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On homosexual remarks Paladino is right – honest, Cuomo and others – panderers and wrong

October 12, 2010

Let us start out by praising Paladino for his remarks. That’s right praise. He has the spine to do what most politicians won’t – be honest. He does not condone the homosexual lifestyle and nor do we. It is un-natural, it goes against the grain of most religiously, and the homosexual lobby is radical and a whole different thing than the individual gay citizen.

We know some gay people, and yes it’s true – we know gay people who do not support gay marriage. Also we want you to think about this as you read are comments – both candidates Cuomo and Paladino are Catholics and one is a hypocrite and one is not, in that order. We are quite sick of “supposed” Catholic politicians whose politics are in direct opposition to their religion.

We find it to be quite absurd that homosexuals and that lifestyle choice (that’s right, the whole genetic thing is well, bullshit) is so idolized by the main stream media, the left side of the political spectrum, and of course Hollywood. Homosexuals only make up about 5% of the population if that. WHY can you not turn on regular cable TV anymore without being subjected to gay innuendo or outright gay programming on every other channel, every other show, it is preposterous. One would think half the country is gay with the ratio of gay programming and such. Maybe that failed publication Newsweek should have done a cover “we’re all Gay now” instead of “we’re all Socialists now”.

Now many of you, us included, have experienced public schools subjecting children to homosexual propaganda at ages as early as 1st grade. That’s disgusting, offensive, outrageous, uncalled for, and plain old unacceptable. Brainwashing and or dumbing down of children to think that this lifestyle is natural and perfectly acceptable, is occurring, and IT IS WRONG!

Speaking of children, take the example of 2 gay men adopting a boy. DON’T TELL US THAT DOESN’T RAISE RED FLAGS WITH YOU, DON’T TELL US YOUR NOT NATURALLY SUSPICIOUS OF SUCH A THING. DON’T TELL US THAT EVEN IF THERE’S NO PEDOPHILA INVOLVED THAT THIS CHILD WILL BE RAISED NORMALLY AND WON’T SUFFER INDENTITY CRISIS AND SUCH, AND DON’T TELL US THAT THERE ISN’T A MORE THAN NORMAL CHANCE THAT THIS CHILD WILL CHOOSE THE GAY LIFESTYLE HIMSELF. Allowing gay adoption is wrong yet the homosexual lobby insists it should be allowed just as they insist they should be able TO TEACH YOUR KIDS, just as they insist they should be able to redefine mankind’s age old institution of marriage – the natural family unit of man and women and child providing the building blocks of every civilized society, and the carrying on of the very existence of mankind.

Look, we too have a live and let live mentality regarding gay people. We aren’t going to pontificate to them about their choices when they keep their choices to themselves and go about their lives. We have no desire to discriminate against them and we certainly don’t advocate violence (see Iran where they are hanged) nor unwarranted hate speech (see Westboro Baptist church), as a matter of fact in these areas we would stand with them and defend them. BUT when it comes to the demand, not for equality but special rights, special treatment, and the ability to push their lifestyle choice on everyone else, that’s another story.

Unfortunately it seems, at least to the lobby, that no amount of live and let live sentiment is good enough, and the slightest criticism, let alone staunch criticism, always leads to one thing – accusations of homophobia. Umm, to all you so smart elitists out there that are always the first to throw the phobia insults around – a phobia is a fear. Just because we disagree or are offended in no way indicates we are afraid, nor do we believe Paladino is.

Back to children and the big issue today, politics. Below you will see Andrew Cuomo marching his young daughters in the NYC Gay Parade for political points, along with his fellow politicians and all their apparent friends. We didn’t know that Cuomo turned gay, we don’t think his daughters are gay (kinda young for that choice we think) nor Patterson, Bloomberg, Gillibrand, Schumer, and so many others? Why do they do this, why waive around the rainbow flag as if they themselves are gay. They are political whores that’s why! LET US BE CLEAR – ANDREW CUOMO FOR DOING THIS – FOR BECOMING SO LOW AND SO PANDERING AND SUCH A SELL OUT AS A POLITICIAN – IS A POLITICAL WHORE, AND WHAT REALLY TAKES THE CAKE AND DRIVES US TO INSULT HIM TO THE ENTH DEGREE IS THAT HE EXPLOITS HIS OWN CHILDREN IN DOING SO!



Herein lies the major difference between Paladino and Cuomo as political figures and as men. Carl Paladino would never ever do this. He would never stoop so low as to drag his 10 year old daughter through a gay parade that is damn near an x-rated public event, for political points. Paladino has a wonderful though we’re sure challenging relationship with this daughter and although he was forthcoming about the relationship and who she is, he is also protective, she is not a political prop, and it explains a lot as to the blow up he had with Dicker at the Ny Post after so called reporters (who act like the paparazzi) were stalking her. Cuomo may think kids are fair game like his own as shown by his own actions, and therefore the press may think that is the standard for everyone, bu they are wrong  and Paladino ain’t playing that game, nor would we.

One other thing really worth mentioning on this subject is the strange bedfellows (no pun intended) that the Homosexual lobby has. Did you notice in the picture the signs of socialist and communist groups (yes “international answer” are commies). Could it be that there is a militant wing of the gay lobby like these other groups – Yes. Could it be that a portion of the lobby is staunchly godless just like communism – Yes. Could it be that they have no problem with illegals invading our country – because some of them are gay – Yes. Could it be that many of the groups they associate with want anarachy, want to break down our institutions, want a free for all in our society so they may have free reign – Yes. Could it be that this even holds true with Islam groups even though in the end, once they have power and control, Islamists would no longer tolerate them, and worse (see above ie. Iran) – Yes! How foolish, how wrong, how incredibly disheartening that politicians representing we the people (that’s 100%, not 5%, of the people by the way) pander to this.

Finally, one more related issue. Do you remember the big deal Cuomo made about Craigslist and his role in helping shut it down and bla bla bla. Well that’s not the only blatant example of prostitution being perpetuated and fostered by a publication. Let’s look at the Village Voice that is basically a craigslist clone. They claim to be this award winning journalistic publication with a reputation for groundbreaking investigations on NYC politics and premier reporting on state and national politics as well. However, they are really nothing but a far left, very pro-homosexual, pro-Cuomo et al, anti-right, and totally befitting of the phrase liberal bias media. Right on their front page they have what is basically pornography and on the back page which is riddled with outright online prostitution, gay and straight, just like craigslist. They are right in NY City. WHERE IS OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL ON THIS, OR OUR GOVERNOR, OR SENATOR SCHNEIDERMAN WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT AG. NO WHERE, NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, LOOKING THE OTHER WAY. THEY ARE FAKES WHO ARE BIG FANS OF THE VOICE WHICH SUPPORTS THEM, AND VOICE IS BIG FANS OF THEM!

So here’s a capture of the front:


and of their “classified”


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