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New York’s Green Menace; NY ClimAid; RGGI; Communists and Terrorists-Van Jones-Apollo Aliance-Jeff Jones-other Leftist radicals-OWS; Agenda 21 in NY and “B” Corporations legislation; NYSERDA and Climategate 2.0

November 28, 2011

New York’s Green Menace. York Liberty Report

Posted by on Nov222011

Communists and Terrorists.

Take your eyes off the distraction of Occupy Wall Street. Because the radical left is busy launching a stealth attack to seize control of every town and county in America. Recently you heard NYLR sound the alarms on New York’s version of Agenda 21. And for good reason because Agenda 21 is the tipping point.

Previously the Green Movement has consisted of a small group of people who actually believed they were doing good in an effort to save the world, consisting of the environment and wildlife. These people, environmental activists and elected officials, were generally well-meaning and relatively harmless.

Nevertheless, these do-gooders or Green Movement have been posing a major threat to our economy. Nationally, excessive and needless regulations have become a burden in our ability to access and use our own natural resources. It is unequivocally responsible for the rise in energy prices, which has a chain reaction and is leading to inflation in energy and food prices.

On Long Island, excessive regulations, overzealous oversight by the DEC, county Health and Planning Depts, Town and Village zoning, planning, permitting, forced studies, and various green civic groups have broken the back of property owners, developers, job creators, and their constitutional rights.

Additionally, during the past 20 years over $3-1/2 billion has been taken from the Long Island taxpayer for the purpose of land preservation. This set off another chain reaction that led to skyrocketing housing prices and taxes; and a mass industry, jobs, and human exodus off Long Island.

As if all that wasn’t dangerous enough, our elected leaders have been either clueless or misguided as to the true nature of the current Green Movement.

Towns and counties all across America are under siege from programs that have been presented as nonpartisan environmentalism – but this is not accurate. This Green Movement is now advancing a partisan agenda that mirrors Green Party goals and communism. And the primary strategy is to achieve a level of dictatorial control over the American people. Agenda 21 is progressing rapidly across America and now New York too.

Where is NYLR going with all this?

A few days ago, former White House green jobs czar and professed communist Van Jones offered a prediction for those who have been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement. He said, “You haven’t seen anything yet.” In an interview with CNN, he said that the movement is ready to evolve into the areas of politics and policy-making.


Van Jones. Him again? Why now?

We all remember Van Jones? Officially, before having to resign, he was Obama’s Green Jobs Czar. He was responsible for creating “green jobs” to combat climate change. Clueless Republicans need to be reminded that Van Jones is also a convicted felon, a self-proclaimed communist and a committed Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.

In 1992 Jones was arrested during the Rodney King riots. While in jail he converted from a black nationalism to radical communism. He loathes capitalism because he claims it exploits nonwhite minorities worldwide. He also views police officers as the arch enemies of black people.

But again, why is Van Jones back in the news?

Is it a coincidence that at the same time the Green Czar Communist Van Jones is back, main stream media is in a New York environmental frenzy?

11/21/2011 – State study says climate change to have serious impact on New York

11/18/2011 – NY Times: U.N. Panel Finds Climate Change Behind Some Extreme Weather Events

11/16/2011 – CBS News: Scientists: NY must prepare for climate change now

11/16/2011 – Huffington Post: Scientists Warn New York Must Prepare For Climate Change Now

11/16/2011 – Wall Street Journal: Scientists: NY must prepare for climate change now

Is it a coincidence that at the same time the Green Czar Communist Van Jones is back, that New York is also releasing the ClimAid report?


See also here: clim aid

ClimAid – a whole plan on how to manage our natural resources.

ClimAid is a product of the New York Climate Action Council.

The New York Climate Action Council?

Signed by Governor Patterson, Executive Order No. 24 sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New York State by 80 percent below the levels emitted in 1990 by the year 2050.
Executive Order – Establishing NY Climate Action Council

Stay with me.

The Executive Order that created the New York Climate Action Council (CAC) also put forth a directive to prepare a Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan will assess how all economic sectors can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to climate change. The Plan will also identify the extent to which such actions support New York’s goals for a clean energy economy.

The New York Climate Action Plan?

Climate Action Plan

And what does the New York Climate Action Council and Climate Action Plan have to do with the Green Czar Communist Van Jones?

Well one of the big advisors to the New York Climate Action Council is a group called the Apollo Aliance.

The New York Apollo Alliance founder was Jeff Jones.

Before Jeff Jones was scrubbed from the Apollo’s website, it stated;

Jeff Jones campaigned to remove PCBs from the Hudson River, clean up toxic pollution in inner-city and rural neighborhoods and reverse global warming. From 1995-2005, he was the Communications Director of Environmental Advocates of New York. Previously, he was a reporter covering state politics and policy for a variety of news organizations.

