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Final House race NY1 concludes, Altschuler concedes razor thin loss, Questions remain Re: Democrats Country Vote program, Bishop remains defiant

December 8, 2010

Altschuler Concedes, Suffolk Seat Stays Democratic

December 8, 2010

 Altschuler Concedes, Suffolk Seat Stays Democratic


G.O.P. congressional candidate Randy Altschuler has conceded his race to Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop this morning.

Says Altschuler: “I entered this race because I was worried about the future of our nation. The problems America faces are many and will not be easily solved. I plan to stay active in politics and continue to speak out on the issues that affect the residents of Suffolk County, our state and our nation. Those issues include high taxes, runaway spending and an ever-growing deficit. I intend to play an active role in building the Republican and Conservative Party voices in both Suffolk County and New York State.” 

With nearly 1,000 absentee ballots left to be counted, Bishop led Altschuler by 263 votes out of 194,000 cast. The seat had been a major target of the G.O.P and a bitter primary that included state G.O.P. chairman Ed Cox’s son Chris Cox left local Republicans divided. (more on this matter in another post)

Altschuler has vowed to try again in 2012.

BREAKING: Altschuler Concedes NY-1 in Razon-Thin Loss to Avoid Costs to Taxpayers; Analysts Question Whether Democrats’ “Country Vote” Program Hijacked Democracy


Wednesday, 08 December 2010 00:00 GOPNYC The Herd

Randy Altschuler, the Republican nominee for congress in New York’s First Congressional District, conceded the race early this morning.  “After consulting with my family and campaign staff, I am ending my campaign and offering congratulations to Congressman Tim Bishop on his victory,” Altschuler was reported as saying.  He said despite support for a hand recount, “I will not support such an action as I feel its cost will place an unnecessary burden on the taxpayers of Suffolk County.” His opponent, Democrat incumbent Tim Bishop, held a 263 vote lead with 977 absentee ballots left to count.

One important aspect of the narrow loss may have to do with New York Democrats’

“Country Vote” program, which actively encourages Democrats from deep-blue New York City to cast absentee ballots in more red-leaning vacation areas of the state where they rent or own vacation homes. The NY-1 congressional district includes the Hamptons where many wealthy New Yorkers own or rent vacation homes, so it would have been particularly vulnerable to the program… 

Citing a  New York Court of Appeals case from 1983, Democrats assert that, for example, that 8 or 12 young Upper East Side professionals who share a Summer weekend rental home in the Hamptons  for a month in the summer are actually “dual residents” qualified to vote in the Hamptons, notwithstanding that they spend only a month or two there a year.  Thus Democrats in say, Carolyn Maloney’s overwhelmingly Democrat 14th Congressional District on Manhattan’s East Side, an extremely “safe” seat for the Democrats,  who wanted to influence the Bishop/Altschuler  race to favor the Democrats, could very well have provided the margin that caused the Altschuler loss, even though these voters pay taxes, register their vehicles, and serve jury duty as residents of Manhattan.  “Country Vote” even asserts that voters who live in rent stabilized apartments, which must be occupied as a primary residence, are nevertheless entitled to cast absentee votes in their Hamptons vacation spot.

“Country Vote” is an ongoing, financed, active program of the New York State Democrat party.  So, New Yorkers in Suffolk County  may very well have been denied their will by New York State Democrats using a “legal”, but highly questionable,  loophole  that subverted democracy and the notions of resident voting that has served the country for over 200 years.

Suffolk Country voters should be livid that their will may have been circumvented by the Democrat Party of New York. 

Bishop On Surviving The ‘Category 5 Hurricane’

Dec 8th – 12:48 pm

Posted by Liz Benjamin 

A clearly relieved Rep. Tim Bishop held a conference call with reporters this morning to laud his hard-fought and very narrow victory in the 1st Congressional District, but indicated he won’t likely change either his approach or his ideology as a result of the close race.

Bishop started out by thanking his Republican opponent, Randy Altschuler, for his “gracious” concession phone call this morning, adding: “I told him even though we had gone at one another pretty hard during the campaign that I held a great deal of respect for him.”

The congressman said he headed into today with a 270-vote lead, with approximately 1,100 challenged absentee ballots remaining to be counted. About 800 of those are presumed Bishop votes challenged by Altschuler’s campaign, and the remainder are presumed Altschuler votes challenged by Bishop.

In the end, Bishop said, he expects his lead to be somewhere in the 500 to 600-vote range.

That’s a pretty narrow margin of victory, which Bishop said should be taken as “a real lesson in civics” for anyone who doesn’t believe their vote actually counts.

“I have made this case over and over that, you know voting, is a right that people fought very hard for in the county and some people died for,” the congressman said.

“…If anyone ever wonders whether their vote matters all they need to do is look at this race.”

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