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As we consider upcoming debates and decisions on the Budget and Reforms, here’s some important info on special interests and campaigns

January 31, 2011

Capital Investments 2010: Analysis of Campaign Spending in the 2010 New York Election

Some Key Findings:

For the 2010 election period more than $246 million was raised for statewide and state legislative races. New York State’s staggeringly high contribution limits fuel this fundraising (e.g., contributors may give up to $94,200 to party committees; maximum to statewide candidates is $55,900).

Democratic candidates outraised Republicans for seats in both houses. The typical Democrat running for the Assembly raised nearly twice as much as the typical Republican candidate. While Democrats in the Senate outraised Republicans, the averages were much closer, reflecting the razor-thin majority they held in that chamber during the 2009-2010 session.

The Democratic majority legislative campaign committees raised far more than Republican minority committees. Majority party campaign committees’ fundraising in both houses was significantly higher than that of minority parties.

The Cuomo/Duffy ticket raised significantly more money than any other statewide candidate or ticket. The Cuomo/Duffy team raised nearly four times as much as the Paladino/Edwards ticket.


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