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Senator Skelos’ opinion survey regarding the State budget – and – Senator Ranzenhofer’s YouCut Albany effort

March 9, 2011
NY State Senate Majority Leader Skelos would like to get your opinion on a few important issues regarding the New York State budget.

Please take a few seconds to answer the following three questions.

Senator Skelos’ Community Survey

1) How would you address New York State’s $10 billion budget deficit?  REDUCE SPENDING or INCREASE TAXES
2) Do you support a property tax cap to limit the ability of school districts and local governments to raise taxes?  YES or NO
3) Do you favor a cap on school superintendents’ salaries?  YES or NO
4) Comments:_____        “CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY”


State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer
Kicks off YouCut Albany effort. Encourages citizens’ input to cut State spending
Michael H. Ranzenhofer
State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer has launched a YouCut Albany campaign today to provide citizens an opportunity to express their ideas to cut State government expenditures. 
“The current level of spending in State government is taking taxpayers to the cleaners and this year’s budget will have to reduce costs,” said Ranzenhofer.  “I want taxpayers to be part of the process and give them a chance to offer their solutions.  YouCut Albany is a way for them to speak out and take action on how the State spends their money.  By working together, we can save New Yorkers millions of dollars.” 
Citizens can also vote for other proposals to reduce spending, including:

• Reestablishing safeguards to prevent Medicaid and welfare fraud – $34 million in savings
• Discontinuing ambulance rides for non-emergency medical visits – $8.3 million
• Reducing “Deputy Commissioners” by fifty percent – $11 million
• Collecting health care co-pays from prison inmates – $5 million
• Repealing increases in welfare – $6.4 million 

To participate in the campaign, visit and click YouCut Albany on the left- side of the page.
According to the Empire Center for New York State Policy, the State is projected to spend $4,238 per second, $259,703 per minute, $15,582,192 per hour, or $373,972,603 per day for the 2010-11 fiscal year.  State expenditures have increased an average of five percent per year during the last decade.
The YouCut initiative is modeled after a federal program by Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia.

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