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Post Elections NY – An Analysis

November 6, 2010

First the congratulations: To the Tea Party voters, GOP voters, Conservative voters, and the large portion the independent / unaffiliated voter – you made a huge difference and incredible gains. Your strength played played large in part to the monumental task of wrentching back the emergency brake, on OUR out of control government, both in our Nation and in our State – along with millions of other American Patriots.

From the very beginning in setting the stage, framing the contest, bucking the establishment (no Levy) (Paladino’s win over Lazio) (getting Lazio the heck out of the way), producing and supporting candidates that are Tea Party / Conservative GOPers as opposed to your run of the mill moderates/establishment figures, carrying forth a direct rebuke to the left, challenging the status quo, questioning authority, demanding an end to complacency,  spreading the message along with the brush fires of liberty, and fighting to the end with resolve; There were some humbling defeats, yet there were also many great victories, all in which you played a part.

Though diverse in ways, this was done through a unified effort because of a unified message. No matter what else – the message is Constitutional, according to First Principles, with a penchant for Duty and Oath and specific American Values, and with a firm reliance that you don’t destroy American traditions along the way to greatness, you preserve them to continue and build upon them, for to destroy the foundation of a structure – is to eventually leave it a mess of rubble. Well not on our watch! We will go forth will one simple platform and be the Patriots that will right OUR Country which has become dangerously off course, and we will do this because we understand; our duty as a citizen, the duty of government, the checks and balances in each of, and between both, and we understand the Constitutional Republic that is our greatness as a Nation.

With not only gains in NY and our voice certainly heard here, this movement now has a loud voice being spoken across the land. The taking of the US House with a Majority of new elects (approx. 42) being Tea Party Conservative-GOP including 5 from New York, and in total the Republicans taking 60+ seats with some races still undecided and likely to produce a couple more, was a historic year. Along with the House there were gains in the US Senate with all the wins being Tea Party favored, as well as several Governships and hundreds of State Representatives across the country, and often there were cases of the State being clearly red again like neighboring Ohio. A good look at the electoral maps without a doubt shows the people returning to our proper roots.

To that end, here are the highlights in NY:

NYS has gone from having only 2 Republican US Congress people to now having 7 (Congrats to Gibson, Grimm, Hayworth, Hanna, and Reed) all who are Tea Party supported. There also remains undecided the Buerkle race that looks like a win, and the Altschuler race where there is still a slim possibility of a win.

The NYS Senate is looking to be back in Republican control thank God (this is so important in light of a still lopsided State Assembly, the Democrats retaining the State seats [gov, ag, compt], and upcoming redistricting issues). This shift, in keeping with a national trend, comes with the victory of key people; Lee Zeldin and Patty Ritchie, Tea Party candidates, and incumbents like Cathy Young who held her seat by an unprecedented margin, crushing the Democrat challenger. Young is a champion and a stalwart for WNY and we look forward to her having a major leadership role in the new Senate. There remains 3 undecided races as well; Grisanti, Cohen, and Martin, and at least the Grisanti race that appears will be a winner. Even if the Senate ends up a tie we look to Senator Diaz a Conservative Democrat, for one to lean it to the Republicans. He owes nothing to the State Democrats who would have rather seen him ousted for a liberal.

The NYS Assembly has gained 7 new GOP assembly people (Ceretto, Goodell, Graf, Johns, Malliotakis, Mclaughlin and Miller) who again were all at least somewhat, if not heavily supported by the Tea Party. In the cases of Goodell and Johns, they fall into the heavily category and a special shout out goes to Goodell. He won back a seat that has been in the Democrats hands in WNY for almost 3 decades and he did so on substance, on message, on perceived ability, and on commitment, and he did so against one of the worst disingenuous smear campaigns we’ve ever seen at that level. He also did so despite Silver and the DACC pouring ridiculous amounts of money into his opponent, almost 5 times the amount of money he received from the state Republicans. Right now the Assembly make up hangs at that magic number to effectively end Shelly Silvers dictatorship. There are 3 more races undecided (Losquadro, Kirwan, and Whalen) and even if they don’t prevail, all it will take to stop Silver is one breakaway Democrat, and in any case he has lost some power.

