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Corwin-the only Tea Party candidate; Jack Davis-the Tea Party Fraud along with Ostrowski, Ellis, and a handful of others.

May 23, 2011

Corwin’s (TEA Party related) Endorsements

NJ Governor Chris Christie, US Senator Marc Rubio, US Representative Allen West, NY Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino, NY US Senate Candidate economist David Malpass and GrowPAC,

NYS Conservative Party (not only is she endorsed, but Chairman Long has praised her directly and specifically proclaimed her to be the only legitimate pro-life and pro-marriage candidate),

House of Representatives Conservative Military Veterans Coalition [20 freshmen members include: West, Mike Grimm (NY-13), Christopher Gibson (NY-20), and 17 others from around the country],

Contract From America (Signed the Tea Party supported contract)

CSA (Conservative Society for Action NY), TEA New York, Niagara Patriots, Erie County Patriots, Primary Challenge, Buffalo 9-12, Cattaraugus Tea Party Patriots, Giving Government Back to the People of Niagara County, East Aurora Tea Party, Tri-County Tea Party Group, Orange/Sullivan Tea Party, Broome County Tea, TeamWatchNY, Suffolk County Liberty Report (Libertarian Republican, Frank Seabrook), (Eric Dondero),

TEA Party Nation, Patriot Action Network, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express (Our Country Deserves Better PAC, Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama), RedState, Right Principles, Pajamas Media, Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion, Republican Majority Campaign PAC,

Americans for Tax Reform (signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”)

National Federation of Independent Business

US Chamber of Commerce

National Seniors Org. 60 Plus Assoc.  – by National spokesman – conservative stalwart and music legend Pat Boone

National Rifle Association (and SCORE). Corwin has both membership and an “A” rating

To read more about these endorsements click the link above.

      Now let’s look at the other side of this:

Jack Davis, opportunist, progressive Tea Party Fraud, a 3 time failed Democrat candidate (and twice on the Working Family Party line)

Has given support to, and been supported by, far-left individuals and groups, various big labor, WFP, Obama-Biden, Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Louise Slaughter, Brian Higgins, Hilda Solis (Obama admin), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DCCC Chair), UAW union, CWA union, Teachers Unions, AFSCME (gov employees union), UFCW (tied to SEIU), Apollo Group, Progressive Choices,, and is a major donor to the Erie County Democrats, Monroe County Democrats, and here’s the best one of all: has previously donated to Kathy Hochul!

Davis is an isolationist who opposes free trade and has a misguided protectionist tariffs policy prescription would increase costs on all of us in the form of higher prices on products favored by American consumers amounting to “taxation without representation”, fails to denounce flawed Keynesian “stimulus” policies suffering from what Hayek called the “fatal conceit”, while his Save Jobs PAC (now defunct) was active he has promoted quotes from Karl Marx and Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, has shown support for policies advanced by the far-left Keynesian economist Paul Krugman, has made a practice of hiring temps for the majority of his workforce at his business, thereby avoiding having to pay benefits, and giving him the ability to hire and fire at will (Davis now says as a campaign tactic, he’s leaving the company to his employees; the employees his sons, not the dozens of temps!), he has and does support tax increases, refuses to address any real reforms of the federal budget, while Tea partiers were protesting the Obama stimulus, GM takeovers, cap and trade, and ObamaCare, Jack Davis was sending campaign donations to Democrats who voted to enable these laws. A donation was sent to Louise Slaughter one week after cap and trade passed the House. Slaughter, along with Pelosi, was also the Democrat leader who came up with the failed “deem and pass” attempt on Obamacare, and that’s for starts.

has made such outlandish statements regarding migrant labor and immigration issues, wanting to turn urban blacks and Latinos into migrant crop workers by bussing them out to the farms to pick crops, that he has legitimately been perceived to; have racist tendencies, be crazy, or both.

is pro-gay marriage, and has a long track record of being pro-abortion (all the way through partial birth infanticide) despite claiming to have apparently had an epiphany 1 month ago (to pander for votes),

Jack Davis’ character has been subject to question after having allegedly participated in petition fraud and bribery. Having tried to bribe independence party officials by passing money through their wives which caused at least one county chairman to resign. His Save Jobs PAC was for a short time also a political party which following his defeat in 2004, he used to continue his political activism, while Republicans accused him of using the party merely as a springboard for a 2006 rematch, Davis sponsored more than a dozen candidates for public office in races across Western New York. However, the Save Jobs party soon ran into trouble with state and federal officials. (and of course the GOP was right as the 2006 rematch did indeed occur). In one incident, an Erie County Legislator sought an FBI investigation following last-minute phone calls impersonating the unpopular County Executive made from Davis’s campaign headquarters.  In another, Davis’s Deputy Executive Director and Chair of his state PAC took a plea deal in a petition fraud case involving Davis’s party. In early 2006, Davis’s state PAC was sued in State Supreme Court for failing to file required disclosure documents. Later that year, Davis abandoned the fledgling party.

