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State news roundup

February 21, 2011

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! | New York State Senate

2–16-11 3:30 PM Posted by Mayor Graham

Senator Patty Ritchie is putting out a survey on the state budget and while I don’t normally answer those things, I did with this one….That’s because I’m mad as Hell.
I also noticed the Senator’s official Senate photo is out….Much better shot than that wedding photographer shot used during the campaign….

Empire quake: N.Y. GOP may change primary

By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 2/20/11 12:00 PM EDT

New York Republican officials are seriously considering changing the state’s winner-take-all primary system to one with proportionality, meaning candidates could compete for the delegates doled out by congressional district, and several hopefuls could snatch bits and pieces of the Empire State’s haul.

The move could have major implications for how candidates campaign in the state, which is expensive to visit and compete in, with many different media markets and a huge number of registered voters.

It’s a switch from the 2008 primary, which was a winner-take-all system that was widely expected to throw 87 delegates to native son Rudy Giuliani (another 14 delegates were technically up for grabs regardless of the vote because of intricacies in the primary rules).

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Need Proof of ObamaCare’s Consequences? Look at History! Look at New York’s Medicaid!

One of the greatest ways to understand the consequences of a certain policy is to look back and see if that policy had been implemented at another time.  In this case, the expansion of Medicaid has been seen throughout New York long before ObamaCare even existed-but the results aren’t pretty.  As we speak, Governor Cuomo is scrambling to undo the damage that expanding Medicaid into the middle class has done to the state’s budget.  According to the Wall Street Journal, spending for this $53 billion-plus program in New York will increase automatically by 13% this year even as Mr. Cuomo must close a $10 billion deficit.  One in four New Yorkers may be on Medicaid right now, but is it really worth steamrolling over other state programs such as education and infrastructure to make that possible?  Wall Street Journal

UTAH Permits No More for NYS Residents? By mikecentola | Published: February 20, 2011

According to Utah state senate bill SB36, proposed on 1/25/11 by Senator John L. Valentine and passed in 2/14/11, they have added verbiage that prevents non-resident permits from people living in states that do not have reciprocity with Utah. Considering NY does not recognize Utah permits, New York residents will no longer be able to apply for Utah non-resident permits.

This begins on May 10 2011 and beginning January 1 2012, it also applies to renewals of permits by non-residents. Your only chance is to try to get your permit before May 10th, and you’d have it for 5 years, or just go straight for your Florida state non-resident permit.

I’m not sure I can comment on why they would be doing this other than being fed up with non-resident permits as a whole. However, even by their estimates the state will lose $250K+ per year in fees alone. Either way this doesn’t seem to be a positive direction for for the second amendment.

Read the whole bill here

Sarah Palin, on Long Island, Answers Budget and Worldview Questions –


at 2-17-11 6:15 PM Posted by Mayor Graham

Oh, Sarah Palin was in NYS today, so that alone gets a post on this blog. Ms. Palin was on Long Island where she spoke at length to business leaders…While she gave her views on many issues, she left the world waiting about her own ambitions….I was one who thought she wouldn’t run…Now I am in the 50-50 category….
But I am a Palinista and so my views are anathema to Middle Class Mike and most of the rest of you…

 and you were saying something recently about the need for ethics reforms:  Brooklyn Democrat State Sen. John Sampson took care of his friends, shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash to a staffer and a longtime associate, The Post has learned…

and we love every single sentence of this story: Cops called in to quiet rowdy teachers union chief trying to skip out on his restaurant tab You simply must click through to read the whole thing. Some choice bits: Cops booted an unruly group of city teachers union officials from a posh Albany eatery after they caused a ruckus over their dinner tab, the Daily News has learned. Paul Egan, the union’s political and [more…]

and can you believe this malarkey: Engel (Bronx Democrat House Rep) Says G.O.P. Cuts May Kill Football Season. You have got to be kidding! He tries to make an issue out of funding for the NLRB. Anticipating a football strike and “dark stadiums across the country”, he adds “In its effort to curb the rights of working men and women, the Republicans may also be doing away with the 2011 National Football League season.” Yeh cause all those millionaire owners and football player contracts are about you average working men and women right?

