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Far left and ethically challenged AG candidate Schneiderman. a host of reasons why not to elect

October 9, 2010

Satirically Meeting Eric Schneiderman

Hi. My name is Eric Schneiderman and I’m the guy who wants to be your next Attornet general. I love Albany. I’ve been working there for 12 years, as a State Senator, not a prosecutor like my opponent, and I’m asking you to send me back there for 4 more. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for subsidizing my travel back and forth to Albany from my home in New York City, $35,000 a year is a big expense, and you pay for it, so my deepest thanks and appreciation. (Click here) Oh, and thanks for my $97,000 salary and leadership stipend too. (Click here).

In exchange for your investment, I’ve spent my career in Albany advocating for things that only I (and very few other people) believe in, because I’ve always viewed my role in government as one where we advance the views of narrow special interests at the expense of the needs of 19 million New Yorkers. I’ve always viewed being on the radical fringe elements of the political spectrum as my calling, and I hope you will give me the opportunity to ram my agenda down your throats and especially down the throats of the moderate and rational New Yorkers who disagree with me.

Among the many things I believe in, I believe that sexual predators already serve way too much time in jail, and need to be released upon our society and vulnerable children much sooner than is safe. I feel drug dealers and drug kingpins have historically been treated way too harshly, and slowly but surely over the course of my career, I have chipped away at the laws that put them in jail, and today, thanks to my efforts, drug dealers have an easier time and we have finally tied the hands of police and District Attorney’s in knots.

But perhaps my greatest work on your behalf has been in raising your taxes. I have never seen a tax that I didn’t love and a fee that I didn’t want to increase. As a result of my efforts the last few years, I have had the opportunity to raise all your taxes and increase fees across the state, without any objection. For instance, I helped end the tax exemption on clothing under $110 and I got to raise personal income taxes this year. As your Attorney General, I plan to crack down on industries that create jobs and help other create new and better jobs, and make up the revenue that will be lost by raising your property taxes. Just to make sure that I could do that, this year I voted against a potentially devastating law that would have limited the amount of property taxes that you pay. People called this silly bill, a “property tax cap.”

My campaign for Attorney General has been a positive one. I have made sure that all my surrogates and supporters go out there on TV and in public and bash my opponent and distort his record (click here). I have asked my supporters to lie about my opponent’s intentions about his agenda for Attorney General, and I have even attempted to link my opponent with people he has never supported. I need more of you to help on this campaign and help me launch negative attacks on my opponent, because I am very concerned that he might expose my relationships with corrupt leaders of my party, and then become Attorney General, and clean up the Albany process that I have been a part of for 12 years.

Please help my campaign. From my privileged youth to my upper class adulthood, you have all given me so much. I don’t want to give it up.

Fear of a lefty AG: Despite the fact that some never thought it would happen, Cuomo recently endorsed Schneiderman

Key supporters of Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for governor fear the election of left-of-center state Sen. Eric Schneiderman as attorney general would derail Cuomo’s efforts to battle public corruption and the special interests that have brought the state to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Schneiderman is backed by all the big unions, including the teachers, by all the big spenders, including the hospital and public-employee unions, and by all the liberals who are horrified at Cuomo’s economic platform, which is aimed at improving the business climate, cutting taxes and bringing state spending into line with state revenues,” said a well-known Cuomo supporter.

“If Schneiderman becomes attorney general, he’ll be the rallying point for the status quo, for all of those trying to stop what Cuomo hopes to do, and they’ll be whispering in his ear that he should run against Cuomo in four years.”

Schneiderman, one of the most liberal members of the Legislature. He has voted against one of Cuomo’s signature issues, a cap on local property taxes, and he initially opposed lifting the charter-school cap — stances that have endeared him to the teachers union.

After he was endorsed by the Rev.Al Sharpton, Schneiderman said Sharpton’s nonprofit House of Justice, which is regulated by the attorney general’s charities bureau, would have an “annex” in the AG’s office. Furthermore, talk of achieving “social justice,” has left many Democrats in the law-enforcement community believing he sounds more like a pro-defendant public defender than a tough-on-crime prosecutor.

Even several colleagues say it’s hypocritical of him to claim he’s a government reformer, noting his close ties to Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson and Senate President Malcolm Smith.

Schneiderman’s campaign is being run by his ex-wife, Jennifer Cunningham, a sometime Cuomo adviser who is a key strategist for the politically powerful hospital workers union, which is committed to blocking Cuomo’s plan to cut Medicaid spending.