Now you look at the current race and you have him hiring a group of hacks out of the area to come in and get him his petition signatures, to which there were again allegations of fraud, however nobody pursued it, and you have him effectively buying a Tea Party endorsement for $10’s of thousands from a leftwing libertarian Ostrowski lawyer who has supported him in his past campaigns, but who now calls himself a Tea Party Coalition. This coalition is nothing more than himself and another individual Depietro who ran (a losing campaign) on a Tea Party line despite the vehement opposition of every other Tea Party group and who almost handed a state senate seat to the democrats as a result, and who is also being paid by Davis. Finally there’s their newest member, Curtis Ellis a paid progressive democrat political operative who is Davis’ campaign manager as he was also in previous campaigns. (More on these guys below)

The bottom line is that his past record as a perpetual candidate, and his apparent willingness to says whatever he has to in advancing himself, illustrates an unprincipled political philosophy diametrically opposed to the limited government mission and overall objectives of the true tea party movement.

Curtis Ellis, Davis’ Campaign Manager, the fraud continued:

First and foremost, Ellis is a former New York-based political consultant who described himself as a Democrat with “progressive” politics as recently as April of 2010 on a reader blog featured on the left-leaning news site Talking Points Memo.

Ellis also has extensive experience with “The Campaign Network” a NY/Boston based political consulting group run by another Democrat operative Jim Spencer. On their site Ellis is touted as having written for left bent MSM such as CNN (Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell), NBC, CBS, NPR, NY Times, Rolling Stone and others. Called a consummate media professional, Curtis has served as press secretary for major federal campaigns and progressive causes as well as communications director on Capitol Hill and for offices from city council to U.S. Senate. Jim Spencer, President of The Campaign Network, has more than 30 years of success as a political consultant and persuasion mail expert. Jim has advised hundreds of Democratic campaigns at every level – from city council to presidential – in every region of the country. Here’s just a few recent campaigns they have supported: Obama, Kerry/Edwards, Gore/Lieberman, Clinton/Gore, Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, Senator Landrieu, Congressman Kennedy, Congresswoman Sanchez, NYS Senator Kevin Parker, NYS Rep Hakeem Jeffries, Green for Mayor NYC, Thompson for Mayor NYC. You get the point.

Ellis is most notoriously on the record as writing things like this:

The [Tea Partiers] are essentially replaying the ’60s protest paradigm. (We’re aging boomers ourselves, so we know it when we see it.) They fancy themselves the vanguard of a revolution, when in fact they are typical self-absorbed, privileged children used to having their way — now – and uninhibited about complaining loudly when they don’t. It’s the same demographic Spiro Agnew called “an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.” (oh the irony in that who he’s really referring to is guys like himself and Ostrowski)

Ellis – who is a progressive– is now claiming that he’s matured since then – ha! Just kidding; he’s precisely the same, but it’s the Tea Party that’s apparently grown up, so now he can deign to use them for the glorious vision of getting a long-time rich guy with a taste for a Congressional seat firmly ensconced in Washington, all for the greater glory of… well, I guess Curtis Ellis.  “The tea party is a harbinger of midlife crisis, not political crisis,” Ellis wrote in a Feb. 24, 2010, opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times, in which he also described tea party members as “self-absorbed, privileged children.”

Ellis, an off-and-on Davis staffer since his 2004 bid for Congress, also criticized the tea party movement’s message in a piece he co-authored with his partner Jim Ellis. In this article once again the Tea Partiers are criticized as some kind of 60’s fantasy throwback, some kind of “me” generation, and are described as being above average wealthier Americans as opposed to the average Joe Americans that we really are.

In other writings he has made clear he also supports (which directly speaks to why Davis does) far-left Keynesian economist Paul Krugman.

