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Heinous Illegal Alien Murders in NY; SEIU busted for harboring illegals – collecting their dues; Actions by state legislatures or lack of; illegals collecting welfare; illegals taking Americans jobs and the deficit crisis; and homosexual illegals and the Obama DOMA scandal

April 11, 2011

Katherine Sanchez was raped and killed by her brother-in-law, say police

BY Sean Alfano

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011, 10:27 AM

The remains of Katherine Sanchez were found Friday, more than a month after she was reported missing.
WKBW The remains of Katherine Sanchez were found Friday, more than a month after she was reported missing.
Carlos Cardenas, 21, is being held on second-degree murder charges.WKBW Carlos Cardenas, 21, is being held on second-degree murder charges.


A 15-year-old upstate New York girl was raped, suffocated and buried days later in an apple orchard by her brother-in-law, police said.

The remains of Katherine Sanchez were found Friday, more than a month after she was reported missing.

Carlos Cardenas, 21, is being held on second-degree murder charges in Orleans County.

Police say Cardenas raped the teen while she was babysitting at his house and killed her when she threatened to tell her sister, WKBW-TV reported.

Cardenas kept Sanchez’s dead body in his basement for a couple of days before taking it to the orchard, said police.

“He deserves the death sentence, that’s what he deserves,” Kimberly Cardenas said of her husband, whom she said acted normally while Sanchez was missing. “He’s demented. He’s a sick man.”

Police said Carlos Cardenas, a native of Mexico, is illegally in the U.S.

“She was an angel,” Kimberly Cardenas said of her sister, “an angel on earth.”

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America’s Coyotes: SEIU Loses $100,000 in Members’ Dues Due to Immigration Audit

America’s Coyotes: SEIU Loses $100,000 in Members’ Dues Due to Immigration AuditBy Editor March 15, 2011
There’s something to be said when a union knowingly, willfully aids lawbreakers and takes their money in union dues. According to the Wall Street Journal, the SEIU knowingly had illegal immigrants in its ranks and, instead of working to comply with the law, actively worked to keep illegal immigrants in the country. Harvard Maintenance…

State Legislatures Tackle Illegal Immigration
State legislators around the country are pressing forward with bills to stop illegal immigration. (What about NY?)
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ICE Arrests Fraud Ring Behind The Fake Housewives of O.C.
Three members of an Orange County, NY family were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of arranging fake marriages.
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 New Study Finds 57% of Immigrant Households with Children Use Welfare

 Tuesday, April 5, 2011 



 new study from the Center of Immigration Studies shows that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of welfare. Only 39% of native born households with children receive welfare services. The study included households headed by both illegal and legal immigrants.
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One Part Of Deficit Crisis Solution: Putting Americans Back To Work In Jobs Held By Illegal Aliens
From Roy Beck – NumbersUSA

I spent the last two days in a hotel with 47 talk radio hosts from all across the nation broadcasting live a couple of blocks from where Congress was deciding what to do about gigantic budget deficits that threaten to swallow our future.

I’m a bit hoarse after going from booth to booth to take the microphone and remind listeners that, changing the immigration policy could bring immediate reductions in government spending. And unlike most other proposed spending cuts, there would be no pain felt by every-day Americans.

(The extraordinary gathering of radio talkers was pulled together again by the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform in their “Hold Their Feet To The Fire” event.)

SPENDING PROBLEM No. 1: Millions of unemployed Americans currently are dependent on taxpayers because 8 million jobs are filled by illegal aliens.

SOLUTION: Congress by this summer could pass a bill with mandatory E-Verify and Social Security No-Match & Multiple-Match letters which would quickly move millions of illegal aliens out of their jobs and millions of unemployed Americans from dependency into productive labor. Immediately, local, state and federal governments would stop spending immense amounts of money to support these millions of Americans in their joblessness.

PROBLEM No. 2: Perhaps 100,000 Americans each month lose their job or fail to get a job because the government gives out 125,000 new work permits to foreign workers each month. These Americans remain big drains on government services because the jobs they would have filled are going to the foreign workers getting the new permanent and temporary work permits.

SOLUTION: Pass bills to eliminate the visa lottery and chain migration categories, and allow employment-based visas only under tight safeguards for U.S. workers. While continuing to allow unlimited visas to spouses and minor children, these bills could cut the foreign-labor importation by more than half each month.

