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State Senator Parker acquitted of felony, convicted of misdemeanor attack on reporter. Sampson corrupt and won’t take action against his crony. Congressman Hinchey (D-NY22) still getting free pass on his assault of reporter. Paladino never did assault Dicker but got creamed, and more media bias by NY Times(slimes)

December 7, 2010

So here’s what you can take away from the following stories: If a republican threatens to assault a reporter but doesn’t – demonize him, cover it for days, call him unfit for office. If a democrat actually assaults a reporter, cover it a little, downplay and make go away asap, and he is still fit for office. If a reporter assaults someone on the other hand, it’s certainly someone else’s fault, just ignore it. Democrats are hypocrites and so is the bias Press.

Parker was acquitted of the more serious felony charges that would have required his expulsion. Expulsion is now an option as it was with Moserrate who was thrown out. What’s the difference? He was not Sampson and other keys democrats buddy, Parker is!

Sampson: ‘No Comparison’ Between Parker And Monserrate

Voters should feel they did the right thing in denying the Democratic leadership of the State Senate the right to control the body. Today Democratic leader , Sen John Sampson, spent a press conference explaining why the violent outbursts of Senator Kevin Parker are different from those of former Senator Hiram Montserrate.
Give it up guys…You continue to defend the indefensible. Even though it was a good man like Darrel Aubertine who took the fall for the Thugocracy, in retrospect it had to happen….These people have no place leading anything.
Sampson: ‘No Comparison’ Between Parker And Monserrate

Senate Republicans, who are expected to control the chamber come January, would not comment on Sen. Kevin Parker’s conviction on misdemeanor charges. 

Sampson: ‘No Comparison’ Between Parker And Monserrate

Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson said he has no plans to seek Sen. Kevin Parker’s expulsion, despite the fact that he was found guilty earlier today on two misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief stemming from his attack of a NY Post photogapher (and his car) in the spring of 2009.

Here’s Sampson explaining to reporters why expelled Sen. Hiram Monserrate’s case is different from Parkers…

Sampson: “Dealing with Senator Parker’s issue, all the facts have not been presented to us at this point in time. Once that is done, we can look into that issue.”

Jimmy Vielkind (TU): “What additional facts?”

Sampson: “Additional facts in respect to the convictions. What are the convictions? If there is a possible jail sentence. Those facts have not been relayed to be at this point in time because it just occurred early on this afternoon.”

Mike Whittemore (CapTon): “With the committee to investigate Sen. Hiram Monserrate, does that set a precedent for the situation with Sen. Kevin Parker?”

Sampson: “There’s really no comparison. When you’re talking about the heinous crime of domestic violence. (It) demands a tougher standard. Acts of domestic violence will not be tolerated at all. There’s really no comparison when you look at the two circumstances. At this point in time, just for the record, you know, I’m not advocating that this warrants expulsion.” (see below)

Vielkind: “Can you talk about the diffent standard between domestic violence and violence against a journalist?”

Sampson: “Once again (laughs)… that has nothing to do…”

(What makes you Mr Sampson judge and jury setting a level of tolerance and so on, What if Mr Parkers assault was worse, more severe, than was Monserrates? Look no one will disagree that domestic violence is bad, but couldn’t Parker have beat up that reporter way more than Hiram beat up his girlfriend, and Parker was charged with a Felony, yet in the end they both ended up convicted of misdemeanors, and in that regard isnt a misdemeanor a misdemeanor?)

And a related flashback illustrating what media hypocrisy we have. When Paladino accosted Fred Dicker (yet did not even touch him, let alone assault him, the press and pundits and democrat politicians were all over it, calling him unhinged and unfit)

Monday, October 18, 2010

NY Times Still Silent On Maurice Hinchey Assault But Jumps All Over Reporter Scuffle With Joe Miller Security

As I posted over the weekend, The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets have maintained strict silence over the physical assault by Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY22) against a reporter asking Hinchey questions about Hinchey’s possible conflict of interest in obtaining federal earmarks for a property partly owned by Hinchey.  That silence continues as of this writing.

According to the reporter, after the questioning, in which Hinchey told the reporter to “shut up,” Hinchey pursued the reporter, repeatedly poked his finger into the reporter’s chest while yelling, and grabbed the reporter by the throat before backing off.  The pushing part of the assault was witnessed by another reporter, although that other reporter did not see the throat grabbing part.  The newspaper for which the reporter worked, the Kingston (NY) Daily Freeman, is standing by the reporter.

YNN, which first reported on Hinchey’s assault, was the network which videotaped Carl Paladino’s confrontation with a reporter, in which Paladino threatened to “take out” the reporter if the reporter sent any more photographers after Paladino’s 10-year old daughter.  Paladino’s threat was ambiguous as to whether it was a threat of violence or some other type of retribution, but The NY Times was all over the story, as was the rest of the mainstream media.

But for Hinchey, there is stone cold mainstream media silence.

Yet this morning, The NY Times is reporting on an incident in which a reporter in Alaska was detained by Joe Miller’s security guards after the reporter became violent when the guards would not let the reporter get close to Miller, News Editor Detained by Security Guards for Alaska Senate Candidate:

The campaign said Mr. Miller “attempted to calmly exit the facility” but that soon the private security guards, hired by the Miller campaign, “had to take action and intervened and detained the irrational blogger, whose anger overcame him.” The campaign said Mr. Hopfinger [the reporter] “physically assaulted” someone at the event at one point.

Mr. Hopfinger told the Daily News he had shoved another man because he felt threatened after being surrounded by supporters of Mr. Miller during the incident. The owner of the security company the guards work for told the newspaper that the other man involved was not hurt.

Welcome to the mainstream media:  When a violent reporter attacks someone in Republican Joe Miller’s campaign, the story is spun as a negative for the Miller campaign, but when senior New York Democratic Congressman Maurice Hinchey physically assaults a reporter who was asking legitimate political questions, it is not considered news fit to print.


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