In yet another Ellis responds to another Sept 09 by discussing what the Democrats need to do to make sure they are successful in the midterm elections and bemoans the idea that if Republicans were to gain control they will not only be a thorn in Obama’s side, but that they would specifically investigate and take action on things like ACORN and the potential for death panels with Obamacare.

Jack Davis is kind of arrogant in his assumption that Tea Partiers are idiotic enough not to notice any of this. In that he is well matched by his campaign manager, I guess.

Speaking of arrogant, and condescending, (we’ve met him, more than once, and he is) –  next up Ostrowski: The Davis Tea Party fraud goes on and on and…

I have long wanted to challenge the machine in a special election and this is a great chance to do so.”

So apparently this is just a game for him and another opportunity to advance his own relevance!

Ostrowski: A Progressive, neo-Libertarian, anti-establishment, soft-Anarchist. Though that sums it up, now you need to understand why. This guy has for years spent all his time attacking the Republican machine while being soft on the Democrat machine and while doing so, supporting democrat after democrat. Yeh he finally supported a republican (Carl paladino) but that was an exercise in credential building, relativism, and of course money. Ostrowski donated a whole $25 to Paladino and then made $1000’s off him. (and to make matters worse, in the end Ostrowski, Coniglio and crew turned on Paladino, encouraging others to waste their vote on the libertarian candidate Redlich)    

As for Ostrowski for hire, we especially took note of the work he did and payment received from the Progressive Democrats (see more on this below), who at the same time was supporting Hochul. So it would seem between this and Davis having previously supported Hochul himself, that this is definantely a spoiler campaign. Certainly Davis and Co. wants to win but if they don’t, and hand the seat to fellow progressive Hochul, the GOP gets screwed and either way Davis and Ostrowski get their revenge (and for the latter, he makes money once again). Everything he does is for money, support for Depietro, support for Paladino, supporting Davis, selling his books, ect. But if either is truly a Tea Party supporter then why? One really must ask why Ostrowski supports almost exclusively democrats until as of late, and why spend all your time railing against republicans when the democrats are clearly the bigger problem. Well read on.

     Davis infiltrating the Tea Party from the Anarcho-Left? (Yep, vis-a-vis Jim Ostrowski) from

Ballot access is relatively easy. Davis only needed to get a few thousand signatures to qualify his “Tea Party” for the ballot. But speculation has been rampant on how Davis ever got some Tea Partyers to back him. The The Daily Caller ran a list of some of Davis’s Tea Party backers yesterday. Included on the list is one individual well-known to movement libertarians as a strong supporter of left-libertarian efforts and activism within the Democrat Party: James Ostrowski.

Calling themselves the Tea Party Coalition, the group that recruited Davis to run on an independent line. The group is chaired by Allen Coniglio, and its members include James Ostrowski, Tony Matuszak, David DiPietro, and Roy Shearer. Originally an allied group with the broader Tea movement, but split in 2009 over disagreements about the direction of the movement, if ever truly about the Tea movement to begin with which is now questionable. What they really are is Ron Paul fanatics, and though they can claim a part of the Tea mantle, they are only a fringe element on what we can agree, and are a leftist-tea (oxymoron) element as to what we do not agree. In reality a good look at Ostrowski over time clearly shows you that this hand full of “fellow travelers” (a term communist lingo term he likes to use for some odd reeason) weren’t pioneers of the tea party but rather morphed into it for the relevance and additional influence it could provide. They are such anti-tax anti-government anti-establishment anti-war anti-military anti-almost everything (yet pro-left socially) isolationists, that they have become nothing other than a subversive element to the overall movement. They see Ron Paul as some kinda messiah, can’t see the forest through the trees as to anything else and hate everything and everybody else, it’s cult like, and Conigilio for one who seems to be the only one not in it for the money is like the blind follower, and is also one of the biggest conspiracy theorists we’ve ever seen, to the point of being delusional. 

     Further background from PJ Media (via FreeRep.) “Jack Davis – Tea Party’s first RINO”:

Faux Tea Party Coalition leader Jim Ostrowski was unsatisfied with the lack of input allowed in the selection process. (simply an excuse as he is unsatisfied with everything they do and every process period) He decided to enlist millionaire and three-time Democrat congressional candidate (who he has already supported and worked with prior) Jack Davis to run on a Tea Party ballot. Despite the desires of every other real-Tea group who opposed the Tea party becoming a political party and ballot line, and despite them doing it once before with Dipietro, they did it again because quite frankly they don’t care about the overall movement except as to how it can advance their one track desires. Up until now, Tea Party insurgents have run to the right of the establishment. Jack Davis’ run sets a new paradigm.