As for the state races, well Cuomo of course was always predicted the winner, another prince in waiting and a foregone conclusion. We however made him work for it didn’t we. Paladino and the Tea Party grassroots movement behind him made a difference in many ways, Cuomo was actually scared at times (explaining why he spent buckets of money and waged a lot negative campaigning even though the polls kept showing he didn’t have to), and Cuomo has been forced throughout the campaign to take a number of fiscally conservative, anti-corruption, and limited government positions that we can now hold his feet to the fire on. The people at the grass roots level across the state also wisely did their best to put up roadblocks for a probable Cuomo Governorship, with a shift in the legislature makeup. We did not give him a State Senate and reduced the influence he’ll have in the Assembly. Let’s look at the bigger picture here too:

Paladino won 14 counties (all from Central or Western New York) and in most of them by large margins. Let’s take the western end, Niagara, Erie, Chaut., Catt., Allegany, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming – Paladino won 65%, 58%, 64%, 66%, 63%, 60%, 60%, 68% respectively. In addition, so too did Donovan for AG, and Wilson for Comptroller win in most of these counties, specifically the case again in the western most counties. Over 1.4 million New Yorkers voted for Paladino and Edwards, or against status Cuomo and dudd Duffy, depending on how you want to look at it. Either way this sends a message which is large in part a rebuke of the NYC state leadership we’ve been suffering from for years, which has led to such dysfunction in our state and such disrepect of it’s people. In keeping with these state results, we would continue to make the case for splitting New York like Virginia – West Virginia.

Furthermore, for those trying to deflect their own failures such as State Republican Chairman Ed Cox, it’s all bull to say that Paladino hurt the state ticket. For one, the Comptroller and Attorney General candidates fared better and received more of the vote this year than did the last slate 4 years ago (to the tune of about 400,000 more which is pretty darn significant). More telling is Paladino’s results because as you may or may not recall, in the last contest Spitzer trounced the establishment candidate John Faso. Spitzer won with a record margin and Faso only won 2 counties. It’s also notable that Andrew did not win by as large a margin as his father once did. If you run the numbers and look at all the angles, there is no question that Levy or Lazio would have had no better results than Faso did, which would have truly handed Cuomo a mandate, God help us had that occurred. With the difference Paladino made, that truly did not happen, no matter what any pundit or party spin doctor may say about it. 

Oh, and one other major thank you to Paladino and Edwards. Thank you for standing up for the Traditional family and for Pro-life. Some one darn sure had to, and your the only ones that truly did!

As for New York’s political parties: The democrats in one of the bluest states won which is no big surprise. They have one of the biggest machines in the country, a conglomeration of left and liberal organizations, unions, lobbyists, huge money, and minor parties that sell out to them time and time again (ie. the working families socialist party and the independence party). We have no compliment for them and despite their success, one election cycle isn’t much in trying to dismantle a behemoth, never the less it did suffer a significant blow. punch. Look at how we relate to our neighbors. In Massachusetts, another one of the biggest Dem machine states, they remain the bluest of blue with the only elected Republican outside of a state legislator being Scott Brown. Now look at Ohio to our other side and Pennsylvania to our south, both of which went Red and of course you see we trended more toward them overall than we did Mass.

The state Republicans continue to have a problem, Ed Cox, and we continue to advocate for his resignation. We quieted down on this for awhile because as a practical matter, changing leadership simply wasn’t going to happen til after the elections. Now that they are over so too should be Mr Cox. He failed miserably at fund-raising, his main appeal when he came on board. His gaffes with Levy and Lazio cannot be forgotten, the National GOP totally bypassing him with regard to federal candidates is telling in that he can take no credit for our Congressional victories, and his sell out early on in trying to get his son elected should continue to haunt him as the kind of self serving leadership that New York Republicans no longer want and certainly don’t need. It’s high time for leadership to come from outside NYC too and so we look to Chairman Nick Langworthy in Erie county (the Republican tip of the Paladino movement spear), Former Chair Henry Wojtaszek from Niagara county (who should have got it to begin with), or the now Niagara Chairman Mike Norris as examples of who ought to take over.

