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Romney hands down, Won huge! Intelligent, informed, articulate, capable, competent, genuine, determined, presidential; Romney nailed it again and again and in every way

October 4, 2012

Romney 1, Obama 0

Knockout: Mitt Romney Crushes Barack Obama in First Presidential Debate

by Bryan Preston

Gov. Romney overmatched President Obama from start to finish.

Campaign Crawlers

Mitt’s Biggest Turnaround Yet

by Robert Stacy McCain

Romney wins the first debate so decisively, even liberals can’t deny it. (Read)

Political Hay

Romney’s Third Down Conversion

Matt  Purple 10.4.12

In which his debate performance was so strong that the author resorts to football clichés.

The Obama Watch

It’s A Drag

George  Neumayr 10.4.12

Obama performs lamely against an energetic and effective Romney.

October 3, 2012 — The Night Liberalism Died

by Roger L Simon

Liberalism will come back, of course, under one of a million names. But for now Mitt Romney has administered it a serious body blow.

Romney triumphs in first debate

Thomas Lifson @ americanthinker

The only question is how badly the Obama campaign will be demoralized.

Broken Barack

William L. Gensert @ americanthinker

Mitt Romney destroyed him in the first  debate.  As a political junkie, I have seen my share of debates; my  favorite was Reagan/Carter in 1980, which Reagan won handily. Yet,  this was an even more impressive victory for  Romney.

Romney’s Going to Win The Drive-By Pundit Obama’s the equivalent of a basketball player who has a “sweet spot” on the court where he’s virtually unstoppable. Obama’s “sweet spot” is in front of a teleprompter.  More


Plenty Of Jabs in First Presidential Debate

Romney and Obama battle over claims about each other’s tax reform and job plans in opening presidential debate.


Must watch, Pat Buchanan ‘On the Record’ catch a replay of her post debate interview with Pat Buchanan “Romney couldn’t have done any better”!

Powerful Post Debate Coverage! Tonight, 10:30p ET: Greta has smart political analysis, breaking down the BIG event! Then, Sean has REAL insight you won’t get ANYWHERE ELSE!

(Nancy Cordes covers the White House for CBS)

CBS News instapoll: 46% said Romney won. 22% said Obama won. 32% said tie. Decisive win for Romney.

Don’t Miss the Factor!

Tonight, 8 ET: A Presidential Debate Preview! Bill’s LIVE with expert political insight from Rove, Morris, Miller, Marshall and Powers!

Ahead of the Debate, Business Owners Favoring Romney After the Debate, Favoring Romney even more!

According to a recent poll, the Republicans and Romney go into the debate with the upper hand among entrepreneurs

(Video) Columnist labels Obama the ‘slacker-in-chief’

October 3, 2012 Deroy Murdock slams president’s priorities

October 3, 2012 Best Tweets of the night

UNDENIABLE:  ROMNEY 1, OBAMA 0:  Even the lamestream media Obama supporters acknowledge that it was an embarrassing loss for Obama.  And was it me, or did anyone else get the feeling that Obama felt constrained, unable to be himself?  Since his entire campaign has been about dividing Americans into rich vs. poor, white vs. non-white, religious vs. non-religious, etc., he seemed uncomfortable because his audience wasn’t his “base” but the entirety of the American people,  most of whom abhor this type of demographic warfare.  He couldn’t play the race card, the gender card, the class warfare card, etc.  And unfortunately, those seem to be the only cards in his deck. Without them, he’s just defensive and kind of sad.

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