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Nys Senate races finally conclude, Republicans now officially have a 32-30 majority.

December 6, 2010

NY TIMES: With Republicans Running State Senate, Cuomo’s Job May Be Easier. Andrew M. Cuomo may not say this out loud, but his new job may have gotten a bit easier over the weekend.  The Republicans now officially have a 32-30 majority.

On Saturday, a State Supreme Court justice rejected a hand recount of a crucial State Senate race in Nassau County, and as a result declared former Mineola Mayor Jack Martins, a Republican, the winner over the incumbent Senator Craig M. Johnson. It should be noted that Martins has maintained the lead in this race from election day to the present, througout every count including absentee ballots. Though he had lead at one point by more, the race concluded with Martins winning by just over 400 votes.

In the other pending race first time candidate Republican Bob Cohen conceded this morning at a a 10 a.m. press conference to incumbent Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck, Westchester County. Cohen had only trailed by a slim margin but throughout the counting of absentees Oppenheimer’s lead widened and the race was called with her 600 votes in the lead. Though some supporters had pressed him to pursue a recount due to voting irregularities in one county, Cohen declined to do so citing the cost to the taxpayers and the unlikelyhood that it would change the outcome.

We wish the Senate Republicans all the best and sincerely hope they will be the gatekeepers that our state desperately needs them to be. They only enjoy a slim majority, and do not have the luxury of a super majority as the Democrats did (Control of the Senate, a Veto proof Assembly, and all State offices-Gov-AG-Comp). It won’t be an easy road but at least there’s some hope.


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