Jack Davis’ Republican credentials are nonexistent. Like Dede Scozzafava, he has a history of ACORN/Working Family Party endorsements and is ardently pro-abortion. Davis’ signature issue is a new tariff program that is advocated by Keynesian and far-left economist Paul Krugman — the policy makes Smoot-Hawley look like free trade. He is opposed to any and all entitlement reform at the federal level, and his campaign manager is a progressive consultant. While tea partiers were protesting the Obama stimulus, GM takeovers, cap and trade, and ObamaCare, Jack Davis was sending campaign donations to Democrats who voted to enable these laws. A donation was sent to Louise Slaughter one week after cap and trade passed the House. Louise Slaughter was the Democrat leader who came up with the “deem and pass” rule for ObamaCare that helped sway fence-sitters to vote yes. Davis, a long time Ostrowski ally has also supported Higgins, and so how interesting is it that Ostrowski’s initial involvement in their 2 house races consisted of putting forth a Tea party candidate in opposition to another Tea candidate supported by the other groups against Higgins. He had this candidate Jill Rowland running in the wrong district, as if with his knowledge he didn’t know better. Rowland eventually moved over to the Slaughter race (where there was til that point no one challenging slaughter) and it wasn’t until Rowland got rid of Ostrowski that her campaign actually went anywhere, hmmm! 

Jack Davis’ character has been subject to question after having allegedly participated in petition fraud and bribery as described earlier, and how complicit was Ostrowski (who was clearly involved with Davis throughout) is anyones guess. Ostrowski – a Buffalo Attorney specializing in Election Law certainly knows all the little tricks and technicalities involved in these processes.

Ostrowski describes himself as a “populist, radical libertarian.” He is stridently AntiWar. And he has a long record of political mischief and hatred for the Republican Party. He is a self-professed admirer of Anarchist author Rober Nozick, and left-libertarian/anarchist Murray Rothbard. Ostrowski has even gone so far as to call Ronald Reagan a “statist” (LRC – “My Political Oddysey” 2002).

Ostrowski got involved in the Tea Party movement early on, through his efforts with the Ron Paul for President campaign in 2008, and interestingly, did so as a matter of supporting Ron’s (revolution) libertarian campaign in conjuction with his Republican spoiler campaign, and more interestingly he has been one of Jack Davis’s biggest backers in his 3 campaigns running as a Democrat since 2004 (Source: and now this time as a republican spolier campaign as well.

Since then he has worked to move the Tea Party away from the GOP and Conservatives towards a softer stance on Democrats and Liberals. From an interview in April 2009 calling for a “Real Tea Party”

     AntiWar, “Ron Paul Revolutionary” & Enemy of the State

Ostrowski has long fashioned himself a “Ron Paul Revolutionary” and no friend of the Republican Party. Continuing: INTERVIEWER: You’ve warned of tea parties that focus their attack on Obama and the “Democrats…” What sort of agenda will help restore the republic and ward off the Republicans? OSTROWSKI: I lay out a bold but simple plan, which starts with bringing the troops home and using the savings to begin to liquidate the federal welfare state… (and note that he and his NY libertarian cohorts believe veterans services is nothing more than a military welfare program)… we need to end the Fed… Democrats tell the truth; Republicans lie. (really?)

Ostrowski’s roots are firmly in the [George] “McGovern” AntiWar wing of the Democrat Party ( He has been a featured guest on AntiWar Radio, hosted by the anarchist-leaning website Ostrowski is also closely connected with the “AntiWar” website as he proclaims in his own bio. Rockwell is a longtime confidante, and former congressional chief of staff for Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. He got into a little hot water in the 2008 campaign when it was learned he was the author of some controversial newsletters for Paul in the early 1990s. [Ironically, Davis himself got into trouble recently on the campaign trail when he told a group of Republicans, “African-Americans from the inner city be bused to farm country to pick the crops.” The Buffalo News (via described the Republicans as “shocked” by Davis’s remark.]

