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2012 Republican National Convention Coverage

September 1, 2012


Republican National Convention 2012Republican Convention Coverage and some of the most important speeches, statements, and “ideas” of our lives (click here to replay and for additional links).

August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney has really nailed it and shown why he should and will be the next President of these blessed United States of America.
We’ve now seen his personal side, his real life, his real accomplishments, why he has a great record of accomplishment in such a mulitude of areas, why he has great leadership quality and capability, how he will restore our standing in the world and keep peace through strength, that he is faithful, humble, a servant, and that he will turn our nation around before it’s too late with real economic recovery, job creation, and prosperity. He needs us and we need him, now let’s get to work and get this done!

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