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NY 26 race is over; and yep Davis you disgrace, you and your fraudulent fools did it! Now the response.

May 25, 2011

New York 26th Special Election 2011

U.S. House – 26th District
X Kathy Hochul D



  Jane Corwin R



  Jack Davis T



  Ian Murphy



607 of 627 precincts reporting (96.81%)

In addition to the vote count above, there was more than 6,000 absentee and military ballots that had been sent out.

Without question most of the Davis votes were bled from Corwin. One segment of those voters would have voted for Corwin as the lessor of the 2 evils (that’s their view no doubt), and the other segment would have voted for Corwin had they been better informed that their Tea party vote was a complete and utter fraud. Unfortunately they were not well informed as to the true nature of Davis’s spoiler campaign.

So it is without question that between the Davis votes and the absentee ballots that would have been counted and no doubt would have broke Corwin’s way, that straight up Corwin would have beat Hochul with just over 50% of the vote.


Hochul won for three reasons: Medi-scare: Hochul and the democrat machine was able to take Corwin’s broad support for the Ryan plan at least on the surface & very dishonestly turn it into a major scare tactic issue in the campaign. Corwin’s only mistake was in being too much on the defensive with the issue. (and meanwhile Davis played into the scare tactic by doing nothing to speak honestly that the program one way or another cannot remain status quo, reforms of some sort must occur with this troubled program or in a dozen years it will go bankrupt!). Another thing the Dems did (again along with Davis being mum on the issue) was fail to be honest about the fact that Obamacare will in the next 5 years have negative effects on Medicare far greater than anything Ryan is proposing!

As for the fraudulent kook Davis, his was a spoiler campaign from the start, it was all a set up, the whole Tea party coalition (of 5 fools in a room) was a total fraud and is a total disgrace (see our other posts that articulate this). Every legitimate Tea Party group everywhere should make it a point to permanently attach a dunce cap to these peoples heads and never let them out of the corner. Here’s 2 very telling things: One, for all the touting of Davis obtaining 12000 signatures to run, you couldn’t even get 10000 of them to actually vote for you. Secondly, if you would of listened to Davis’ sort of concession speech (though we could barely stomach it, we did) you would have heard them brag how they didn’t lose, they won cause they took down the GOP. Really, last we looked their still there. No what you did is you screwed the GOP, and the majority of the 26th district voters, and most importantly the Real Tea Party movement. To that end you have done irreparable harm and shall never be forgiven! Never!

Davis, Ellis, Ostrowski, DiPietro, Coniglio, Bellavia, and for that matter Caputo, you can all pound salt for eternity. No one in their right mind should ever trust you or give you the time of day again, and let’s just make this clear one more time: The Tea Party lost nothing for you are not them and you do not represent the mainstream of their views. You are self serving, greedy, fringe hacks and frauds, period!

Yep, we are livid and you couldn’t pay us to change that, not even $51,000! 

Now as for the seat itself, before all the spinsters on the Hochul side, Obama, Pelosi, Higgins, Schumer, bla bla bla, make a bigger deal out of this than it is, let’s be clear, this is only one seat, won’t have any significant effect on anything occurring in the House, and is no referendum on anything. Once this false medi-scare narrative plays out the truth it will come back to bite them. Besides that there’s one other factor; due to redistricting which will occur for the next election in the 26th, the seat will likely be affected, either Higgins, Hochul, or Slaughter will be going away, and depending on how that plays out, there’s a good chance the republicans will take it back. There are other quality candidates waiting in the wings, none of which will see a repeat of the despicable fraud that just occurred. As for Corwin who got a raw deal, she’s a good lady, and good conservative representative that can go back to doing the quality job she’s been doing for us in the Assembly.
We must add that there’s one very negative result that came out of this that is a big deal. The WFP (working families aka ACORN/SEIU party) is bragging this up. Hochul was on their line (as was Davis before) and WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor is of course making statements as to their victory in proclaiming hands of our entitlements. What a crock, too bad, hope Davis and Co. are proud of themselves!
Parting shot: In case you missed it – boy Jack you and your hacks sure brought out the best –

A Robocall Rampage from ‘Acid Trip’ Jack Davis Campaign

 By Azi Paybarah May 24, 2011 | 8:49 p.m

Just after 4 p.m. last Thursday, several New York City political reporters received an odd telephone call at their desks and on their cell phones.

“During your next election,” insisted a woman’s recorded voice, “when you are choosing which consultant to help you with your campaign mail, remember that Jim Spencer and the Campaign Network have no business calling themselves progressives when they’re currently representing a Tea Party candidate!”

The robo-call referenced the heated special election in New York’s 26th district— way out west, near Buffalo, where Mr. Spencer was working for the third-party spoiler, Jack Davis—but the area code indicated Boston. For weeks, Mr. Davis, had endured withering attacks from national Republicans who branded the former Democrat a Tea Party traitor, but the call, strangely, said nothing of Mr. Davis’s policies. The electronic woman only mentioned his campaign adviser.

“A negative call that targets a political consultant???” wondered Albany reporter Liz Benjamin on Twitter, as the political chattering classes tried to make sense of it. “[C]uriouser and curiouser. Check out where that number’s listed. Weird.”

In fact, the call had gone out to every member of the state legislatures in North Carolina, Massachusetts and New York, along with political operatives and reporters in New York City.

“The only reason I got involved is because I like Jack Davis,” said Steve Kramer, a robo-call specialist based in New York, who told The Transom he orchestrated the call out of disdain for Mr. Spencer.

“I saw him operate in a certain way with the Jack Davis campaign, and spoke with enough of his former clients to get a real profile of this guy,” said Mr. Kramer. “I’m so glad he’s old and that he’ll die or be out of the business soon, because he’s a real scumbag.”

Mr. Kramer—cherub-faced and prone to wearing shiny dress shirts—boasts a client list with 59 members of Congress and countless governors and state legislators. Generously, he declined to unleash his call in the 26th District, out of concern it might damage the candidate instead of Mr. Spencer.

“I want to hurt his business,” said Mr. Kramer, who gloated, “I also hit 3,500 people in his Boston neighborhood.”

Mr. Kramer said he would have liked to see Mr. Davis elected to Congress, but fears Mr. Spencer and his aides led a good candidate astray.

“Jim Spencer is a total prick, and Curtis Ellis [the campaign manager] is a whiny little bitch,” said Mr. Kramer.

Mr. Spencer, for his part, said Mr. Kramer is just “disgruntled” over his short-lived stint working for the Davis campaign, and added, “This is some kind of weird, personal vendetta.”

Mr. Ellis declined to respond directly, but said it had been a weird race.

“This campaign is like an acid trip,” he said.—Azi Paybarah


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