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Rangel’s pending censure – he wants less, we question is it enough?

December 2, 2010
  • Here And Now
    Rep. Charlie Rangel’s House colleague will vote this afternoon on whether to censure him. Rangel sent a last-minute e-mail appeal to supporters, asking them to flood Congress with appeals for him to receive a lesser punishment of reprimand. In spite of his efforts, Rangel’s censure is “almost certain,” the AP reports. The Senate Democ […]
  • Reprimand, you’ve got to be kidding> We’re calling for expulsion> 

    Apparently Rangel just isn’t taking this serious enough. Mr Rangel was found guilty of 11 ethics charges (one of the most serious cases ever) and thinks because he didn’t get caught with a freezer full of cash or a semen stained blue dress, his punishment shouldnt be so harsh. A slap on the wrist and perhaps the loss of a few privileges will do huh Charlie? Wait a minute, you were the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee making your violations that much worse. 9 out of 10 of your peers have called for censure, and 4 are your fellow Democrats, are they unfair too?

    What you did that Monday (and at other times as well) before a subcommittee of the House Ethics Committee, most defendants would love to do during the course of their own trials, but would never get away with: declare and protest the proceedings unfair, complain about the lawyers, don’t bring your lawyer at all and use that as an excuse to protest some more, and then make a dramatic exit from the room to the clicks and whirs of the cameras. If you had tried to pull these stunts of yours as a criminal defendant, you wouldn’t have been allowed out of the hearing. If you had tried to do it while you were a civil defendant in a case about money, the plaintiff promptly would have been awarded damages by the judge, and in either case there’s a good chance the judge would have also held you in contempt!

    Finally, here’s the real kicker. You may have (we think you did) violated more ethics rules, while defending the original ethics charges against you! Where it may be questionable as to whether you diverting $1.65 million of campaign cash to your lawyers was proper, what isn’t questionable (and another illegal action on your part that should be added to your punishment) is the $400 thousand you diverted from the leadership PAC. The National Legal and Policy Center who were responsible for disclosures that led to some of the original ethics charges confirms this.

    and here’s a flashback for all you readers, one perhaps good ol Charlie boy has forgotten:

    Rangel’s predecessor in the House, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., also found himself embroiled in an ethics scandal at the end of his career. After a Judiciary Committee investigation into his conduct, the House formally excluded Powell from the 90th Congress for several infractions, including “misuse of public funds” (something Rangel has also done). In 1970 Rangel was elected to his seat.

    So, in conclusion Mr Rangel, we have taken your request seriously. We have called the Capitol switchboard as requested. However, contrary to your wishes we didn’t talk about reprimand or even censure, we asked for your expulsion!


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