Schneiderman is also seen as a potential ally of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has repeatedly blocked efforts by the past three governors to hold the line on state spending.

Eric Schneiderman Al Sharpton Eric Schneiderman and FriendsEric Schneiderman and Friends 
Special Friends and Interests Top 20

1. Organizations that my dear father Irwin purchased for me (Click here )

  • The abortion lobby
    NARAL New York just produced a video and hosted a press conference for Eric Schneiderman, the Democratic candidate for attorney general. Notably, Kelli Conlin the groups leader, was the only person to share the stage with him at his victory party other than his family. 
    Irwin Schneiderman, the candidate’s wealthy father, who has been a board member of NARAL for at least a decade, was once its chair, and also served as the treasurer of its political action committee. According to Samantha Levine, the abortion rights league’s spokeswoman, senior Schneiderman has been the single largest donor to its political action committee, giving at least $75,000 in the last 6 years. In fact, Schneiderman was the only donor to each NARAL PAC through different two-year cycles.NARAL endorsed Schneiderman in July, bypassing a pro-choice woman, Kathleen Rice, who was backed by the National Organization for Women (NOW) and other pro-choice groups. Perhaps that has most to do with a key piece of NARAL-backed legislation — namely a bill that expands the exception for third trimester abortions (aka late term abortions) — that although Schneiderman supports, the State Senate as a whole would not move forward.

    Levine argues that the murkiness around this exception for late-term abortions was the reason it was important who was elected AG (women can only get these abortions under state law, which is the killing of a pre-mature baby, if the pregnancy threatens the life of the woman, while federal law is more loosely defined and ambiguous, especially under he current administration who’s views are just as radical on this issue). NARAL believes that the next AG may have to take some undefined action to make it clear that federal law, not state law, applies in New York, though it’s unclear what he could do. Asked if NARAL had ever requested that pro choice Cuomo clarify the applicable rule in New York, Levine said she didn’t know, suggesting how only recently this has become a rationale for its all AG-related activities.

2. State Senator Pedro Espada ( **SEE ARTICLE BELOW &Click here& here )

3. Stanley Schlein (counsel to Espada) (**SEE ARTICLE BELOW &click here )

4. Rev. Al Sharpton (click here & here )

Schneiderman accepted Sharpton’s endorsement at a press conference rally and stated “he’d have an office “annex” — for Sharpton” and has promised Al Sharpton’s House of Justice “unlimited influence.” Later during the first Ag debate Schneiderman accused Donovan of “smearing” him with an attack ad that calls the senator too radical and cites his pledge to give Sharpton insider status and tried to spin his previous remarks by saying “No one took it literally” (sure, no one except Sharpton and 100’s of his followers), and the senator insisted he only meant that he would “give voice to the voiceless.” (Sharpton voiceless? you’ve got to be kidding. That’s the statement no one should take literally) 

5. George Soros & family (click here, here, & here)

Anti-Israel Billionaire Bankrolls Eric Schniederman’s Campaign for Attorney General

October 8th, 2010. The Jewish Week revealed today that Democratic Attorney General candidate Eric Schneiderman is the top New York recipient of funds from Billionaire financier George Soros. Soros is best known in Jewish circles for his extreme left-wing views on Israel and his secret financial support for the ultra left-wing lobby J Street. Soros and his family have contributed an astounding $111,000 to Senator Eric Schneiderman making them one of his top donors.

6. Fmr. State Senator Hiram Monserrate (Click here)

7. Brooklyn Party Boss Vito Lopez (as is being reported by a multitude of news sources)

Brooklyn Democratic Party boss and Assemblyman Vito Lopez has become a burning issue in the red-hot battle for state attorney general. Republican Attorney General hopeful Dan Donovan bashed rival Eric Schneiderman recently for being too close to Lopez. The city says Lopez’s nonprofit empire is riddled with fraud, prompting Donovan to accuse Schneiderman of being too tight with Lopez to ever mount a credible probe of the shenanigans.

Among other issues, the finances of Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council and affiliated groups “fall directly into the jurisdiction of the attorney general, and Eric Schneiderman would be forced to investigate his fellow Albany colleague Vito Lopez.” “He has turned a blind eye to the corruption of one of his party’s most well-connected leaders,” Donovan said.

