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Club for Growth’s 2010 scorecard on pro-growth policies released. NY representation scores miserably. Schumer called out as “job-killing protectionist”

May 3, 2011

The rankings are out, and NY’s record is terrible once again!

The Club's Congressional Scorecard

HOUSE (Expanded PDF file) | SENATE  (Expanded PDF file)

Note That Rep Brian Higgins Ranks last tied with many other Democrats, however it is notable that there are 206 Democrats that rank better than him, as does every single Republican.

In the Senate, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand also rank tied for last along with several others Democrats and a Socialist (though Gillibrand ranks better than Schumer overall), and again it is notable that there are 33 Democrats that rank better than them, as does every Republican.

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Club for Growth Labels Schumer ‘Job-Killing Protectionist’

By Amanda Sterling

April 29, 2011 | 12:30 p.m

Club for Growth president Chris Chocola is denouncing Chuck Schumer, calling the senator a “job-killing protectionist” in response to Schumer’s recent criticism of China’s economic policies.

“Americans benefit from free trade,” said Chocola in a press release this morning. “It forces companies to innovate and compete leading to greater variety, lower prices, and better quality goods and services.”

Club for Growth, which advocates and promotes free-market principles, has a long history of denouncing politicians who the group believes are not fiscally conservative enough.

“Chuck Schumer likes to talk about how he’s looking out for the middle class,” said Chocola. “But he wants to hit Americans in all income brackets with a massive new sales tax on the goods they buy every day.”


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