Ostrowski may not be quite as disrepectful to our military as that Green party scumbag Ian Murphy but it’s close. He has shown support for that little worm, homosexual traitor Private Manning, while at the same time calling our men and women in uniform “Monsters” and their efforts overseas “Sick”. In his anarchist state of mind he isn’t so keen on our law enforcement either saying “And of course, these guys come home and are first in line for guns and badges in domestic law enforcement. I feel freer already.”

And in a 2004 column “I support the Troops – Troops Coming Home that is,” Ostrowski compares the policies of Bush administration to those of Nazi leader Hermann Goering: He goes on to attack Kissinger, Nixon, Rumsfeld and little Bush, (but why not Kennedy or Johnson?) alleging plots to keep us in a war long after its pointlessness is apparent to any high schooler… and challenges the everyone elses patriotism.

As a related issue, he’s also an Israel-skeptic. From a 2004 post-election column at LRC: Florida is going for Bush… Bush had spent millions of our stolen tax dollars buying votes from the self-righteous “self-reliant” Floridians. He had also treated Israel like the 51st state…

He is a cynic in the extreme on the political process. From, April 2010, “Why Politics is not the Answer”: The main function of national elections in this country is to give the people the illusion that they are in charge and can change policy whenever necessary. Apparently he’s the only one who has a clue and we are all deluded.

And And this final note from our friends at LeftCoastRebel (via Buffalo News): What everything mey simply boil down to, the money: The Davis campaign paid Ostrowski $51,500 for legal work aimed at getting the independent candidate on the ballot.  While Ostrowski has insisted that he stayed out of his coalition’s endorsement process (which is completely laughable), that’s not how it looks to Levi Russell of the Tea Party Express (who ironically Ostrowski calls a fake Tea party group), who said Davis “has paid tens of thousands of dollars to somebody to give him the endorsement.”


First, be sure to follow the link above or below for more detail, in the meantime here a couple examples of Ostrowski giving money and support to Democrat after Democrat (no supporting Tea party ideals here), as well as taking money from the same. He’s profited (and no doubt sold out) time and time again to the tune of $10’s of thousands (and though not to the same extent as his ring leader, so has Dipietro).

While taking money from the Progressive Democrats of Cheektowaga, who were at the time supporting Hochul as Erie Co Clerk, Ostrwoski later also took money from Democrat Kuzma for NYS Senate, who the PDC were also supporting. Kuzma’s 3 main campaign planks were; His “forceful” anti-war stance, his desire to legalize drugs, and his desire for gay marriage. And talk about kooks, Kuzma was also a delegate for Dennis Kucinich for president!

In another instance there was Ostrowski’s payment from and support given to Dominic Calandra a Democrat Union organizer. He was well known for his helping to organize picketing while displaying a 15′ inflatable rat at a downtown office building construction project because of the Amherst development firm’s decision to open its bid process to both union and non-union companies and the use of non-union workers. (as if this private company didn’t have every right to do so, any real Tea partier would defend that).

Then there was Ostrowski’s involvement in Democrat Kathy Konst’s campaign to try and unseat the Republican in the 59th NYS Senate seat, and lawsuits and more games. Once again playing around with trying to create 3rd parties to boost her chances of winning, this time it was the “Integrity party” and how ironic that it was a lack of integrity that killed it. The courts threw her off the line after determining that she was short on the signature requirement due to so many petitions being deemed invalid, having been improperly executed.

Finally take a quick look at this Tea party coalition’s (again that is this gang of Ostrowski 5) PAC. The PAC originally began as another create a 3rd party campaign front for Dipeitro, and is still maintained by Ostrowski. Though it hasn’t amounted to much, let’s look at one significant donor Richard Naylon. Besides giving some money to his buddy Ostrowski, who else does he give to: Erie Co Dems, Gov Patterson, various Democrat Judicial candidates, Dem Erie Comptroller, and ACTBLUE – a PAC that only supports democrats. He also as associated with his profession, gives money to the National Structured Settlement Trade Assoc PAC. They in turn contribute to Dems by about a 4-1 margin over Reps and specifically for example in 08 and 10 have contributed to Rangel, Higgins, Joe Crowley and others.

We could go on and on but there you have it folks, one giant fraud, a major hoodwinking, and fro sure a spoiler campaign. For more background: Ostrowski: The Davis Tea Party fraud goes on and on and…


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