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UPDATED: NYS GOP praises passing of “pivotal” tax cut and job growth measure; GOP Chairman Challenges Cuomo to Use Full Budget Power; Concurring messages from UNYTEA, U-O TEA, Suffolk 912, on Tax Cap Senate bill

February 9, 2011

NYS GOP praises passing of “pivotal” tax cut and job growth measure.

State Senate Republicans have passed a bold job creation and taxpayer protection bill.  The legislation, if enacted, provides for a 2% cap on state spending and a tax credit for businesses of up to $5,000 for each new job created.  The bill, drafted by the Republican Senate Majority, also calls for the elimination of the state’s corporate franchise taxes for small businesses and manufacturers and a roll-back of the income tax surcharge placed on them by Democrats in 2009.  Cox commended the Senate for standing up to protect our taxpayers and businesses: “Last November, the people of New York spoke loudly that they wanted a more fiscally conservative government that creates jobs.  With this bill, the Republican Majority in the State Senate, under the leadership of Senator Skelos, has given our businesses and every taxpayer a blueprint for a stronger economy and more affordable New York….”

The 2011 Job Creation & Taxpayer Protection Act 

Read the bill HERE 

ICYMI – Chairman Cox Challenges Cuomo to Use Full Budget Power
NYS GOP Chairman Cox’s Editorial in the Long Island Business Review this week challenged Gov. Cuomo to be bold in his approach to solving the budget crisis by using his full authority to make cuts and reorganize programs.  Excerpts below:In his State of the State address, Governor Cuomo said starkly that the state “spends too much money.”  Faced with a $12 billion deficit, the Governor must cut spending. . .Cuomo is now touring the state to solicit public support.  A newly formed business supported “Committee to Save New York” is raising $10 million to parry the expected (have begun led by NYSUT) public attacks on Cuomo by special interests. This is good political theater and good politics, but, to prevail, the Governor must lead by fully utilizing the uniquely strong executive budget powers granted to his office by the State Constitution.. . The Governor also voiced the concern of New York businesses that “New York has no future as the tax capital of the nation,” and donning our Republican clothes, he pledged “no new taxes.” He will also need the strong support of the renewed and reenergized, fiscally conservative Republican legislative force produced by recent elections. The 2010 general elections produced a new anti-spending, tax cutting and pro-growth Republican majority in the State Senate and the most Republican gains in the Assembly since 1972. The field of battle is set, and Governor Cuomo has a considerable arsenal at his disposal.  New York’s uniquely strong executive budget powers were devised by Governor Al Smith (a Cuomo favorite) and added to the State Constitution in the 1920’s.  They provide that the Legislature must act “fully” on the Governor’s initial budget proposals with any amendments or additional spending measures subject to his line item veto which our Republican forces in the Legislature can uphold.  If the Democratic Assembly majority plays “rope-a-dope” and refuses to act on Cuomo’s  budget, the Governor can enact his preferred cuts in the budget extenders which are necessary to fund the government absent a budget.  The state’s highest court has affirmed these extraordinary executive budget powers, and in 2005 the people of New York overwhelmingly voted down a proposed amendment to the Constitution which would have eviscerated them.AND CONCURRING MESSAGES FROM:

UNYTEA_LogoFebruary 1st, 2011

Dear Fellow New Yorker:

As you may already know, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a 2% cap on property taxes.

And while there are many things about which UNYTEA and the Governor disagree, we are in complete agreement on the need to cap and eventually reduce our property taxes.

Such a cap, however, will do little or no good if local governments and public schools are forced to pay for more state mandates. For example, according to the NYS Education Department, our schools must now comply with more than 150 un-funded or under funded mandates. Our counties, towns, and villages, are also forced to comply with NYS Pension requirements, the Wicks Law, health insurance mandates, and much more.

Clearly, we need both a property tax cap AND mandate relief. Last night, the Republican-controlled Senate voted the tax cap in – now we have to assure they attack mandates, too.

