictatorship and totalitarianism.

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