Mr. Jones has devoted much of his time to researching and confronting federal and state energy policies that contribute to global warming and catastrophic climate change. In 2006, he represented the state Apollo Alliance on the governor’s Energy and Environmental Transition Task Force. He serves on the boards of directors of several organizations, including the Healthy Schools Network, the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy and West Harlem Environmental Action (WeAct for Environmental Justice).

And what does Jeff Jones have to do with the Green Czar Communist Van Jones? Jones is a former member of the 1970s terrorist organization, the Weather Underground.

More than that Jones was a founder and one of four key leaders of the organization with Mark Rudd, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Remember those names. All Communists and terrorists.

Is all this a coincidence?

All this news is out there folks. This article is not some incredible piece of investigative journalism.

The point is that the Green Movement, the do-gooders that were just economic killers, have now been hijacked by a national and global array of communists hell bent on overthrowing the United States of America. And New York has become another battleground.

Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Connect the dots. And alert your dimwitted elected officials.

NYLR will continue to bring you more news and information on New York’s Green Movement. Stay Tuned.


Apollo Alliance’s Communist Advisors to New York by on Nov232011

How is it that the government of New York State would admit a self-avowed communist, like Van Jones, to be part of an advisory panel? And, worse, how can someone who violently acted in opposition to the government of the United States be a part of advising New York on environmental issues? Is he a scientist? An expert? Or is he an activist whose ideology is at complete odds with the Constitution of the United States.

To which activist do I refer? Jeffrey Carl Jones.

Listen and tell me if this could be a speech representing Occupy Wall Street:

From Romantic Poet on The Apollo Alliance

Unifying Activists on the Left

By Phil Kerpen | Oct 2009

The radical environmentalists of the Apollo Alliance have tremendous clout with the Obama administration and Congress. The shadowy group is home to self-described communists and left-wing terrorists from the 1960s yet it somehow maintains a squeaky clean public image. In February lawmakers inserted into stimulus legislation its “green jobs” program, a government make-work project based on the fantasy that America could painlessly transition to an oil-free economy.

     View the full version in PDF Format

From David Horowitz at Discover the Networks:

In 1974 Jones co-authored — along with Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Celia Sojourn – the book Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism, whose title was an allusion to Mao Zedong‘s observation that “a single spark can start a prairie fire.” This publication contained the following statements:

  • “We are a guerrilla organization. We are communist women and men … deeply affected by the historic events of our time in the struggle against U.S. imperialism.”
  • “Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside.”
  • The only path to the final defeat of imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war.
  • Revolutionary war will be complicated and protracted. It includes mass struggle and clandestine struggle, peaceful and violent, political and economic, cultural and military, where all forms are developed in harmony with the armed struggle.”
  • “Without mass struggle there can be no revolution. Without armed struggle there can be no victory.”
  • “We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build the new society.”
  • “Our job is to tap the discontent seething in many sectors of the population, to find allies everywhere people are hungry or angry, to mobilize poor and working people against imperialism.”
  • Socialism is the total opposite of capitalism / imperialism. It is the rejection of empire and white supremacy. Socialism is the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the eradication of the social system based on profit.”

Ask the Ukrainians how the “dictatorship of the proletariat” went for them. Or, see here.

YET,In 2006, he [Jeff Jones] represented the state Apollo Alliance on the governor’s Energy and Environmental Transition Task Force.

Jones justifies his activities thus, “and by a criminal war waged by my government against the people of Vietnam. So, as a teenager and young adult, I dedicated myself to supporting civil rights and opposing racism, and to ending the illegal and genocidal Vietnam War.”

This is the communist view of the Vietnam War. Who was genocidal? The United States? The following excerpt is by Jean-Louis Margolin in The Black Book of Communism (pgs. 566-569), who also states, “Communism was never incompatible with nationalism or even xenophobia, particularly in Asia.” On the history of the Communist Party in Vietnam (which began around 1930):

One of the Party’s leaders proposed an assassination campaign to “speed up the advance of the movement.” Landowners and local mandarin were targets of choice, and popular tribunals were established to sentence them and confiscate their goods. The terror was also aimed at political opponents of the comparatively weak ICP which at the time had only 5,000 members. The Party wanted to produce a power vacuum as soon as possible so that it could assume leadersip of the nationalist movement. The Dai Viet, a nationalist party allied with the Japanese, was savagely persecuted, and the Viet Minh units under Son Tay asked Hanoi to send an electricity generator and a specialist so that they could torture “traitors” on a larger scale.

