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Support NYCF and NYFRF-Mayday for Marriage (anti-gay marriage efforts)

May 11, 2011
Anti-Gay Marriage Protest In The Bronx

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms Reacts to Reintroduction of Gay “Marriage” Legislation (pdf)

Homosexual Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell (D-Manhattan) has broken from what had been a tightly choreographed strategy to pass same-sex “marriage” legislation in New York. Mr. O’Donnell refused to wait any longer for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to introduce a program bill that would legalize same-sex “marriages”, and took what looks to be an independent action to introduce the gay “marriage” bill once again.

“Oddly enough, it’s encouraging for advocates of authentic marriage,” said Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. “Up to this point all we have heard was that this new coalition was going to push for passage of the legislation before the end of June. The public was led to believe that it was inevitable, but I think now we see that this coalition can’t even hold its strategy together for a matter of a few weeks, let alone the time needed to get the job done,” continued McGuire.

Rev. Duane Motley, Senior Lobbyist, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, said, “No doubt watching the steady stream of votes that had been for gay ‘marriage’ leave the State Assembly (some through last November’s lost election seats, others through retirement or appointments to the Cuomo Administration) is causing some consternation in the lower chamber. Publicly Democratic leadership in the State Assembly is saying the votes are there, but the vote will certainly be much closer than it was last time. There is reason for gay ‘marriage’ advocates to be nervous.” 

McGuire believes that Governor Andrew Cuomo is merely using the issue of gay “marriage” to woo back his liberal base after what proved to be a fiscally-conservative budget cycle. “This is the only issue that Cuomo can try to move that won’t cost the state anything up front, but would still please the left wing of his party. It’s unfortunate however, that the Governor and other bill advocates won’t even consider the long-term fiscal and societal implications of creating family structures that deny children their biological mom or dad.”

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms remains committed to defending the authentic definition of marriage in New York State.  

[Note: Where it is Homosexual Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell (D-Manhattan) pushing gay marriage in the state assembly, it is Homosexual Senator Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan) pushing gay marriage in the state senate. In the assembly which is controlled obverwhelmingly by liberal NYC democrats, they will no doubt vote “again” for gay marriage. In the senate however, the vote failed only 2 years ago though the democrats were in the majority, and now the republicans are in the majority by a slim margin, there is however one problem. Senate majority leader Dean Skelos said he thinks his chamber is likely to vote on the marriage equality bill by June, and that he would let Sen. Duane carry the measure. WHY? Contact Skelos and tell him no way!]

The Consequences of Same-Sex Marriage (pdf)

same-sex-coupleNYCF opposes this legislation and believes that the traditional definition of marriage must be preserved for the sake of our children and the future stability of our nation. There is no evidence that people are born with a “gay gene” or that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic. NYCF believes the definition of marriage is a moral issue, not one of civil rights.

There can be no neutrality on moral issues. By legalizing “same-sex marriage” the state would be approving that which God calls sin. Since God defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman, our government would in fact be approving a counterfeit to marriage. Just as counterfeit money impacts the value of real money; counterfeit marriage devalues authentic marriage. 

As cultural mores surrounding the gay lifestyle are removed, more homosexual behavior occurs. This behavior is inherently destructive, and weakens the cultural importance of human sexuality’s connection to both marriage and parenting.

If government approves the idea that marriage is nothing more than a legal contract between consenting adults regardless of gender, then marriage will no longer be seen as a prerequisite for having children. Try as “gay marriage” advocates might, you cannot without serious consequence separate marriage from child-rearing. Some gay-rights advocates argue that not every married couple has children. While this is technically true, it is rare for a married couple not to have children. If the view that marriage and child-rearing are not connected prevails, even more couples in our society will forgo marriage altogether and have children out of wedlock than already do. We’re reaping the whirlwind of out-of-wedlock births and absentee fathers, the culture simply cannot afford more of this troubling trend.

If the New York State Legislature approves “same-sex marriage” it endorses the false notion that “same-sex marriage” is just as moral and beneficial to society as traditional marriage, but it is not.

Author Frank Turek in his work, Legislating Morality, notes: “We must face the facts of nature – homosexual relationships do not produce the benefits of heterosexual unions.  Therefore our laws should not pretend otherwise.”

Only traditional marriage can secure a healthy future for our children and grandchildren.  Therefore, it alone deserves privileged legal status in our society.

The New York State Legislature has a responsibility to defend traditional marriage. It is in the best interest of our state for it to do so. Destructive behaviors such as homosexual conduct should be restrained, not glorified. Marriage must be defended.

TAKE ACTION:  Tell your legislators to oppose “same-sex marriage”.  Let them know you expect them to stand for marriage between one man and one woman.