And that is why UNYTEA’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to endorse Governor Cuomo’s proposal for a 2% cap on property taxes, but only if it is accompanied by mandate relief.

Since its inception UNYTEA has been blind to political party labels. We are loyal only to our principles: limited government, personal responsibility, and individual rights.

Please join us in the effort to limit the size of state and local government and to reign in New York State’s out-of-control property taxes.

Write to the Governor, and your State Senator and Assembly person. (link below)

And tell them, we want action and we want it now!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Mark L. Barie, Chairman,

PS: The lines are being drawn right now in the battle to save our State. Please take a few minutes out of your day to gain control of your tax burden: contact your New York State Assemblymember and Senator today via Web at


February 3, 2011

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

We have a small victory, thanks to concerned citizens, Tea Party activists and everyday Americans across the New York State who devote their time and energies to educating the public about an all too powerful government.

It is by our vigilance that we are able to persuade elected officials to see things from the people’s perspective, rather than from a self absorbed – know it all – State government view.

It is time for us to persuade these elected officials again.

When we see a Democrat Governor open his eyes to the need for bold spending restraints and property tax caps that will (hopefully) keep New York afloat on a river that has been bending for years, we ought to be happy.

New York has a long history of one hand washing the other. Republicans and Democrats alike have cow-towed to powerful public unions. They have accepted unreasonable contracts that force spending mandates the taxpayers cannot afford.

Another concern is that New Yorkers will leave this great state; feeling the weight of high taxes and excess regulation; taking their business ingenuity elsewhere; resulting in zero job growth for New York.

So, it is without hesitation that I support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget for addressing the issues important to me; a budget the New York Daily News calls “slash-and-burn” (this is a good sign!).

In his Letter to New Yorkers dated February 2, Governor Cuomo wrote: “The budget is designed to get our state on the right path by eliminating a $10 billion deficit without raising taxes or borrowing. Just as importantly, it will transform our state’s budget process itself.”

“We must realign our state spending with reality. Our budget efforts are not just a cutting exercise, but a management exercise. We will redesign and reinvent state government based on the principles of quality and efficiency.”

“We are also taking on the decades-old system of basing budgets on a body of law that ignores fiscal realities and actual performance while driving exorbitant growth rates. We will work to create new laws that reflect the true economic conditions impacting our state and that incorporate achievement as a measure of success.”

New Yorkers are resilient and creative. We will move forward and keep working to effect positive changes in government in order to keep residents and businesses right here in the Empire State.

Do not let an olive branch of common sense opportunity pass you by. Contact your elected officials today and let them know you support Governor Cuomo’s budget. You can do that easily via Internet by clicking HERE.

Thank you!

Raquel Okyay, Ulster Orange Tea Party


February 6, 2011

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

We were inspired to support Carl Paladino chiefly because of his fiscal policies. He knows New York is broken and crying out for repair, and he proposed to overhaul the entire State budget. Tax cuts, not just tax caps. Pension reform was also a big part of Carl’s plan, as were deep Medicaid cuts.

Carl wanted to fight the unions and the progressive State aid addicts feeding at the public trough. No more business as usual. That’s why when we read this story in the National Review we really took notice. Please take two minutes out of your busy day to read what the nation’s top conservative magazine is saying about our new Governor’s fiscal plans.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has presented a budget laced with real conservative fiscal reforms. In fact, we were surprised how much his proposals sound like Carl Paladino’s plan. He’s proposing bureaucracy layoffs, Medicaid cuts, property tax relief, and mandate reform. What kind of agenda is this from the son of Mario Cuomo?

You simply cannot call his fiscal plan progressive or liberal – it’s conservative.

In fact, Gov. Cuomo’s program is so conservative that the entitlement crowd, the unions and other Albany liberal special interests are screaming. When you hear that squeal you KNOW somebody is doing something right.