The state Conservatives continue to have some problems too in certain counties and they need to get fixed. In Chautauqua county there remains an unresolved division and on going coup attempt that is and will continue to hurt them mostly at the local level. In Erie county there’s a rift even worse where a state was lost because of them. Quinn was a big loss as he was one of our best Assemblymen, and there were Democrat spoilers in more than one race who had received the C endorsement yet never should have on principle. In the 23rd there was the Hoffman mess again and we are just infuriated at him because the first time around he stuck to his guns and RINO Scozzafaza played the spoiler, but this time around he played the spoiler along with the the C party in that district. Then of course there is the state level and the fact that the State Conservative chairman and the state committee as a whole had to basically be forced to do the right thing with the Governors race. This brings us ironically to their success. It appears so far that the Conservative party has moved up to row C gaining stronger ballot position for the future. Not only was the party saved but it grew stronger and why; because of Paladino and the Tea Party movement. They owe their success more to those 2 factors than anything because had Lazio stayed on the ticket or had he won the primary, it is likely they would have lost ballot access altogether.

The state Independence party just lost being bumped down in ballot access (see above) and the only thing that saved them at all was Cuomo. The party is mired with problems, leadership problems and lack of principles,  they seem to just flail in the wind and go which ever way it blowing. Large in part they have relegated themselves to being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party and you only see them cross endorsing a Republican when they are all but a guaranteed winner from the start. They rarely ever initially promote one of the own candidates and if you look at a County like Chautauqua it’s very telling. Their Chairman was just re-elected despite clearly being a bag man for the county democrats at the same time he is embroiled in the scandal involving the county’s democrat election commissioner. There are many other examples of dysfunction within that party from Erie county to NY City and in the end they seem to be more interested in self preservation and being all powerful even though said power has greatly waned, again we believe due to their sheer lack of any longer standing on principles.

Speaking of a lack of principles there is the Working families party which is completely devoid of them (at least American ones anyway). They were also saved by Cuomo and the investigation against them that so conveniently ended just in time for them to abandon their initial posturing and endorse Cuomo, should itself be investigated, not to mention another investigation that should have ensued before the elections but never did, and now with Cuomo as Gov and Schneiderman as AG probably never will. They are a corrupt and scandalous organization 7 ways to Sunday from their finances to their alliances, to SEIU and other union involvement, to ACORN, to illegal immigrants, and the fact that they are flat out a subsidiary of the Communist Party. Hence our comment about having no American principles. The democrats are their vehicle and the ride continues to be far from over.

As we’ve reported before regarding all these 3rd parties, New York remains one of the only states in the country that still allows fusion voting, and it’s a mess. We continue to advocate for reforms and an end to it, and in conjunction NY needs desperately to reform it’s loose campaign finance laws and well as it’s complete lack of regulations on lobbying (one of the only states in the country to have none) but more on all that it another segment.

 The Libertarian party and the it’s fraud Warren Redlich for governor. First of all, make no mistake, we have a great deal of respect for Traditional Libertarians (Wayne Allen Root, Ron Paul, ect), the problem in NY though is that the party makeup is predominantly Neo-Libertarian, and for all they preach and rail against the other parties, they don’t practice what they preach. As such we have no respect for their leaders such as thuggish pro-Redlich Eric Sundwall, Mark Axinn and Chris Edes, who conspired to deprive any candidate but Redlich access to a list of those “delegates” eligible to vote, exclude from any influence those New York voters who has actually taken the time to register as Libertarians and required a poll tax to vote. There subsequently was an attempt by the National Libertarian leadership to intervene and insure a fair convention but the attempt failed. (This has been reported in detail by Stone, and believe it – he knows). As for Redlich himself, he is a personal injury lawyer by trade, a non-libertarian, registered Republican (who voted for Lazio in the primary – something no true Libertarian would do), a former Green Party Candidate, and a person who could be described as an egomaniac with regard to his behavior at their convention. Sam Sloan, an actual long time Libertarian, along with the 1st Amendment group People for Safer New York exposed Redlich’s strange writings about sex with underage girls, Albany Insanity exposed his ownership and profiting from a website he owns – CristineO’Donnellnude (you know, the Tea Party candidate in Delaware), not to mention his typical Albany Lawyer conflicts of interest, in practicing law before the very Town court to which he is a Town board member of – that oversees said court. As far as that debate goes to which he conveyed a couple of good ideas, it’s the not so publicized ideas he has that are darn right insane and certainly not libertarian. To believe along with his cohorts mentioned above that Veterans services is nothing more that a welfare program for the military is so damn insulting we could just kick him, and there’s the idea to raise gas prices to deter consumption making you wonder why he didn’t just stick with the liberal green party, or his idea to solve the MTA problems by turning over the agency to the workers (therefore the Union) which is an outright socialist tennant. The fact that the NY Libertarian party once again failed to achieve ballot access serves them right!