With continuing high unemployment among our fellow citizens and with the ability of our governments to maintain previous levels of support to our most vulnerable citizens, isn’t it time to to stop importing poverty and government-assistance users through massive immigration . . .

. . . and to stop creating more poverty among our own citizens by giving their jobs to foreign workers?

Take a look as more and more Members of Congress have signed on to legislation that brings about the solutions stated above. (5 pieces of legislation and still no-cosponsors from NY on any of them).

And now a story from the left leaning Newsweek/The Daily Beast shows that Obama’s (and Holder’s) abandoning of defending DOMA is more than an ideological shift, it’s become a conspiracy. A conspiracy to play both to Obama’s homosexual supporters and his illegal immigrant supporters:

Gay Immigrants’ Same-Sex Marriage Lifeline

With Obama no longer supporting the Defense of Marriage Act, deportation cases involving same-sex unions may have been put on hold. Giglio reports exclusively on gay and lesbian immigrants’ new cause for hope.

Here’s the quick facts: Josh Vandiver, a student at Princeton, and Henry Velandia, a dance instructor who is here illegally Venezuela since 2002, had been dating for three years when, in late 2009, Velandia got word that he was going to be deported. His request for an employer-sponsored visa had been denied, and he’d been entered into deportation proceedings.  

So the next spring, these 2 men decided to marry, and after a August 2010 gay wedding in Connecticut, Vandiver filed a marriage-based green card application for his new so called husband. This was little more than an act of defiance. While for heterosexual couples it may have been enough to win the green card and avoid deportation, under the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which bars the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, gay and lesbian couples don’t receive immigration benefits. 

In January, the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, citing DOMA, denied Vandiver’s petition. Vandiver filed an appeal in February that he expected would see the same fate, and so he prepared for Velandia’s deportation, which is scheduled for early May.        

Last month, however, the Obama administration suddenly announced that it did not consider DOMA constitutional, and would cease to defend it in court. Vandiver and Velandia now believe they might have been thrown a life line. Two seemingly obscure meetings held this week between USCIS officials and immigration lawyers further suggest this. 

The heads of two USCIS districts—Washington, D.C. and Baltimore—informed attorneys from the advocacy group American Immigration Lawyers Association that cases in their districts involving married gay and lesbian couples would be put on hold. The news could have far-reaching effects. People like Velandia being safe from deportation while their cases are on hold. 

Immigrant advocates say that individual districts are unlikely to be making such decisions on their own, which suggests the shift in practice is a national one. “They can’t do that in two jurisdictions and not do it in other jurisdictions,” says Christopher Nugent, who chairs the immigrant-rights committee for the American Bar Association and has testified before the Senate on immigrant benefits and DOMA. “This affects thousands of people. It has a tremendous impact on so many in the gay and lesbian community.” 

Vandiver and Velandia are being represented by Lavi Soloway, a leading attorney on GLBT immigration issues. If this is indeed a national development, he says, it will change his strategy in the case—and likely do the same for scores of others. Most gay and lesbian couples, Soloway says, have been unlikely even to file a green-card petition. If it alerted authorities to an illegal alien, it could actually spark a deportation proceeding on its own. But now, Soloway says, “it may be possible for some married, gay and lesbian couples to have their [green-card] cases held. And to have their [deportation hearings] deferred to a later date—maybe after DOMA is struck down in the courts. That would afford them protection in the meantime.”        

If the new practice is confirmed, Soloway says, he will withdraw Vandiver’s appeal and re-file the marriage-based petition and green-card application, which could protect Velandia while the DOMA battle plays out. (He also stressed that gay and lesbian couples should consult attorneys before taking any new legal action of their own.) 

Sarah Taylor, who heads the Washington district for USCIS, gave a presentation on Wednesday night to more than 100 members of the local AILA chapter. During a Q&A session afterward, she was asked whether her office had put cases involving same-sex marriages on hold. Taylor said that it had, according to Brenda Oliver, the AILA chapter’s chair. The lawyers in the room, Oliver added, responded with claps, smiles, and cheers. In a meeting on Thursday, meanwhile, Greg Collett, director of the USCIS Baltimore district, said the same, according to an AILA lawyer who was present.  

Not surprisingly now comes the spin. USCIS national office press secretary Christopher Bentley responded to detailed requests for comment with an emailed statement. “We have not implemented any change in policy and intend to follow the president’s directive to continue enforcing the law,” the statement said. 

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