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Big Brother- Anti-Freedom Politician – Bloomberg’s Relentless War on Guns

August 5, 2011

Big Bro – Bloomberg’s War on Guns

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 13:41

UrbanElephants The Editors

A tip of the hat to our friend Racquel Okyay who posted this fine piece on her blog (which you should all be reading, btw) about Nanny Bloomberg’s war on guns. As Racquel explains, Bloomy uses his money and influence to foward his anti-gun agenda.       

“Philanthropist and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg​ is the kind of anti-freedom politician every gun owner should despise.  Whether it is the food we eat or the kind of car we drive, Bloomberg likes to stick his nose in other people’s business, and tell us what to do.  Bloomberg’s viewpoints are not just for the New York City folks either, but for all of us, and when it comes to his position on guns, his ego reaches new, obscene levels.

Instrumental in assembling “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” which boosts 500-plus members across the Nation, Bloomberg is on a crusade to restrict innocent Americans from purchasing, carrying and operating firearms. The group says they are “dedicated to making America’s cities safer by cracking down on illegal guns.”

Hint to Readers:  When a politician equates illegal guns with legal guns – we have a problem. ” 

Good stuff, give it a read.

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