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GOP Senate candidate backs gas drilling, rips Gillibrand. Other important issues. Nov 6th – Vote Wendy for NY

October 14, 2012
Wendy LongFILE – In this March 16, 2012 file photo, New York City attorney Wendy Long speaks during the New York State Republican Convention in Rochester, N.Y.  /  AP Photo/David Duprey, File

2:55 PM, Oct. 11, 2012  |Written by Associated PressALBANY, N.Y. (AP)— Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long says developing upstate New York’s natural gas formations could bring desperately needed jobs and criticized Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand over the issue.Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration is considering whether to allow the exploration of shale gas through the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. It is not a federal decision, though Gillibrand says concerns about clean air and water should be addressed before drilling moves forward.Long said during an Albany news conference Thursday that Gillibrand has cast her lot with the “far-left” environmentalists and celebrities who oppose fracking. Gillibrand campaign spokesman Glen Caplin said he would not comment on what he called conspiracy theories from a struggling campaign.

Long said Cuomo should move faster, but blamed the delay on outside pressure.

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22 hours ago Meanwhile, my opponent walks across the state with phony, so-called ‘jobs’ bills that are nothing more than spending a few more taxpayer dollars and not even getting any more certain jobs.
Wendy Long: Don’t forget about the Utica Shale! | Albany Watch
Standing next to a giant map of the gas-rich rock formation spanning several four states and two Canadian provinces, GOP Senate candidate Wendy
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10 hours ago To me, the real threat to public health is the lack of jobs…
Long: Gillibrand’s positions hurt jobs
It is an economic opportunity. It does help us to become independent of Middle Eastern oil. Those two goals are
Marcellus & Utica Shale Reserves Will Provide Jobs for New York
“From Welch Allyn in Skaneateles, to Sikorsky in Big Flats to GM in Honeoye Falls, New York is losing manufacturing
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October 4 President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address: “And my administration will take every possible action to safely develop this energy.” Senator Gillibrand’s response: “I did not love that part of the speech.”
Long asks Sen Gillibrand to please explain to New Yorkers where she disagrees with the President
“The fact is Senator Gillibrand wants to have it both ways — telling editorial boards
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Wednesday Senator Gillibrand’s penchant to tax whatever moves, spend whatever you have, and regulate the rest view towards government is contributing to New York’s tax hell.
New York’s Tax Climate from Bad to Worst with the Help of Senator Gillibrand
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October 8 I was on “Fox and Friends” this morning to talk more about this phony “War on Women.”
Are Democrats fanning the war on women?
New York Senate candidate Wendy Long weighs in
America has a “spending-control crisis” — and the Democrats are trying to divert attention from it by creating a GOP war on women, New York
These are the people who have created this big government that is really putting such a drag on our economy and causing our continued high unemployment — and it’s that terrible record that my opponent and the Democrats want to distract attention from.

Senator Wendy, if You Please

Kathryn Jean Lopez writes on NRO: If Republicans ran the culture, Wendy Long would be a household name. She’d be a heroine. She’d be celebrated. She’d have a Barbie doll named

Religious Liberty Is Issue for Candidates

Posted on 03 October 2012. by Wendy Long

While crisscrossing the state in my campaign for the U.S. Senate, I was recently sitting around a table talking with some women. I asked them, “What’s the most important issue facing our nation and our state?”

The tears welled up in one woman’s eyes, then spilled down her cheeks.

“Wendy, my daughter just graduated from college. She has a huge amount of debt. She can’t find a job anywhere. I was so proud of her, and now we don’t know what to do. Our children have become New York’s biggest export.”

With so many families struggling with unemployment, the high cost of groceries and gas, Medicare and Social Security headed for bankruptcy, and the federal government debt skyrocketing to unprecedented levels, it’s understandable that many Catholics here in New York have not focused on another threat to our values – a threat that’s as big as the failure of our elected officials to address our broken economy.

As I write this, our freedom as Catholics is being stomped upon by the Obama Administration. Obamacare is forcing Catholic institutions such as hospitals, schools, and charities, as of Aug. 1, to provide and pay for insurance coverage of sterilization, contraception, and abortion-causing drugs.

The Obama Administration and my opponent, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, insist that this government mandate is an issue of “women’s health.” Sen. Gillibrand actually claims that the Catholic Church is behind “attacks that are being launched against women’s rights and women’s health.”

Her charge is so grossly wrong that it is hard to know where to start. But let me set the record straight:

– The Catholic Church has been at the forefront of protecting the lives and health of women, and all Americans. I don’t think there is another institution in our nation’s history that has done so much for so many – whether in caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, educating our children, and defending and protecting the weakest among us. The Church and her institutions have never attacked anyone, and they are certainly not attacking women.

– The Catholic Church believes in free will. The Church passes on to us its teaching of more than two millennia about human dignity and the sanctity of human life. The Church offers unconditional healing and help to all of us sinners. But Holy Mother Church has never — ever — attempted, as my opponent claims, to “make medical decisions for someone” who is employed by a Church institution.

– Our nation was born of the bedrock principle of freedom of religion: that the government may not dictate to people of faith that they have to take actions that violate that faith. As Cardinal Timothy Dolan has said, “The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of the Church.”

– But for the first time in the history of our country, a President of the United States – and his allies, like my opponent – are ordering faithful Catholics and other people of conscience to genuflect at their altar of almighty government, to fall in line and obey, even if it violates their religious beliefs. If they do not abide by Obamacare’s abortion-contraception-sterilization mandate, many Catholic charitable institutions – as well as private businesses run by Catholic Americans – will face millions of dollars in fines that will force many of them out of business.

– This issue has nothing whatsoever to do with women’s health. It is about government intrusion into our Catholic faith and into the lives of all people of conscience. No one’s faith and beliefs will be safe if the Obama-Gillibrand mandate is allowed to stand. President Obama and Senator Gillibrand intend to force their anti-Catholic views on every single Catholic in this nation. And if they can crush Catholics under their boot heel, they can crush anyone else, too.

The Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Rockville Centre have filed suit against the Obama Administration to reverse the clear violation of religious liberty and freedom of conscience in Obamacare.

Bishop DiMarzio has issued the call to all of us: “As citizens of a nation that prides herself on religious liberty, we should be outraged that the government would … coerce any institution to cooperate with what they deem to be evil.”

Amen. We cannot sit by silently any longer as Washington attempts to crush our faith and our Church.

Watertown Daily Times | Long on chances against Gillibrand: ‘It’s not impossible’
Wendy E. Long, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in New York,
The fight is worth fighting.
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September 29 I jumped into this race because I believe, in 2012, everything is on the line for America. Our free-market economy is on the line. Capitalism is on the line. The dignity of work and the dignity of human life are on the line. Our security; our energy independence; so much is at stake in this election…
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September 28 From Obamacare to defense cuts, from Welch Allyn to Sikorsky, the effects of Senator Gillibrand’s failed economic policies are being felt by New York’s manufacturers and killing jobs and dreams for New Yorkers in the process.
On Nov 6th – VOTE Long – “NY needs Wendy”

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