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Paladino a career builder, takes on biggest remodeling project: Politics as usual in Albany – He has a plan; Questions Carl wants you to ask; and Notes on Cuomo’s intent to steal Upstate power; Statements on Carl gaining ground

October 24, 2010

Carl Paladino has made his career as a builder, now he’s taking on his biggest remodeling project: Politics as usual in Albany, and he’s got a plan

New York’s state and local taxes are some of the highest in the nation. This puts our state at a competitive disadvantage, and drives away businesses and jobs. New Yorkers are taxed far too much and we demand relief. Cutting taxes by 10% will benefit every New Yorker in every area of the state including the poor and working class. The cuts will also help fuel the economic boom we need to save our State from insolvency.

Paladino continues to call out for what the people of New York want and deserve: Cuomo to debate him one on one. Carl says ask yourself these 15 questions – wouldn’t you like answers?

1) Do you support a reduction in the $4.2 billion dollars in taxes collected by the State of New York on your health care services?

2) How many of you really support gay marriage?

3) Considering the state of the economy in New York, what’s your position on the high cost of continued funding of billions per year in health insurance benefits for retired state employees?

4.) How do you propose to solve the estimated $13 billion in unfunded liability with the MTA?

5) According to the Manhattan Institute’s Empire Center, unfunded liabilities for OPEB (Other Post Employment Benefits) has reached:

* $60 billion for the state
* $13.8 billion for the 20 largest counties
* $6.5 billion for the 20 largest school districts

How do you propose we continue pay for these back breaking liabilities?
6) The tax burden on New Yorkers has grown to be one of the highest in the US. Since people are leaving our state in droves, can there be any other answer besides tax cuts?

7) How will you repair our crumbling education system, one of the costliest in the nation? Support charter schools?, Support of vouchers?, and if not, why not?

8) Most would agree, pension obligations are bankrupting our state. How do you plan on reducing Union pensions when negotiating state contracts?

9) Considering the lousy state of our public schools, what actions should the governor to reduce the amount of union control in our education system.

10) Since some have predicted that New York is only a year away from bankruptcy, what actions should the governor take to stop our deficit spending?

11) What steps should the governor take to reduce high unemployment and empower job creation? and “How do you create a job?”

12) Long Island for example has been decimated by home foreclosures, what should be done to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from allowing another housing meltdown?

15) Like many New Yorkers, Carl thinks the biggest challenge facing our state is job creation. Has Cuomo ever created a job? If the answer is no, why should the people of New York think this is a good time for on-the-job Governor training in job creation.

“We need to do a better job of transmission. We need to get the power from upstate New York, from Western New York, low-cost power from Canada down to the metropolitan area of New York City. That’s basically a challenge of transmission lines.” – Andrew Cuomo, Hofstra/Newsday Gubernatorial Debate, October 18, 2010.

Andrew Cuomo is dead wrong on the issue of using upstate New York as a thoroughfare to transmit power to New York City. The residents of upstate recently fought and won a three year battle against New York Regional Interconnect’s (NYRI) $2.1 billion plan to construct dangerous transmission lines that will destroy the environment, harm the local economy and potentially cause health and safety risks. (

Andrew Cuomo wants to breathe life back into the dead NYRI proposal and will surely support other similar plans to mar the beautiful upstate scenery with massive transmission towers. He also made it clear last night that he’ll likely support further theft of upstate power allotments just to feed the lights of Manhattan. Andrew Cuomo’s comment proves that he has no knowledge or respect for the values of upstate New Yorkers and will cater to the special interest and New York City power base.

Andrew Cuomo didn’t misspeak. Twice. This is why he won’t come out of his hole to speak to the voters in an unfiltered, uncontrolled format – because he doesn’t understand the issues and he makes serious mistakes.

Chair says race is competitive because “nine days is a lifetime in politics”

(Buffalo, NY) – Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy today said he is excited by the announcement by Rasmussen Reports of Carl Paladino’s strong showing in polling completed on Thursday, October 21st.

“Clearly Carl’s rebound in the polls is due to his ability to break through the media blockade,” said Langworthy. “Although liberal media interests are still hammering away at questions they would never ask of Cuomo, Carl is moving forward with strong television ads and old fashioned stump speeches.”

On Friday Rasmussen Reports released the latest results of their tracking polls: Cuomo 51 and Paladino 37 percent. The poll shows Paladino gaining support in the days following the only debate so far in the New York Governor’s race, with Paladino down now just 14 points.

“Rasmussen shows many voters in New York have no intention of just following the media wolf pack,” Langworthy said. “Cuomo’s friends in the media elite have repeatedly declared the Paladino campaign dead, but Carl keeps on fighting back into this race,” Langworthy said. “This campaign is anything but over – get ready for a race to the finish.”

Rasmussen’s survey showed a decrease of Cuomo’s lead from the mid-twenties to the low double digits. “Cuomo’s lead of fourteen points is completely surmountable,” Langworthy said. “Carl has nine days left to build more momentum and I know from Carl’s primary win that nine days is a lifetime in politics.”


(BUFFALO, NY) – Nancy Naples, Statewide Chairwoman of the Paladino campaign for Governor of New York, today said Carl Paladino is closing the gap on Andrew Cuomo based on the results of the new Rasmussen poll. Results of the survey put Paladino only 14 points away from catching Cuomo.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters in New York pegged Cuomo with 51 percent support to Paladino’s 37 percent. That puts Paladino down just 14 points – a huge gain compared to other recent polls. Naples noted this survey was conducted prior to increased Paladino campaign advertising rolling out in the days ahead.

“Rasmussen accurately captures how Carl Paladino is closing the gap on Andrew Cuomo and shows those who have not yet made up their minds endorse the ideas and policies of Carl Paladino by a two to one margin,” Naples said. “Carl has just begun to advertise, allowing more voters to hear about Carl’s very specific plan to lower taxes, cut spending and reform Albany.”

“This campaign is energized by the recent news and plans to work hard until November 2nd to convince all voters that Carl Paladino is the best candidate for Governor,” Naples said.

Nancy Naples serves on the Board of Directors of Amtrak and is the former Commissioner of Motor Vehicles in New York. Naples was appointed State Motor Vehicles Commissioner by then-Gov. George Pataki in January 2006 following a 12-year political career in Western New York. She served as a Cabinet member for the final year of Pataki’s term. Naples was elected in 1993, 1997, and 2001 as County Comptroller of Erie County, New York. In late 2007, President George W. Bush nominated Naples to the Board of Directors of the National Passenger Railroad Corporation (Amtrak). She was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in March, 2008 for a five year term.


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