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Update: What is Senator Gillibrand Afraid Of? / and New York US Senate Candidate Wendy Long ‘War on Women’ Smokescreen by Democrats

October 2, 2012

What is Senator Gillibrand Afraid Of? »

220px-SenatorGillibrandpicDear New Yorker, Kirsten Gillibrand continually refuses to accept Wendy Long’s offer to hold several debates between now and November.… Read More »

Wendy Long to Newsmax: GOP ‘War on Women’ Smokescreen by Democrats (video)

Monday, 01 Oct 2012 05:11 PM By Todd Beamon and Kathleen Walter

America has a “spending-control crisis” — and the Democrats are trying to divert attention from it by creating a GOP war on women, New York Senate candidate Wendy Long tells Newsmax.TV.
“It is so bogus,” Long, who is facing Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in a heated race, said in an exclusive interview. “This whole issue has been cooked up to try to distract attention from the very poor record of President Obama and my opponent, who’s the number one liberal in the entire U.S. Senate.
 “These are the people who have created this big government that is really putting such a drag on our economy and causing our continued high unemployment — and it’s that terrible record that my opponent and the Democrats want to distract attention from.“How do we do it?” Long asked. “Let’s cook up this whole idea of a phony war on women, because they think they can appeal to the women’s vote and they can appeal to them with fear about losing their birth control. We do not have a birth-control crisis in this country. We have a spending-control crisis. And that’s . . . what this whole phony war on women is about.”
In a wide-ranging interview, Long also:

  • Predicted that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will win the White House on Nov. 6: “Mitt Romney’s going to win. He’s going to do a lot better than he’s doing right now. People want Mitt Romney and they want Republicans to be in control of the U.S. Senate again, so they’re going to vote for me instead of my opponent here in New York.”
  • Pledged to take a principle-based stand on issues “whether they’re popular or unpopular,” unlike her opponent, who has been described as “Kirsten the chameleon” by the New York Post. “They’re lots of good Americans here in New York who have common sense and who believe in free markets and free people and limited government under our Constitution. Those are the principles I’ve always stood for. I know they’re right, and that’s what I’m going to stand for.”
  • The real issue behind the Democratic accusation of a GOP war against women is “religious liberty. It’s the fact that my opponent and the Obama administration want to force Americans to violate their most basic freedom of religious liberty by buying into an agenda that they may have religious or conscientious objections to. Government should never force Americans to do that.”

Long, an attorney who clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is trailing first-time Senator Gillibrand in the race to become the first Republican to win a senatorial contest in The Empire State since 1992. Real Clear Politics has Long trailing the Democratic incumbent by a margin of 65 to 26 percent.
She has picked up several key endorsements, including ones by former GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes and former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton. At the Republican National Convention in August, former New York Gov. George Pataki predicted that Long will prevail.

“It’s time for a ‘New York Miracle,’” Long said. “And I really feel that as I travel around the state. People feel in New York and all across America, that our country is slipping away from us. There’s real anger and there’s real fear out there.
“So we are going to see a big change. It’s not reflected in the polls yet. But I can feel it — and this is going to be one of those years, even better than 2010.”
The 2012 election is “not just an election,” said Long, a Ronald Reagan conservative.
“It’s really an emergency. There is a stark choice between the road we’ve been on, which represents all of the worst of big government: more taxation, more spending, the unemployment rate above 8 percent for 43 months, the economy completely stagnant, our national debt above $16 trillion.
“All of that is exactly what my opponent and her colleagues have been doing — and they represent all of the worst of big government. They represent what is really government as our master, and not government as our servant, which is what the founders intended when we set up this country 235 years ago.
“We need to get back to government as our servant and not our master,” Long added. “I am the candidate of tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, repealing Dodd-Frank, letting the markets work, coming up with patient-and-doctor-centered healthcare solutions instead of more big government — and just generally getting government off the backs of small businesses.”
With a 9.1 percent state unemployment rate in August, Long said the way to get New Yorkers working again is very simple: “It’s cutting taxes and cutting regulation, getting rid of Obamacare and letting free markets work again.
“Another part of it is American energy. We have a great opportunity in this country, and it’s being exploited in some places but, unfortunately, not in New York, to drill for natural gas and to really exploit America’s great energy resource. It’s an issue not only of economic security for us as Americans; it’s an issue of international security and national security for us because we will be less dependent on Middle Eastern oil.

“My campaign is based upon real Americans and free markets and free people and a commitment to limited government under our Constitution.”

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