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ACORN Arm Caught in Voter Fraud Again, and Acorn’s cousin and cohort WFP (Weaseling Families Party) backtracking

February 1, 2011

ACORN Arm Caught in Voter Fraud Again

February 1, 2011

by Roger Stone

Last year I wrote in Big Government about ACORN”S most successful criminal enterprise, the New  York Working Families Party. Linked directly to voter fraud in New York State, ACORN quietly changed it’s name in the State and it’s chief political honcho quietly “retired”, when prosecutors starteed examining their activities. But don think the vote stealing and voter fraud by the WFP has stopped.

AP reported last week –

“TROY, N.Y. — A Troy Democratic councilman in Troy and the Democratic elections commissioner for Rensselaer County face charges that they forged absentee ballots in a Working Families Party primary in 2009. A county grand jury has accused Councilman Michael LoPorto and Commissioner Edward G. McDonough of participating in a scheme in which dozens of bogus absentee ballots were submitted in the names of unsuspecting Troy residents.LoPorto and McDonough were arraigned Friday and are now free on bail. Special Prosecutor Trey Smith began investigating after the Times Union, of Albany, interviewed a number of people who were surprised to learn that their names had appeared on ballot applications.”

The two men pleaded not guilty Friday to a combined 116 felony counts alleging they falsified dozens of  absentee ballots.  The ballots not only involve clearly forged signatures, but also, falsifying excuses for not being present to vote  and registering individuals who no longer live in the area. In some cases a false promise of a trip to a Las Vegas casino was used as an inducement to fill out absentee applications. WFP leaders and their Democratic allies have no qualms about forging absentees to keep control of their political arm.

The WFP has been proven to be nothing more than a front for ACORN and its left-ward agenda.

WFP is used by ACORN as a sledge hammer to force Democrats to toe the Union line .  WFP was founded by key members of ACORN, and shares many of its political strategies.The WFP has listed ACORN as an affiliate program directly on their Web site.

Karen Scharff, co-chair of the Capital District WFP is a key link between ACORN and their WFP front. Scharff was instrumental in using WFP money in the Democratic primary to elect Albany County District Attoney David Soares, who has jurisdiction over the activities of the WFP and ACORN. When this expenditure was challenged in court as illegal, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer declined to defend the state law prohibiting cross party funding in party primaries. Spitzer subsequently got the early WFP endorsement for Governor and Soares declined to prosecute Spitzer in the Troopergate matter in which Spitzer used state resources to spy on Senate Republican leaders.

Former ACORN boss Bertha Lewis also serves as co-chair for the WFP. ACORN associate Dan Cantor  is another key link. Cantor also serves as Executive Director of the WFP. Cantor is the great great grandson of Vaudeville and radio star Eddie Cantor. The New York Times  reported that Patrick Gaspard, the  former White House political director, worked with ACORN in New York to set up the Working Families political party and sat on the party’s board. Gaspard was bounced as White House political director after the disasterous mid-term elelctions but moved over to serve as executive director of  the Democratic National Committee’s day-to-day operations .Gaspard will oversee Organizing for America, a project of the Democrats to rally support for the Obama agenda.

If you have any doubt that ACORN and it’s political party will engage in voter fraud to keep Obama in the White House you can stop wondering.



NY DAILY NEWS: Weaseling Families Party? Labor leaders backtrack on budget cut promises to Gov. Andrew CuomoIt’s increasingly obvious that the Working Families Party has broken its word to Gov. Cuomo and to New York voters. The labor-backed party’s leaders pledged to support Cuomo’s fiscally austere agenda back when there was something in it for them – space alongside his name on the November ballot. Full story


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