oh and this is a good one: Capitol Bureau reports- NY Judiciary holds itself independent of the state budget process. Draws ire of Governor Cuomo who wields the budget ax on New York’s bloated government, making it clear that none shall be spared a cut. Court system has refused to submit a budget plan that follows his request for a 10 percent trim. In his recent budget address Cuomo took aim, “Only the Office of Court Administration did not participate in finding reductions, and we will negatively comment on their budget when we submit it.” The governor’s criticism is just the latest example of what has for some time been a complex and occasionally contentious relationship between the courts and the other branches of government, the executive and the Legislature. Cuomo’s budget document noted the court system is seeking $2.7 billion, an increase of $50 million. Most recently, budget tensions flared anew with revelations that the Court of Appeals was spending $23 million on a luxurious living complex for the seven top judges when they are in Albany. (As a related issue, one might also note, that Patterson before leaving office signed into law a 3 fold increase for civil filing fees in courts across the state, and made in retroactive to last September. This seemingly usury increase has yet to be repealed.)

or how about NY’s west side House Rep Nadler Tries to Defund War in Afghanistan. Playing Vietnam with our troops again. Not only is he conceeding defeat, “At this point, we must recognize that rebuilding Afghanistan is both beyond our ability, and beyond our mandate to prevent terrorists from attacking the United States”, but also adds that there’s only fewer than 100 Al-Qaeda operatives there anyhow.

and can you believe it, Paladino’s not crazy after all: Ok this story is actually about the Medicaid task force and New York’s desperate need to rein in this massively bloated program that it riddled with waste fraud and abuse. On that, while running for Governor, Paladino was right when he railed against recipients using Medicaid-paid taxis to go grocery shopping. Among other things, the task force confirms such IS happening, as they sift through 1999 other recommendations on how to reduce costs.

and speaking of the Governors race, did you here this one: Obama Insider Made Fortune at JP Morgan ($15.4 million over the last 3 years). That insider is none other than his new Chief of Staff Daly. And Democrats criticized NY’s Governor Candidate Republican Rick Lazio for making $1 million at JP!

and then there’s the current Governor (getting a scolding): Catholic Prof: No Communion for NY Gov. Cuomo A professor in Detroit who says he has consulted for the Vatican’s high court says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t get Holy Communion because he lives with his girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee, but unfortunately he misses the real issue, which is not his girlfriend but rather his inexplicably enthusiastic support for Gay Marriage and his Pro-Abortion stance. Yes, we’ve heard it all before with Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and others but they just keep doing what they do anyway. As for the church, we wish they would actually get serious about individuals that support both the abhorrent behaviors of abortion on demand and un-natural gay union, and rather than be denied the sacraments, they should be excommunicated.

lest we be damned, let’s not forget – here’s Chuckie: Chuck (we consider a schmuck) Schumer insteading of worrying about what should be a very full plate representing NY Federally, has apparently joined another states legislature. He is emailing his supporters asking them for money to help him elect more Democrats to Wisconsin’s State Senate. As if it isn’t bad enough that he is defending derelict Democrats there who have fled the state, and their duties, and who may even be acting criminally at this point, but here’s some more from his email (which as of 3:30pm yesterday had only gotten him $4000 so far, how paltry): Calls Governor Walker “hard-right”, so what chuck your hard-left, and really so; Walker tried to “ram through this legislature without adequate debate”, you mean debate with legislators who are hiding in Chicago?; Says what has inflamed WI workers and so many around the country, they’re not on a “fair and equal basis”, ARE YOU KIDDING; “Walker is clinging to ideology and holding out for the elimination of collective bargaining rights”, Now chuck that’s just plain untrue and you know it, as collective bargaining for wages is untouched, Walker only seeks to remove benefits from the equation; Schumer speaks of attacks, battles, and at one point confusion as if to say he knows more about the WI legislation than they do; and finally “He may wish to take America back to the 1920s, when workers had no rights”, WOW, is that what Gov Walker is trying to do, as opposed to trying what is fiscally sane while stopping what has become excess and advantage. This is why we call you a schmuck, Chuck!

(you know- we suppose we could not be so hard on Chuck over this one issue, except that he offends us on about everything else he does too!)

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