Well we all know how Cuomo failed to do his job as AG regarding his boss Spitzer, who’s now enhancing his fame and wealth doing a TV show, while Ashlee Dupree is doing the same with playboy shoots record deals ect. Elect Schneiderman, especially along with Cuomo who is also tied to Vito, and your just going to get more corruption run rampant is an already way too currupt state. 

8. Joe Belluck– law partner to Senate Conference Leader John Sampson (click here)

9. Embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel (click here)

10. Speaker Sheldon Silver (click here)

11. 1199 SEIU (click here& here )

12. New York State Trial Lawyers Association (click here& here)

13. United Federation of Teachers (opposition to property tax cap, among others issues)

14. Class Action Lawyers (click here)

15. Governor Elliot Spitzer

16. Comptroller Alan Hevesi

17. Jailed NYC Councilman Miguel Martinez (click here )

18. Homosexual lobby (**** SEE ARTICLE BELOW)

18. Illegal immigrants (**** SEE ARTICLE BELOW see also the SEIU)

19. Sex-Offenders (**** SEE ARTICLES BELOW)

The Daily Eric

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Episode 1: Why did Eric Schneiderman vote to protect sex-offenders?

September 18th, 2010 The Donovan Campaign for New York State Attorney General today issued the following statement regarding State Senator Schneiderman’s 12-year voting record in the State Legislature: “In 2007, Eric Schneiderman was one of only eight State Senators to vote against S.3318, a bi-partisan bill crafted by former Attorney General and Governor Eliot… [read more]

** Why is Eric Schneiderman Using Pedro Espada’s Fixer?

Flashback to June 11 2010

​The current attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, along with everyone else, is throwing allegations by the boxload at the man who thinks state government is his personal hostage, Senator Pedro Espada, while one of the AG candidates who wants to replace Cuomo, Senator Eric Schneiderman, hired Espada’s right-hand fixer, lawyer Stanley Schlein.

Schneiderman was asked at the state Democratic convention why he’d picked Schlein as his election lawyer in view of Schlein’s identification with the very Senate baggage that’s widely seen as weighing others down, and Schneiderman mumbled something about how he’d have to consider that.

His office gave out a statement this morning claiming that “like Andrew Cuomo in 2006,” Schneiderman “received assistance” from Schlein “at the convention,” a kind of bizarre slap at Cuomo who denied using Schlein in 2006.Schlein, the top lawyer for a succession of Bronx party bosses whose scandalous career has been detailed over the years, said that he “didn’t find it at all ironic” that Schneiderman enlisted him as his counsel. Schlein now insists it was just “a two-day retainer,” ostensibly for the three-day convention, acknowledging that he did represent Schneiderman in the meetings and conversations with the state party and lawyers for the other four candidates over the issue of who would qualify for ballot positions in the September primary.

Fined $15,000 by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board in 2008 and removed by Bronx judges from the list of attorneys eligible for court appointments in 2006, Schlein hardly seems a likely confidant for someone running for Attorney General. Of course in politics, especially liberal politcs, common sense is often trumped. Last year says Schlein, “Eric was representing the Senate in some of the negotiations” that led to Espada’s return to a reconciliation” with Espada in July 2009.

Adding to the oddity of Schneiderman’s use of Schlein is the fact that the lawyer was, until a few months ago, the registered lobbyist for both of the top landlord organizations in the city, the Rent Stabilization Association and the Real Estate Board of New York, and Schneiderman has made his mark as an energetic tenant advocate. After Schlein negotiated the 2008 deal that made Espada chair of the Senate housing committee, Schlein got his $8,000-a-month retainers to represent the two organizations in their dealings with his other client, Espada. Sources connected to two of the competing campaigns say that Schlein tried to blow up the agreement that Cuomo engineered at the convention guaranteeing that all five of the candidates would get the minimum vote required, 25 percent of the delegates, to qualify to appear on the primary ballot. In the lead-up to the convention, Cuomo was fixing the field to prevent candidates other than his apparent favorite, Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, from getting the 25 percent. But, aftera Times editorial denouncing this exclusionary tactic, Cuomo relented and pushed party bosses to get all five on. Schneiderman, who was railing against Cuomo’s earlier attempts to limit the primary field as anti-democratic, then appears to have shifted position himself, trying to block candidates from getting the 25 percent and counter Cuomo’s new strategy, which was to leave Rice the only woman in a sea of male candidates on the primary ballot.

