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NY’s Federal Primary June 26th (US Senate). NEWS: Conservative Party Candidate and Republican Primary Candidate Wendy Long, best on constitutional issues AND economic issues, More…

June 22, 2012

Wendy Long US SenateSenate candidate Wendy Long, best on constitutional issues AND economic issues

By Michael Gaynor @ RenewAmerica

June 5, 2012 – Senator Gillibrand can’t match Long’s legal acumen and advocatory ability, but she is a lawyer and did clerk for a federal appellate judge, so we need the best available candidate to carry the banner of constitutional fidelity and rule of law.

This month President Obama will receive bad news from the United States Supreme Court and constitutional fidelity and judicial activism will take center stage.

Contrary to the disinformation passing as common knowledge, Obama was never a law school professor. He was a lecturer and a senior lecturer at the leftist University of Chicago Law School, but not even that school made him a professor.

Who should be making the case for constitutional fidelity and the rule of law and against political demagoguery and judicial activism in the United States Senate race in New York? It’s no contest.

The answer is constitutional scholar Wendy Long, already the New York Conservative Party nominee to contest New York’s junior (and the country’s most liberal) US Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, and the winner of a near majority at the New York Republican Party Convention last March against two men.

Congressman Bob Turner and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos are on the right side, but they are not lawyers, much less former law clerks to a federal appellate court judge and a United States Supreme Court Justice and former counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network (now the Judicial Crisis Network). (and may we add; she has worked with US Senators, knows the ropes, and knows the responsibilities)

Senator Gillibrand can’t match Long’s legal acumen and advocatory ability, but she is a lawyer and did clerk for a federal appellate judge, so we need the best available candidate to carry the banner of constitutional fidelity and rule of law. That’s Long!

On April 3, 2012, Long promptly responded to President Obama’s preemptive attack on the United States Supreme Court in anticipation of Obamacare being ruled unconstitutional.

Long was blunt: “If a first-year law student said on a test what President Obama said yesterday in the Rose Garden, she would flunk Constitutional Law. President Obama said that it would be ‘judicial activism’ if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down his unconstitutional Obamacare law. This is a blatantly false. Here is how it works: the U.S. Supreme Court reviews laws passed by Congress (all of which, by definition are passed by a majority, although Obamacare was passed by a very slim, partisan Democrat majority). The Court is duty-bound to strike down laws that exceed the powers that the Constitution gives to the federal government. Obamacare is such a law. For the first time in history, it would force Americans to purchase a product that they may not wish to buy. This would establish a precedent that the government can continue to do so in many other contexts, and Obamacare is a blatant violation of Congress’s Article I power under the Constitution. When the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, therefore, it will simply be upholding the Constitution.

“On the other hand, ‘judicial activism’ is when the Court simply makes up some law that is not actually in the Constitution at all, or when it ignores clear language in the Constitution giving certain rights and protections to the people or the states. New Yorkers would expect Senator Gillibrand to understand the basic principles of our Constitution and that what the President has said is wrong. But New Yorkers hear nothing but dead silence from her on this.”

New York urgently needs Wendy Long and Republican primary voters (June 26) need to know that letting Gillibrand win a three-way race would be utterly foolish and terribly wrong.

June 1, 2012 Wendy Long supports traditional marriage and constitutional fidelity, not (Obama/Gillibrand’s) same-sex marriage and judicial activism May 24, 2012 Wendy Long’s for religious liberty, Kirsten Gillibrand prefers Obama’s HHS mandate

New York Liberty ReportNew York Liberty Report:

U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long on President Obama’s Statement on the Economy »

Wendy_Long_Headshot-200x300-150x150Jun112012pm- New York, NY – United States Senate candidate Wendy Long today made the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks this morning on the economy:

“One sentence from President Obama’s statement crystalizes the fundamental philosophical difference between the Obama – Gillibrand prescription for economic growth and the conservative Republican policies that I support: State and local government hiring is going in the wrong direction.’

“The belief that government hiring is the answer to economic stagnation and recession is symptomatic of a larger view that supports the radical intrusion of the federal government into every aspect of our lives…

Defeat Gillibrand. Make it Wendy Long v. Gillibrand, not a three-way race »

Jun112012pm – Making it resolute Wendy Long, one-on-one with Senator Etch-a-Sketch on Election Day 2012, is the smart way for New York Republicans to go. When Republican presidential nominee…

The NY Post endorses Wendy Long for the Republican US Senate nomination — EDITORIAL

6-21-12 – (and rebukes Candidate Maragos, ouch!)

Three Republicans are vying in next Tuesday’s primary for the ungratifying  task of taking on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s serial-flip-flopper, in  November. One must be dismissed as a party hack. But the other two are serious people — making this race a tough call.

Nevertheless, The Post today endorses the candidacy of Wendy  Long, a lawyer, former congressional aide and longtime conservative  activist, for the GOP nod. She has a long record of involvement on the national level and on national  issues.

