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October 23, 2010


Lieutenant Governor candidate Greg Edwards Friday called on Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to prosecute the Democrat culprits highlighted in the blockbuster Inspector General’s report of perjury, hidden financial interests, illegal leaks of confidential information, bid rigging, and cover up.

“Andrew Cuomo said at the Monday Hofstra debate ‘if you break the law you will go to jail,” Edwards said. “Will he prosecute Malcolm Smith? Will he prosecute Eric Adams? Will he prosecute John Sampson or Carl Andrews?”

“Andrew must walk the walk, not just talk the talk,” Edwards said. “He’s proven time and time again that he won’t prosecute well-connected Democrats.”

According to the New York Daily News, the Democrat-controlled bidding process for an operator of the “Aqueduct race track in Queens found a process with no rules, massive behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts, and more than $100,000 in campaign donations given by the bidders.” The State Inspector General’s report also discovered likely perjury, hidden financial interests, illegal leaks of confidential information, bid rigging, and cover up.

“Corruption and conflicts of interest are out of control in Albany, and Andrew Cuomo is part of the problem,” Edwards said. “The Paladino-Edwards Ethics and Reform Agenda will clean up Albany and take out the trash.”

“Carl Paladino and I are calling for an ironclad ethics law requiring state legislators to reveal all their conflicts of interest. We will also install a non-partisan special prosecutor with subpoena power to dig up all this buried corruption,” Edwards said. “And we will work to require eight-year term limits, so politicians will have to go home before they get too comfortable in the Albany swamp.”

Read a copy of the Paladino-Edwards

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In Monday’s New York Gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University, Andrew Cuomo depicted himself as an Albany outsider intent on prosecuting governmental wrongdoings. The reality, of course, is the exact opposite: Cuomo has spent his entire adult life in government and politics as an Albany insider. For three years of that lifetime in politics he has been the chief prosecutor of the most corrupt state in America and a member of Governor David Paterson’s cabinet.

Reality: Cuomo represents the very system he insincerely claims to want to reform. As New York Attorney General, Cuomo has routinely and severely politicized the office of the Attorney General, refusing to investigate or prosecute crimes from his fellow Democrat insiders and political friends.

Yesterday’s release of a damning New York State Inspector General report on the Queens-based Aqueduct Racetrack further underscores this reality. The report, which detailed widespread corruption and probable crimes by prominent New York Democrats, again demonstrates Cuomo’s ongoing practice of failing to criticize, investigate, or prosecute his Democratic friends.

Faced with a report containing hugely serious allegations, including perjury, bid rigging, illegal leaks of confidential information, and cover ups by New York’s Democrat officials, Cuomo’s silence on the corruption of his Democrat friends continued. Cuomo’s response to the allegations: “It wouldn’t be appropriate to comment.”

Cuomo’s silence does not alter the fact that the Aqueduct scandal is the latest example of an Albany political machine that routinely discards public trust in favor of political self-interest. Nor does it change the fact that Cuomo has received campaign contributions from individuals and companies aligned with the scandal, including Levine Builders, Turner Construction, Greenstar Services, and Floyd Flake.

According to the IG report, New York Democrats helped rig “a bidding process rife with inside dealing, secret lobbying and more than $100,000 in campaign donations from the bidders.” The alleged wrongdoing goes to the highest levels of New York’s Democrat Party, including John Sampson, the current Democrat Conference leader in the New York State Senate, and Malcolm Smith, the Democratic Senate President. The report also details a Paterson administration that utterly failed in its oversight responsibilities, while New York Democrats worked clandestinely behind the scenes with lobbyists to secure contracting rights for its preferred slot-machine vendor, Aqueduct Entertainment Group.

And, of course, then there’s Assembly Leader Democrat Sheldon Silver.

Andrew Cuomo is prepared to condemn Albany corruption in abstract, cliche-ridden ways before political audiences. But when the rubber hits the road and that corruption is intertwined with his Democrat political friends – Andrew Cuomo is silent

Andrew Cuomo serves no higher cause than his own political self interest and he is not fit to serve as Governor of New York.

Illuzzi: Cuomo will have to recuse himself. These are Cuomo’s running mates who will be prosecuted. Anybody check Cuomo’s campaign account (s)?

Controversial Aqueduct racino 
“The inspector general’s scathing report on the Aqueduct corruption scandal could hand control of the Senate back to the Republicans and take down Democratic Sen. Eric Schneiderman’s front-running campaign for attorney general, political insiders said yesterday.


Republicans could barely contain their glee as Inspector General Joseph Fisch, a lifelong Democrat appointed by Gov. Paterson, issued a shocking report on the unethical and possibly criminal conduct of some of the state’s most important Democratic officials — including the two top leaders of the Senate.” 

 Full story  

Please remember readers when all of the scandals revolving around Paterson, et al. were breaking PoliticsNY.Net commented that the AEG investigation is the one most likely to bring down this house of cards. I want to know more about Paterson’s role in these events. He has gotten one pass after another; not this time!


Albany, NY….October 22, 2010 A report to the U.S. Attorney and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Offices provides new evidence of Democrat leaders and Governor Paterson’s office angling for campaign contributions and political advantage when they awarded a lucrative video slot machine contract for Aqueduct racetrack to a consortium that was later disqualified.

According to Inspector General Joseph Fisch, the selection in January of Aqueduct Entertainment Group by Gov. David Paterson, Senate Democratic Conference leader John Sampson and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver followed a process that removed lobbying restrictions and let campaign cash flow freely to the decision-making Democrat leaders.  The report also alleges the same Democrat leaders rigged the bid of its preferred vendor, Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG), by leaking confidential information about competing bids to AEG.

In his report, Fisch said “This process was doomed from the start, and at each turn, our state leaders abdicated their public duty, failed to impose ethical restraints and focused on political gain at a cost of millions to New Yorkers.  Unfortunately and shamefully, consideration of what was in the public’s best interest, rather than the political interest of the decision makers, was a matter of militant indifference to them.”

All of the “state leaders” Fisch referred to were Democrats.

“Ten days out from the election, New York Voters are again reminded of the disgraceful culture of corruption propagated by Democrat leaders in complete control of our government in Albany and Washington,” said State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox.

“Earlier this week, it was revealed that disgraced former Democrat State Senator Hiram Monserrate, already convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, is now facing fraud charges. Then, the revelation regarding what Inspector General Fisch dubbed a ‘political free for all’ involving the Democrat leaders’ complete disregard for the public good by openly promoting a company backed by their political cronies, which was later awarded the lucrative casino development contract at Aqueduct Race Course and subsequently disqualified.  State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo must seek to indict the central figures who are responsible for this outcome.

“What further evidence could voters possibly need of the damage Democrat leaders are inflicting upon the Empire State?” 

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