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Buffalo teachers unions, public employee benefit packages; Another compelling example of why we need to change NY State on Tuesday

October 28, 2010

Dear New Yorkers:

Another compelling example of why we need to change New York State on Tuesday.

Today’s Buffalo News blows the lid off the absurdity off our current public employee benefit packages. In this case, the Buffalo News highlights  elective cosmetic surgery benefits enjoyed by Buffalo teachers. 

This benefit is costing taxpayers $9 million per year.  Since 90% of Buffalo’s school costs are paid by the State, it isn’t just Buffalo’s hard-pressed homeowners footing the bill for this extravagance, but every taxpayer in New York State is getting “nipped and tucked” in paying for this benefit.

Next time you hear the teachers union complain about not having enough money – on top of the almost $18,000 per student now expended in New York State – remember the Buffalo cosmetic surgery benefit.

This is a perfect illustration of why New Yorkers for Growth was founded.  We need to elect fiscally responsible officials who will vote to change state law to eliminate such foolish giveaways to public unions. 

Best regards,

New Yorkers for Growth


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