An article in the Viet Minh press in Hanoi on 29 August recommended that the people set up “traitor elimination committees” in every neighborhood and village. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Trotskyites were captured and killed. Others, who in October had helped defend Saigon against British and French forces, were deprived of munitions and food, and most were killed. On 25 August a state security organiztion was established in Saigon on the Soviet model and the prisons that had just been emptied began to fill again. The Viet Minh formed an Assault Assassination Committee, which marched through the streets. Most of its members were recruited from the local underworld, and it was at the head of the anti-French pogrom of 25 September that left dozens of mutilated corpses in its wake. Vietnamese women who had married Frenchmen were also systematically slaughtered, although these actions were blamed on people who were not really members of the Viet Minh In August and September alone the Viet Minh carried out thoushads of assassinations and tens of thousands of kidnappings

Agrarian reform began in 1953:

By eliminating potential centers of resistance to Communism, the land reform became an important stepping stone on the way to complete state control of the economy. And yet, even more so than in China, the traditional elite in the countryside maintained strong support for the Viet Minh becuse of the Party’s strongly nationalist stance. The Viet Minh’s ferocious and murderous methods were identical with those of their neighbors to the north. In every village, activists, occassionally enlisting the help of the theatrical troupes, tried to incite the poorer peasants (this was often extremely difficult) and encourage them to put their victims on public trial. the victims were chosen in a fairly arbitrary manner, frequently according to a quota of 4-5 percent, recalling again the sacred 5 percent of Maoism. These victims were often killed, or at the very least imprisoned, and their goods confiscated. As in China, the entire family was forced to suffer.

Pg. 569:

The exact number of losses is hard to gauge, but they were certainly catastrophic. There were propbably some 50,000 executions in the countryside (excluding combat deaths).

America is the genocidal country?!

Jones also states, “Today, I am using the organizing skills and insights I learned from those movements in my work as a consultant for environmental and labor groups. One is the New York State Apollo Alliance, an affiliate of National Apollo.”

For more information on Jeff Jones see

Agenda 21 Update: NY Law for “B” Corporations on Cuomo’s Desk?

Nov212011pm / According to Ed Deweese of American Policy in the video above, a B Corporation will be able to move to the head of the line for permits, licenses and opportunities. On June 27, 2011, New York…

 Read More » Spotlight: NYSERDA’s Cynthia Rosenzweig, IPCC & Climategate 2.0

Posted by on Nov222011 Rosenzweig is not only the first author listed in NYSERDA’s ClimAid report (see here), she is the first listed on the leadership team and a member of the Climate Team. Dr. Rosenzweig’s degrees are in Soil and Plant studies. She is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (which emphasizes a broad study of global change, . . addressing natural and man-made changes in our environment)

She is a co-chair of the New York City Panel on Climate Change, a body of experts convened by the mayor to advise the city on adaptation for its critical infrastructure. She has co-led the Metropolitan East Coast Regional Assessment of the U.S. National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, sponsored by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. She was a Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC Working Group II Fourth Assessment Report observed changes chapter, and served on the IPCC Task Group on Data and Scenarios for Impact and Climate Assessment.

It seems Dr. Rosenzweig was not only on the IPCC, she had a key role – several key roles. Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus, points out that a few of the scientists on the IPCC “wear several hats.” Rosenzweig, wore six. “In other words, certain names pop up again and again in IPCC reports. If shadowy interests were trying to ‘control the message’ in these documents, entrusting key tasks to a small group of people might be an effective strategy.”

Cynthia Rosenzweig is one of the authors of “Millions at risk: defining critical climate threats and targets

. . the identification of critical impacts (e.g. ones that should be avoided at any reasonable cost) is obviously a key to addressing targets for mitigating climate change. Indeed, a central objective of the UN Framework Objective on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is to avoid “dangerous levels” of climate change that could threaten food security, ecosystems and sustainable development (areas of risk that are specifically mentioned in UNFCCC Article 2).

For several years, we have been researching impacts in key areas of risk: hunger, water shortage, exposure to malaria transmission, and coastal flooding, as part of a global fast-track assessment (Parry and Livermore, 1999). 1 The results of our work have been reported widely and form a significant part of the IPCC’s assessment of likely impacts.

Also in Ms. Lafromboise’s article on IPPC Insiders,

“It [the Congressional testimony of Roger Piekle Sr] received no media attention, of course, but the written version of Pielke’s testimony contains a searing accusation that the public surely has the right to hear about. In his view:

The climate science assessments of the IPCC…are completed by a small subset of climate scientists… [bold added, p. 2]

At that same hearing John Christy, a professor of atmospheric science – who is a climate skeptic – voiced the identical concern. In his words:

The content of [IPCC] reports is actually under the control of a relatively small number of individuals – I often refer to them as the “climate establishment” – who through the years, in my opinion, came to act as gatekeepers of scientific opinion and information… [bold added, p. 17]

From Warmist David Appell regarding Climategate 2.0 emails:

“their impact will be devastating…My guess is that these are going to throw the science off-kilter for perhaps the rest of this decade”

<3066> Thorne:
I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.

<2884> Wigley:
Mike, The Figure you sent is very deceptive […] there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC […]

Should New York State place so much taxpayer and utility ratepayers dollars into a flawed and unproven climate hoax? See some of the posts on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative at Suffolk County Liberty Report here (below).

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