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March 2, 2011

Now we may not have always seen eye to eye with Chairman Cox, but in this statement he nails it.

Thomas J. Basile

Albany, NY…March 2, 2011–  The following was released today from New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox in response to State Democrat Chairman Jacobs’ statement: 

“In the last two years, when Democrats controlled every part of state government, they set a record for broken promises and failure. They treated businesses and families as their own personal piggy bank by increasing spending by $14 billion and raising taxes by $14 billion. Now, Democrats are turning their backs on taxpayers once again by lobbying for an extension of a tax hike that hits thousands of small businesses and hard working families.

When they were in the Majority, Senate Democrats spent the state into a deficit of $10 billion; they overspent their own budget by $14 million; they even spent their campaign committee $3 million into the red.

Senate Democrats promised reform, but in two years they never acted on a single redistricting reform bill.  In fact, the Senate President at the time, Malcolm Smith, said he looked forward to using the process to “redistrict Republicans into oblivion.”

The Senate Democrats’ weak ethics reform bill was criticized by newspapers and good government groups and vetoed by the(ir own) Governor.  It then became a joke when Senate Democrat leaders were caught in the AEG bid-rigging scandal.

When it comes to the Democrats’ record on taxes, spending and reform, taxpayers are still paying for their broken promises.”

(Remember, every time you hear former Mayor Koch criticizing State Republicans for not bending to his will with regard to his advocacy groups’ desires on independent redistricting, ask yourself – is his version truly independent? He is a Democrat too after all, and it is the State Democrats games and postures he should have the real problem with. Sampson, Smith, Adams, et al – they were all there then and they are all stilll here now.)

(and speaking of Koch, did you know that since he was Mayor ending in 1989, Ed returned to law practice, specializing in the regulatory area, and is a partner with Bryan Cave & Affliliates, one of Nyc’s top lobbyists, specializing in Public policy and Gov affairs.)


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