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October 21, 2010

Buffalo builder calls again for a one-on-one debate

“Citizens Commission on Civil Rights gave Cuomo failing marks as HUD Secretary. Yet as of 2008, ACORN rates Cuomo 100% (as reported by project vote smart)”

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Buffalo builder Carl Paladino, candidate for Governor of New York, today called out liberal Democrat Andrew Cuomo for a debate, saying he’ll focus on Cuomo’s failed record as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

 “If anything, efficiency and productivity have eroded further over the past two years, accompanied by an exodus of high-level personnel who have chafed under the demands of Cuomo’s highly politicized regime,” the report says.Cuomo’s politically charged regime at HUD has been duplicated at the New York Attorney General’s Office, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Commission, Cuomo policed housing crimes just like he has policed corruption in Albany as Attorney General: only for the headlines. “Secretary Cuomo’s much publicized effort to double the number of charge filings… became a central policy initiative of the last four years. This initiative has now proved to be a failure. The unintended effect of this effort has been to divert much needed resources from complaint processing to a handful of ‘high profile’ investigations or complaints that have been used by the front office for press purposes.”

The report damned Cuomo’s leadership in very specific language. A copy of the report is available here: REPORT

“In short, despite the many press releases and promises, when it comes to policy initiatives HUD appears to have done no better than tread water for the past two years,” the Commission wrote. “Much is due to a lack of leadership at the top and poor morale within [The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity]. The unique demands created by Cuomo’s personal leadership style resulted in the departure of a number of highly qualified and committed managers within FHEO over the last few years.”“Instead of properly managing HUD, career Albany politician Andrew Cuomo sought headlines to fuel his political aspirations,” Paladino said. “The sub-prime mortgage meltdown is a direct result of his deeply flawed leadership and New York can’t withstand four years of Cuomo at the helm.”

“Andrew Cuomo lit the fuse on the sub-prime mortgage meltdown as Secretary of HUD,” Paladino said. “His leadership cost taxpayers $2.4 trillion and the value of our 401k’s when his sub-prime mortgage market collapsed.”

“Is that the kind of leadership New Yorkers need in the throes of an economic crisis?” Paladino asked. “It is time for Andrew to come out and defend his record in a one-on-one debate.”

A 2002 report by the independent Citizens Commission on Civil Rights gave Cuomo failing marks as HUD Secretary, saying “the strategy of self-promotion that Cuomo began early in his tenure to burnish HUD’s image on Capitol Hill in order to win more funding has, in the end, produced more spin than substance.” 


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