Which is why she has picked up dozens of endorsements from leading national  political figures, including former UN Ambassador John Bolton and  ex-presidential candidate Steve Forbes.

This is not to denigrate Rep. Bob Turner, the other worthwhile candidate, who  turned political punditry on its head with his upset win in ex-Rep. Anthony  Weiner’s heavily Democratic district. But he has failed thus far to gain any real traction in the intra-party  race.

Still, Republicans could do a lot worse than nominating Turner — specifically, by picking Nassau County George Maragos, a stooge for county GOP  boss Joe Mondello and a fellow guaranteed to embarrass himself and his party  should he win Tuesday.

Truth be told, the eventual victor will enter the general election generally  unknown and substantially under-funded. Long, as she herself notes, is better positioned to fight “this whole phony  war-on-women thing that the Democrats are cooking up.”

And her national connections could be helpful in raising cash. Gillibrand enters the lists with some $9 million-plus tucked away and with a  unified Democratic Party standing firmly behind her — the proceeds of one of the  most cynical performances in recent New York political history.

A once-upon-a-time moderate from Albany, Gillibrand seen her opportunities and she  took ’em — renouncing, one by one, every middle-of-the-road position she ever  took while in the House. Now National Journal ranks her as America’s most liberal senator, and she’s  become the darling of the hard left.

New Yorkers deserve a senator who actually stands for something — beyond the  betterment of her personal circumstances, that is.

While the GOP is offering two good candidates, Wendy Long is the better  choice.




New York, NY — The Gotham Tea Party, Inc., New York’s campaign-oriented independent tea party, has decided to make a rare endorsement in a contested intraparty primary election. It is endorsing Wendy Long in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 for the nomination to face incumbent Democrat Senator Kirstin Gillibrand.

Gotham was impressed by Wendy’s grasp of our core ideals of fiscal conservatism, constitutional government and the preservation of free markets.  In several meetings we saw that Wendy is far from a one-dimensional conservative. She has proven to be a quick learner and is now fluent on a variety of fiscal issues.  Gotham was also particularly impressed with Long’s efforts to recognize the Tea Party as an important constituency among the electorate.

While Gotham previously supported candidate Bob Turner for his 2011 special election bid for the congressional seat since vacated by disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner, we were disappointed that he announced his bid for the Senate nomination only after his congressional seat was eliminated in redistricting.

We believe Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos would not be a compelling challenger to Gillibrand.

We believe Wendy Long, who is committed and articulate, is uniquely capable of challenging and defeating liberal Senator Gillibrand in the general election.
Gotham Tea Party, Inc. was launched in  2011 by people from around the tri-state area involved in other tea party organizations. Gotham was formed to meet the movement demand for an organization active in and working to find, train and support winning candidates who support the Tea Party agenda of limited, Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.  Gotham proclaims itself to be in the business of winning elections.

For further information contact Eric Dixon, Esq. at  Twitter — @GothamTeaParty

LETTER: Long is best choice for U.S. Senate

June 9, 2012 by Sandy King, Potter, NY – “While there are three good candidates, one is the clear choice: Wendy Long.” I have had the opportunity to meet with Wendy on several occasions and I sincerely believe she is not a career politician but is one of us, “We the People,” and will work for us and represent us to the very best of her ability. She is the best choice to face off against Kirsten Gillibrand and the national Democrat machine. Most importantly, she understands and is courageous enough to address the major financial problems that we face.

While most candidates campaign on happy, feel-good platitudes without substance, Wendy gives the voters concrete ideas to return our country to fiscal balance. She is willing to take on the hard choices just as we have had to do in our personal lives. She comprehends the serious financial situation “we the people” and our country is in, and is willing to step forward to serve and try to make a difference.

She possesses our traditional American values where the family is the center of raising children and instilling the ethics of hard work, honesty and real achievement.

Wendy Long is a refreshing and inspiring candidate who deserves the support of all Republicans on June 26. Please get out and vote for Wendy Long and make New York state the battleground state in the 2012 election.

Sandy King is a long time TEA Party activist with the Fingers Lakes TPP and in 2010 became the Chair of Yates County Republican Committee.

Meet_Wendy_Image.jpgLaura Ingraham and Sean HannitySteve Forbes and Grover Norquist… and John Bolton ALL AGREE- Wendy Long NEEDS to be our next Senator!

Please email to volunteer your time making calls, going door to door, emailing and facebooking your Republican friends.  NY NEEDS WENDY!

Sean Hannity Endorses Wendy Long For Senate

Redstate Posted by Ashbrook (Diary) Friday, June 15th at 10:25AM EDT

Last night, more than 700 conservatives gathered in New York and heard Sean Hannity endorse Wendy Long in the New York Republican primary for United States Senate on June 26th. Long will be on Hannity’s radio show today.

Why the Republican Party has created a primary against one of the most attractive candidates to come around in a long time is an an open question. But it is a fact that the leadership of New York’s Republican Party interceded to create a primary and this week broke its own rules about remaining neutral in a primary.