Speaking of the Green Party, they did manage to succeed in gaining ballot access, garnering just over 50,000 votes. Most of these fringe voters are in NYC and it’s no surprise they gained something. Big deal. Like we said earlier from an upstate perspective let’s just split the state in 2 and them they can do whatever the heck they want in the City and we really won’t need to care about it.

On a good note, the voters outright rejected the former Spitzer prostitution scandal madam and her effort to establish a party which we viewed from the start as nothing more than a bad joke. Speaking of jokes there’s the comical Rent Too Damn High party that crashed and burned under their leader the Mr T wannabe or is that the black Hulk Hogan, whatever. Finally the party effort who achieved the worst result of all – the Freedom party. What a disgraceful play on words. The radical, socialist, former black panther, racist party crashed and burned worse than any of them, and that is just fantastic – it kind of restores some faith you know. 

We almost forgot, the Taxpayers party. As much as we certainly appreciate the effort and feel that in many regards this could have been a good party for the people, we have mixed feelings. For one they likely would have ended up divided. It boiled down to either the Conservative party surviving or the Taxpayer Party getting created. If the latter would have occurred, the Conservative party still would have existed and hence the greatest divide that would have become a problem. More so than that though, our biggest concern is that the Taxpayers would have become the defacto Tea Party Party and we continue to oppose this. NY has enough darn parties and as for the TP movement, we maintain that it’s greatest success now and to come, is the non-party grassroots movement itself. 

A few other notes: Thank goodness for the gains made in the State Senate as it will be the biggest factor in upcoming re-districting and stopping blatant attempts by state democrats to further gerrymander districts to their advantage. If you want 2 good examples of what gerrymandering gets you look at the Federal level with Higgins race where it doesn’t matter what Chautauqua county wants (Roberto won), they always get stuck with the lopsided results of Erie county, or Rangel’s race where no matter how corrupt, you can’t touch him. Then look at the State level with Sheldon Silver, no matter how much the rest of the State and even many in his own party hate him, you can’t get rid of him (it’s similar to the Pelosi affect, where the whole country despises her with some of the worst approval ratings ever recorded, but the wacko district she has in San Fran keeps her seated no matter what).

On a few specific political figures: Might as well start by going back to Ed Cox, along with Alphonse D’Amato that is. You 2 idiots torpedoed the Gillibrand race from the start with Bruce Blakeman (who remained on the ballot through the general election by the way). It was D’Amato and is cronies that stabbed the Republican party in the back and gave us Gillibrand to start with and Cox this time around sold out to his money and influence (he’s one of the top lobbyists in the state you know). This is a scandal within the party itself and D’Amato who also got behind Cuomo should in no way be any longer considered a Republican. He is a disgrace and we detest him.

Molinaro the conservative out in NY City fits a similar description in that he is not a conservative at all, and he too has stabbed his party in the back repeatedly endorsing his own self interests and certain democrats. Do your party good and get rid of this fool.

On the Democrat side there is Vito Lopez. When for the love of it will he go to jail. He belongs there for a variety of reasons but of course his cronies are once again in control of state offices so we’re sure a lot will change there real soon, yeah right!