The executive budget isn’t a panacea; grassroots activists aren’t getting everything we fought for in the last election. Gov. Cuomo wants to eliminate 10,000 State jobs; Carl wanted to cut 25,000. Gov. Cuomo will trim Medicaid two percent; Carl wanted to cut far more from optional benefits. Gov. Cuomo has pledged no tax hikes, fee raises or borrowing to balance the budget – Carl did the same.

Carl always said he supported a property tax cap before tax cuts like he supported walking before running. Walking is not enough – our State needs to be running. But read what the National Review revealed about the proposed property tax cap: it closes Liberal loopholes for State employee benefits, helps stop out-of-control school budgeting, and requires 60 percent vote of the legislature to increase tax limits.

This is not the same old cap that progressives hand-tighten to pretend fiscal responsibility. This cap has the power to force real State mandate relief and local budget cuts. In March, Gov. Cuomo will announce how deeply he will cut Medicaid, education spending and other State mandates that are choking taxpayers.

We, as grassroots organizers, understand why many hesitate to support this proposal: chiefly, because it is a “Cuomo” proposal. Grassroots organizations, like ours, are resolved to stand on the side of truth and the facts, not political correctness – on both sides of the fence! Although his tax cap proposal is not a finished product yet, we believe it merits support in these initial stages and general concept. Many of our newly elected officials, whom we all helped win in November as “Tea Party” candidates, are now actively supporting a property tax cap with mandate relief. We must ensure the cuts are equitable across the state so that areas like Long Island are treated fairly in sharing the pain.

The details are critical, therefore it is very important that you contact your local and state representatives to let your voice be heard.

We can all agree – our State is literally dying for real fiscal reform. For this reason, we decided to join the growing number of grassroots groups pushing Gov. Cuomo’s conservative fiscal reform by contacting our Senator and Assemblyman. We ask that you please consider this unique opportunity to support conservative policies and write your legislators, too. It takes less than a minute when you click HERE or HERE.

It is our belief that the grassroots must support Cuomo’s conservative fiscal reforms or we lose all credibility to criticize his liberal policymaking. Participation in the process is of utmost importance.

Tea Party and 9-12 groups are not partisan organizations. We pride ourselves on thoughtful and principled advocacy of limited government and fiscal responsibility. So please think about our suggestion and consider stepping forward with us to support the Governor’s fiscal reforms as a matter of principal – not politics.

In Liberty,

Bob and Mary Meyer, Co-founders
Suffolk County 9-12 Project

Call to Action: Support Cuomo’s proposed budget.

Dear Fellow New Yorker: New York Patriots are united in our opinion: massive fundamental budgetary problems that affect us all run amok in New York State government. Governor Andrew Cuomo recognizes these fundamental problems and is offering solutions to some of the most glaring issues. Gov. Cuomo points out that Medicaid’s exploding costs – as […]

February 9, 2011

To the All Grassroots Organizations in New York State:

A week ago, Mike Caputo made a reasonable and evenly metered defense of the Governor’s budget. This has raised quite a lot of excitement amongst tea party activists. I, too, have reservations, but the Governor’s proposals, in fact, sound a lot more like something Governor Paladino would have presented than those of a Progressive Democrat. The message here is that all the time, energy and money expended by Carl and by all the rest of us was not wasted. Carl didn’t win, but his ideas for the most part did. That’s a victory for New York State.

We live in an imperfect world. We will never get everything we want. No one ever does. We need to maintain perspective in situations like this. To villainize our compatriots can do nothing but harm our cause. A steady and reasoned, on-going analysis is what we need here. It’s what we always need.

Remember this: we in the Tea Party/9-12 movement cling to certain principles. Mike chose to endorse Mr. Cuomo’s plan because he believes it is in line with those principles. We may not care that Cuomo is the messenger, but we have a moral obligation to embrace his message if it is in line with our thinking. If our message wins, we win, and above all New York State wins.

I present these ideas from the standpoint of an individual. I do not purport to speak for everyone in the Cattaraugus County Tea Party. To do so would be to greatly overstep any authority ever placed in me by our organization.

Carl W. Edwards
Cattaraugus County Tea Party Member

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