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CORWIN for NY’s 26th; accomplished, winning, defying the polls (especially the biased ones), GO JANE!

May 23, 2011

Dear friends,
You won’t believe what we accomplished Saturday.  
In one of the most overwhelming grassroots efforts we’ve seen in Western New York, we had over 400 volunteers working in the streets and on the phones on behalf of Jane Corwin.
Our incredible volunteer force made over 33,000 calls and knocked on 10,000 doors today.  
The response was overwhelming.  Voters are seeing through the lies and distortions and realizing that their vote on Tuesday is too important to throw away on two liberal democrats.  
With just a few days to go, we must continue that effort.  
We know we have to turn out our vote to stop liberal Democrats from stealing this seat in Congress.  Our opponents are bringing in liberal downstate unions and radical special interests to drive out their vote.  
But we can stop them…with your help.  Anything you can do will help put us over the top.   
Our office is open until 9pm every night.  Please stop by and help us elect Jane Corwin to Congress and stop Nancy Pelosi and company from stealing a seat in Congress?
Corwin 72-Hour Project Phone Bank and Door-to-Door Campaign
8234 Transit Road, Po Box 124
Williamsville, NY 14231


Jane Corwin For Congress


Jane Corwin finds herself


A recent sienna poll shows Hochul leading in Erie county by a margin of error but in that segment of the district  the Dems hold a huge plurality 50-38%. The difference in the race will be that Jack Davis has faded into the low teens 12%, and 7% remain undecided. In the overall district it’s the Republicans that have the plurality and it will be too much for Hochul to overcome, especially with Corwin  clearly picking up the support that the exposed fraud Jack Davis is loosing.

According to a different poll released Friday by the Rochester Business Journal, Jane Corwin leads among registered voters in NY’s 26th district special election. In what has turned out to be a surprisingly tight race due to the Davis wildcard, Corwin leads in the RBJ Report Snap Poll, getting 48 percent of the vote from registered voters, while her Democratic opponent Kathy Hochul gets 36 percent. Faux Tea Party candidate Jack Davis comes in with only 13 percent.

Then there is another democratic pollster PPP which claims Hochul is ahead by six, nonsense. However, the Buffalo News (who has endoresed Hochul) & YNN’s Liz Benjamin (who has become a shrill for the gay marriage lobby) is portraying the poll as credible. No surprise there!

Another “poll”, (if you can call it that) sponsored by leftist blog-site DailyKos and the Service Employees’ International Union (“SEIU”) showed Hochul ahead by five percentage points. But both the Hochul poll and the DailyKos/SEIU polls were conducted by the Global Strategy Group, a New York-based Democrat PR and media relations firm. Not surprisingly, the results of these two biased polls were used by the Hochul campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to solicit cash from the Democrats’ contributor base.

Corwin will win!

Notice we’re not even bothering with the Davis Poll released Thursday night, because the numbers are fraudulent just like Davis’ campaign, Jim Ostrowski, Mike Caputo & David Bellavia, et al. What a cast of characters. Davis is spending circa $3M on a race he had NO chance of winning and these useful idiots are all lining their pockets in the process.

Also notice that the entirely disgraceful and foolish (and that’s being way too nice, click here, but warning-very offensive) Green party candidate Murphy doesn’t even register. He is one sick twisted SOB and the Greens should be forever ashamed for allowing him on their line!

There are going to be number of casualties coming out of this race esp. if Hochul should win, but either way, and we’re not talking  about  Nick Langworthy, Chris Grant, or the GOP who’s done nothing wrong and fought hard for the candidacy of a true Conservative-Republican.  If any of the detractors would bother to review her record (considered to be the 2nd most conservative voting record in the state assembly), you would be hard pressed to find a vote she has cast that a Conservative, solid Republican or true Tea Party supporter could find any fault with. It’s the Tea Party where the casulaties will lie, and lies indeed. The entire movement has been hurt as a result of the infighting between factions, the sniping, the dishonesty, the sellouts, and unfortunately what’s become the Abbott & Costello routine (or is it the 5 stooges routine) of the WNY political scene. There will be political blood on the floor after Tuesday…

 ~ ~ ~

BREAKING: Voters in NY 26th CD CONTINUE to Defy Democrat/Media Storyline on Ryan Medicare Plan, GOP Budget (more on polling).

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For more on this race see next post, “Jack Davis – Tea Party Fraud and all things related”, and for more detail – see related pages listed in the right hand column (Corwin is the only real Tea Party candidate in this race and all the Real Tea Party groups are supporting her!) 


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