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Erie Co Exec Collins fought the Federal Gov and Won! Good for him, even better for us…

August 28, 2011
County Executive Chris Collins (HE FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW HE WON!)
This morning, the Buffalo News broke the story that the United States Department of Justice’s case against Erie County will be dismissed. Erie County and the Department of Justice have signed a Stipulated Order of Dismissal that will be filed with Chief Judge William Skretny this morning.
Today is a terrific day for Western New York taxpayers. Together, we stood up to big government and Washington, and we won.
By standing up to Washington bureaucrats and radical policy makers, we showed that no matter how big or powerful the opponent, taxpayers can come out on top. And, by doing the right thing on behalf of taxpayers, we saved millions in untold costs imposed by Washington and the DOJ.
Their objective is not to ensure that jails are providing inmates with constitutional minimum standards of incarceration, but rather to force taxpayers into providing a level of care that is far above any minimum standard, and, in some cases, above what hard working taxpayers have access to.
In September 2009, the DOJ went to court and made serious allegations against Erie County, presenting them as fact. Now, after many months, the DOJ could never provide proof to legitimize its allegations of civil rights violations.
We continued to press the court on the lack of response from the DOJ, and a ruling on was fast approaching. No longer under the belief that Erie County would simply roll over, and up against the clock without the legal case it claimed to have, the DOJ was forced to agree to dismiss the case against Erie County.
Unfortunately, the DOJ – and Washington’s – standard operating procedure is to use intimidation to force its way into counties so Washington bureaucrats can dictate changes to local jails to advance their social agenda with total disregard to local taxpayers who must foot the bill.
For four years, I’ve committed to standing up for you and fighting policies that costs us tax dollars we can’t afford. Sometimes it has been loud, and it hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve shown that fighting for taxpayers is always the right thing to do.
In other news:

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As the President and leaders in Congress continue the ongoing debate over the nation’s debt ceiling, Erie County Executive Chris Collins outlined his administration’s successful plan to reduce the County’s debt by nearly $200 million over the next several years. Collins has made reducing the County’s debt burden a top priority of his administration…



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