Then there is the guy who doesn’t know what party he is, which primarily is because he is a hypocrite and doesn’t care. We can’t stand Mayor Big Brother Bloomberg. Mr salt control, Mr food control, Mr control freak in general, Mr screw our 2nd amendment rights, Mr screw the rest of the state, Mr strong arm away term limits for self – yet now wants to put them back in place for others, and Mr all powerful billionaire. Bloomberg for president? NO WAY. We need him to buy the presidency like we need another hole in the head. By the way, want to blame someone for the lack of success in the AG or Comptroller race, don’t blame Paladino (we explained that above), but you can blame Bloomberg who endorsed them both, as well as State Senator Padavan-R who also lost. As for other state legislature candidates, every Senate or Assembly person he supported besides Padavan were Democrats. This bloomin idiot also supported Rangel, (thats right-Rangel! Didn’t hear too much about that one did you?) along with Mccarthy, Ackerman, Israel, and Lowry. Outside the state he supported Harry Reid and Sestak in PA among others. One of his specific endorsement causes was through his back channel PAC – Americans for safer streets to which he backed several candidates around the country trying to further erode your 2nd amendment rights. We really look forward to the day we can relegate this guy to the trash heap of political history.

Finally, there is Rudy Guilianni and Al Sharpton. Why them, because a poll was done recently as to who New Yorkers would most like to see leave politics, and on each side of the isle, these 2 were the winners. As for the self-serving self-aggrandizing race-baiting Sharpton well we don’t like him much. As for Guilianni, he turned his back on us this time around to the degree that we agree, we’re done with him.

One more thing, the biggest loser. If there were an award it would go to the New York Press. They are a completely – biased – utter -disgrace, and here to accept the award is none other than Fred Dicker! You know it could certainly be argued that Paladino, not being a glib tongued polished politician, did indeed shoot himself in the foot a couple times, but the establishment media was always right there trying to exasperate the bloodletting. With him and certain other candidates around the state, they were there making a mountain out of every molehill they could find, while largely ignoring the real mountains in front of their faces. They would often attack the opinion of one side and leave unchallenged the opinion of the other. They played large part in the politics of personal destruction, painting people crazy, bigoted, racist, and the like. They harassed a 10 year old girl, investigated dog licenses, and wrote articles analyzing how Paladino hugs people, forget the real issues, forget real debates (the only one we had of course was a complete joke), and deflect – duck – and cover was the order of the day, especially on behalf of Cuomo. In the end people were beaten down and the most disheartening result of it all was that voter turnout wasn’t what it should have been.

On that note it will be very interesting to see how serious matters like the AEG scandal play out. There are several Democrats mired in this that continue to hold office and the next four years may prove to be rather bumpy for the liberal establishment. The bias media along with the democrats will try and play it down, but there are some serious investigations pending that simply shouldn’t and won’t go away. We see some resignations coming down the road that may ultimately shift the state legislature, specifically the Senate, further to the right. In addition there remains a number of questions about the AEG involvement of State Senator – now AG elect Schneiderman, as well as an open inquiry into Comptroller DiNapoli’s role in pension scandals that has yet to play out. On the federal level, of course there is still the matter of pending ethics charges against Charlie Rangel.

In conclusion despite what pundits or press may say, the results in New York were overall pretty good. The new conservative revolution aka the Tea Party movement did indeed make it’s mark in NY and they did so in conjunction with fabulous results Nationwide. Although not everything sought was achieved, and there remains much left to do with still many challenges ahead; keep your heads up, your spines straight, your staunch American spirit proud, stay vigilant and stay engaged, and our successes will surely continue to grow.

New Yorks New US Congress – NY25th still shown undecided – Tea party Republican Ann Marie Buerkle leads by 660 votes with absentees pending (Military ballots were issued late due to the NYS BOE, therefore delaying results further. This of course applies to any pending races. Regular absentee can start being counted next week, but the Military extension will still delay results several more days.)

MAJOR UPDATE IN NY1 (could be painting one more red after all) – Suffolk County Board of Elections said they discovered that the unofficial tally released in the hours after the polls closed was off by thousands. Instead of Bishop leading by 3500 votes, Tea Party Republican Altschuler is actually leading by 400 with over 9000 absentee votes pending.

Ny Governors race. Though map only shows 13, there were 14 counties called for Paladino.


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