Everyone, from liberal reporters to conservative voters, who have seen or heard Long agree she is a dynamic candidate. She will give incumbent Democrat Kirstin Gillibrand a run for her money. Long has been endorsed by John Bolton (who, after meeting her,  broke his rule of not endorsing in primaries), the American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, and The New York State Conservative Party.  She has also won local endorsements up and down New York State.

On Tuesday, June 26th, New York Republicans have an opportunity to select a conservative Republican who will make them proud and help all Republican and Conservative candidates in New York running in November. In addition to voting for her, you can help this candidacy by donating to her campaign. Her web-site is here.

NewsmaxSteve Forbes Endorses Wendy Long in NY Senate Race

06 Jun 2012 – Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media and a former presidential candidate, endorsed Wendy Long for the New York Republican Senate primary. Long, an attorney, clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She faces competition from Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos and Rep. Bob Turner in the primary contest. Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand awaits the winner. “I am delighted to be one of Wendy’s supporters,” Forbes said in a statement released by the Long campaign. “She has the principles and the background to be a superb U.S. Senator . . . She is a constitutionalist with a commitment to limited self-government under the Constitution.” Forbes also likes Long’s economic views. “She is deeply worried about the devastating impact that pending tax increases will have in 2013 if Republicans don’t prevail in November,” he said. “She would work for lower marginal tax rates, starting with the corporate tax, which is an albatross around the neck of U.S. companies.” Forbes also agrees with Long on currency issues. “Wendy would support a stable dollar that doesn’t swing wildly against gold . . . Wendy will push for a return to sound money and exchange rate stability.”

NYS Conservative PartyNYS Conservative Party: Vote Wendy Long »

Jun112012pm – So who did respond to the Siena Poll released today? The 807 respondents must be too busy to read newspapers or even read some blogs…

06/17/2012 By: YNN Web Staff

Watch the full debate between GOP U.S. Senate hopefuls Wendy Long, Bob Turner, and George Maragos. The three Republicans are vying for a chance to square off against Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand this November.

With Supreme Court Obamacare Decision Looming US House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Passes Repeal of Medical Device Manufacturers’ Tax Wendy Long Renews Call for Sen. Gillibrand to Take Action to Save New York Private Sector Jobs

New York, New York, June 11, 2012 – The U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday voted overwhelmingly to repeal the medical device tax that was included in the 2010 health care law.  Today, in Central New York Wendy Long renewed her call for Senator Gillibrand to stand up for New York jobs and work to repeal this job killing tax.Read More…

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Ambassador John Bolton just endorsed US Senate candidate, Wendy Long.  Among other glowing remarks, Ambassador Bolton said  “Wendy Long is superbly qualified to represent New York as a U.S.  Senator and is the only candidate who can defeat Kirsten … Continue reading »

May 12, 2012 – Wendy Long, candidate for US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand spoke to a crowd of approximately 450 Tea Partier’s at a rally in Oneonta NY May 12th. Wendy Long has secured the Conservative line but faces a three way Primary with contenders Congressman Bob Turner and George Maragos.

US Senate Candidate Wendy Long wows Tea Party crowd at Tax Day RallyUS Senate Candidate Wendy Long wows Tea Party crowd at Tax Day Rally

(< Click to watch-youtube) US Senate candidate Wendy Long spoke to a crowd of 500+ a the Watkins Glen Tax Day Tea Party Rally, Watkins Glen NY. Long went on to win the Straw Poll over challengers George Maragos and Bob Turner. Maragos and Turner did not attend the event.

TeamWatch – April 18, 2012

Wendy Long To Speak In Oneonta May 12

New York State Rifle&Pistol Association(NYSRPA) Annual Meeting …

Tea Party Works plans to join Sullivan Co. Tea Party at this event. Speakers including Wendy Long,… (Watch on youtube)

The Susan B. Anthony List, the influential pro-life organization, offered an early and enthusiastic endorsement for Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long this morning:

April 3, 2012 “There could not be a more clear contrast between longtime pro-life leader Wendy Long and EMILY’s List poster child Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the group’s president, in a statement … “From her days as a Hill staffer to her time at Americans United for Life and her work on behalf of Supreme Court Justices who practice judicial restraint, Wendy has constantly been engaged in the fight for adherence to the Constitution and the right to Life laid out in the Declaration of Independence,” Dannenfelser said in the statement. “We look forward to having her back on Capitol Hill and adding to the number of pro-life women in the Senate.”

Wendy Long Convention SpeechWendy Long Convention Speech

Laura Ingraham March 19, 2012: Wendy Long for Senate: A GOP star is born in NY Posted by Laura … Please help the tea party wave in the liberals’ own wading pool.

Tea PartyTribuneNew York’s Conservative Party nominated a strong social and fiscal conservative, Wendy Long, as its Senate …

long for senate< For more information on Wendy Long and her campaign, please visit.

You can also find more info on Facebook and message Wendy (, and

Tweet @wendylongforny or call (917) 387-6370.


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