Marriage in the Crosshairs (pdf)


Currently, thirty states have Constitutional Amendments protecting marriage between a man and a woman.  Many states have a state Defense of Marriage Act; a law which defines marriage in that state as only possible between a man and a woman, but not a Constitutional Amendment.  (This should not be confused with the federal Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage for federal purposes in every state as between a man and a woman.)  Only five states have approved “same-sex marriage” (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Vermont).  Homosexual marriage is also legal in the District of Columbia.

Despite the overwhelming number of states that have taken steps to protect a traditional definition of marriage, there is no question about it; marriage across America is under attack.  Nowhere is marriage more in the crosshairs than in the Empire State. 


New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation Launches “Mayday for Marriage” Tour

Wednesday, 04 May 2011

ALBANY, NY – Today, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation announces its “Mayday for Marriage” RV tour.

“You think of legislative relations as actions that happen within this building. I don’t see it that way necessarily. I think the best way… I can get the Legislature to act and to get legislation passed is by going to communities all across the state and making my case to the people.”

-Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, 05/03/2011

Rev. Jason J. McGuire, President, New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, said, “Governor Cuomo, I think we have finally found some common ground on the issue of ‘gay marriage’. I also believe that this issue should not be decided in the halls of Albany, but that it should be taken to communities across the state. That is why New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation is embarking on a statewide tour to remind the average New Yorker that marriage between one man and one woman matters.”

The Mayday for Marriage tour departs Friday, May 6th, and after stopping in places like Buffalo, Rochester, Staten Island, Long Island, and many others, the tour will culminate in Albany’s West Capitol Park on May 24th.

McGuire said, “NYFRF representatives will be on the road taking the debate over ‘same-sex marriage’ to legislative districts across the Empire State. We’re packing our bags, loading an RV wrapped in marriage messaging and making stops at various media availabilities and marriage rallies in local communities throughout the state.”

The best way to stay up-to-date with NYFRF’s “Mayday for Marriage” activities is to follow progress on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Here are a couple of the pics as the wrapping of the RV nears completion.

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation Announces “Mayday for Marriage” Initiative

Sunday, 01 May 2011

New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (NYFRF) recognizes that we are entering the most intense stage of the ongoing battle to preserve the historic definition of marriage. 

Mayday for Marriage Blog Posts Governor Spitzer desired to advance homosexual marriage, but his tension with the State Legislature made this highly unlikely. Governor Paterson was perceived as a weak governor. Though he was passionate about his desire to sign “gay marriage” legislation, he was more a lover than a fighter and ultimately failed. Governor Cuomo’s approval ratings are very high. The popularity of the new governor, coupled with the fact that he has some political capital to spend, means that the battle for marriage will be fiercely fought in the coming weeks.

There is nothing more foundational to the stability of our state than the family. Marriage matters, because strong families mean a strong state. New York’s elected officials cannot ignore the clear teachings of a Divinely-ordained plan for the family and expect God’s blessing on our state. I ask each friend of the family to pray for marriage in New York. Pray for our elected officials, and pray for NYFRF in what will likely be an intense and difficult two months for this ministry.    NYFRF is doing everything in its power to inform New Yorkers as to the importance of the sacred institution of marriage. During the month of May, NYFRF is launching a major initiative that we are calling “Mayday for Marriage”.

“Mayday for Marriage” RV Tour

By the time you read this, our ministry team will be on the road taking the debate over same-sex marriage to legislative districts across the Empire State. We’ve packed our bags, loaded up an RV wrapped in marriage messaging and will be stopping at various press conferences, marriage rallies and visits with legislators from Buffalo to Binghamton, Syracuse to Staten Island, and Lackawanna to Long Island. The best way to stay up to date with NYFRF’s “Mayday for Marriage” activities is to receive our e-mails.  You can sign up to receive these communications at You will also be able to follow our progress on Facebook at or on Twitter at

If you would like to help defend the traditional definition of marriage in New York, please mail your checks made payable to “NYFRF” to PO Box 131, Spencerport, NY 14559.  You can also make online donations at

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NYCF Opposes Redefining the Meaning of Marriage      
Many forces are attacking marriage in New York State. These forces are promoting marriage for same-sex couples (or the counterfeit equivalent under pseudonyms such as civil unions or domestic partnerships) as an extension of tolerance, equality and civil rights.
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NYCF Opposes Civil Union Legislation      
Myth: Gays and lesbians are discriminated against in New York and are deprived of the right to marry.Reality: Discrimination against persons who engage in homosexual behavior has been illegal in New York since 2003. Also, unmarried New Yorkers currently enjoy the right to marry a consenting, unrelated adult of the opposite sex; there is no inequality. In fact, the Court of Appeals in Hernandez v. Robles ruled that New York’s marriage laws do not violate the state or federal constitutions by limiting marriage to opposite-sex relationships.
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Marriage Must Be Defended

Tell Your Elected Leaders in Albany New York Needs a Defense of Marriage Act Now!

Stand for Marriage!

Tell your State Senator and Member of Assembly to vote no on “same-sex marriage”.


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