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NYS GOP response to Obama’s visit to GE in Schenectady; and an earlier NYGOP Progress Report

January 21, 2011



Albany, NY…January 21, 2011 – New York State Republican Party released the following statement today in response to President Obama’s visit to New York State today. The President toured a General Electric facility in Schenectady to take credit for a recent deal that would expand GE’s operations in the capital region. 

“GE’s new deal with India’s Reliance Energy will lead to an expansion of its operations and that is welcome news for our state. But it wasn’t President Obama’s deal. GE’s record of innovation, its quality products and American workers made this deal possible.

The deal between the two companies had been in negotiations before the President took office and was announced weeks before the President’s visit to India last year.

Photo ops don’t create jobs. Fiscally conservative policy does. The fact still remains that the President’s core philosophy of more government, more spending, more regulation and higher taxes has inhibited our economic recovery.

Perhaps the President can take a lesson from the Republican State Senate Majority here in New York by getting right to work proposing tax cuts, spending caps and other policies that will make a real difference for our businesses and families. 

The President also failed to mention that the tax extension he signed last month is the same one he campaigned against.  Not extending the Bush tax cuts would have increased taxes on New Yorkers by billions of dollars.  

During his visit, the President also touted his new Commission on Jobs and Competitiveness.  This commission, like the more than a dozen other councils and commissions he has created during his administration, is a publicity stunt meant to divert attention from his lavish spending policies and a failure to create an environment where businesses can grow.”
Progress Report from State Committee Jan 5, 2011

Please click here to see the State Party progress report from Chairman Cox.  Also included is the Chairman’s recent op ed piece from the New York Post. 

This report details the historic results of our 2010 elections and the progress of our party overall during the last two elections cycles. 

Thank you for your time, attention and your continuing support.

excerpts from the report:

With the opening of the 2011 session of the New York State Legislature, two years of fiscally disastrous and corrupt one-party Democrat rule in Albany will come to an end with Republicans having a 32 to 30 majority in the State Senate.

These efforts and the resulting wins have created a much needed new political dynamic in New York at a time when the government of the highest taxed state in the nation faces a deficit of at least $10 billion and its anti-growth policies have placed New York dead last among the states in economic freedoms and business attitudes.

New York’s loss of two congressional seats due to the 2010 census, a loss matched only by Ohio, is indicative of the job killing policies of a state dominated by Democrats and the special interests which keep them in power.

Including winners of vacant Republican seats, our seven new State Senators and 18 new Assembly members, combined with our incumbent legislators and our county leaders, are a strong force for fiscal sanity and pro-growth policies in Albany. Our new Senate majority not only puts this force at the final Albany negotiating table but it also assures a fair redistricting process for both our state legislators and our eight members of Congress.

Congratulations to:


Our new Members of Congress: Ann Marie Buerkle, Chris Gibson, Michael Grimm, Richard Hanna, Nan Hayworth, and Tom Reed; – Our new State Senators: Greg Ball, Patrick Gallivan, Mark Grisanti, Jack Martins, Tom O’Mara, Patty Ritchie, and Lee Zeldin; and

– Our new Members of the State Assembly: Ken Blankenbush, John Ceretto, Brian Curran, Christopher Friend, Andrew Goodell, Alfred Graf, Sean Hanna, Mark Johns, Steve Katz, Tom Kirwan, Dan Losquadro, Nicole Malliotakis, Steven McLaughlin, Donald Miller, Philip Palmesano, Ed Ra, Kevin Smardz, and Claudia Tenney.

Together with our other dynamic legislators, county leaders and candidates, such as Dan Donovan, Greg Edwards and Harry Wilson, who distinguished themselves in the 2010 elections for future races, these new officials are an historically large and promising “bench” – the foundation for the future of our New York Party.

As I stated, however, in my recent NY Post op-ed piece (attached below), these wins hardly erase “the sting of Election Day, when the nationwide Republican wave failed to sweep some excellent GOP candidates into statewide offices here in New York.” Upon analysis, in one of the most Democratic states in the Nation (New York ranks right up there with Massachusetts), New York Republicans did very well to win what we did. For example, our State Senate is the only Republican-held legislative house of the twenty houses in the top ten Democratic states.

And as detailed in the op-ed, of the 38 statewide races in the ten most Democratic states, only two were won by Republicans. As evidenced by the number of close victories, some of which were only decided after court challenges, the Republican successes in New York were the result of some critical efforts from candidate recruitment to post-election legal work and everything in between. I thank you for what you did.

Your efforts and contributions made it possible for the State Committee to play a role in this effort.


Pending the outcome of one more race, it also appears we may well have a super minority of 51 seats in the Assembly, having picked up eleven seats from the Democrats during 2010 in special elections and the general election. The last year that we picked up at least eleven seats in the Assembly was the Presidential year of 1972.

In races for the House of Representatives, we won six seats from the Democrats. New York contributed more pickups than any other state to the Republican takeover of the House in 2010. The last time New York Republicans picked up six congressional seats was 64 years ago in 1946. These historic victories by our great candidates were only achieved with the great work, support and contributions made by you and the efforts of the NRCC and State Senate and Assembly campaign committees.


The victories were built upon your earlier efforts in the 2009 local elections which gave us sweeping victories in local races resulting in Republicans holding 14 of the 17 county executive positions in the state. It was not just a coincidence that we had great success in 2010 in counties with Republican leaders.


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