One person involved in the negotiations said that Schlein reached out to at least one other candidate to try to convince him to reject the deal. Another involved source says that the Schneiderman forces declined at one point “to release their delegates,” which state party officials and Cuomo insisted was a prerequisite so that the vote “could be managed” in such a way as all five candidates got the required vote as quickly as possible. Asked about Schlein’s actions at the convention, Schneiderman’s spokesman offered half a denial. He said Schneiderman “did not instruct” Schlein to try “to disrupt the agreement to put all the candidates on the ballot, nor “was he aware of any” such effort. Schlein declined to discuss it as a lawyer/client matter, and efforts to get Schneiderman to release Schlein to discuss it were unsuccessful. Of course if Schlein did it on his own, as Schneiderman’s statement suggests, it wouldn’t be a lawyer/client matter.

Other stories lay out chilling tales of Schlein misconduct, including the COIB fine, which was levied after he used the offices of the city’s Civil Service Commission, which he chaired, to run his legal practice. Court administrators found that he mishandled several guardianship cases awarded him by the very Bronx judges he helped install, damaging the interests of his own court-appointed clients ranging from an 87-year-old retired domestic servant to a brain-impaired construction worker.

**** Eric steers 217G to shady charity

By Carl Campanile, September 20, 2010

Democratic attorney-general candidate Eric Schneiderman secured more than $200,000 in state legislative grants for the scandal-scarred uptown Alianza Dominicana social-service nonprofit.

Schneiderman, a state senator representing the Upper West Side and Washington Heights, also proudly lists Alianza’s executive director, Moises Perez, as one of his early endorsers for AG on his campaign Web site.

State records show Schneiderman steered $200,000 to Alianza in last year’s budget to help cover costs of the group’s consultant fees and the salary of the director of its cultural program.

Schneiderman earmarked another $7,000 to Alianza to support the annual Dominican Latino LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) summer picnic.

He secured another $10,000 for the group in 2008 to cover consultant fees.

Alianza just entered into a “corrective action plan” with the city’s Department of Investigation to fix its financial woes — which include owing workers more than a half-million dollars in back wages, being a deadbeat tenant, owing funds to the IRS, and “self-dealing” by steering public funds to an unqualified firm of a board member.

Meanwhile, Schneiderman’s Senate record has led to accusations that he’s soft on crime.

For example, two bills cracking down on domestic violence and deadbeat dads are stalled in the Senate Codes Committee, chaired by Schneiderman.

One of them — championed by his GOP opponent in the AG race, Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan — would make domestic violence a separate crime and require accused spouse beaters to wear electronic bracelets.

The other would make the failure to pay child support a crime.

Critics note that in 2007, Schneiderman voted against legislation requiring proof of US citizenship or legal residency to obtain a driver’s license.

That same year, he voted no on a proposal that would have barred convicted sex offenders from becoming licensed real-estate brokers. When the bill resurfaced in 2008, having been called out and under pressure, he voted for it.

A couple things from the AG debate

The first debate between state Sen. Eric Schneiderman (D-Manhattan) and GOP Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan. The two rivals clashed over everything from abortion policy to financial regulation, but their most heated exchanges came over leading figures from their respective parties.

On abortion Donovan accused him of using the issue as a red herring and distraction from other issues and he’s right. The AG should only be concerned with upholding the State’s laws, not legislating them. If Schneiderman wants to continue to be the activist he has always been on this issue, he should have ran for re-election to his Senate seat.

Schneiderman also spent considerable time on another distraction mocking Donovan’s use of an ethics ban on political endorsements by district attorneys as an excuse to duck questions about the Republican ticket’s controversial gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.

Donovan replied with a pointed reference to Schneiderman’s “hit-and-run” accident over the summer involving a parked car. “I refused to comment on that,” Donovan said. “If I wouldn’t comment on [Schneiderman’s] campaign, I certainly am not going to comment on somebody else’s.”

(We firmly believe in Donovan’s position that due to the nature of the AG position, candidates should run autonomously and not endorse. It only sets up future conflicts of interest and ethics challenges. Just look at the Cuomo-Spitzer relationship. Take just these 2 examples. On the matter of Spitzer’s illegal use of the State police Cuomo investigated and finally found there was wrongdoing, but was Spitzer impeached over it or given jail time, No! Then of course there’s Spitzer’s prostitution problem, he may have resigned, but he still should have been prosecuted, but again any jail time, No!)

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