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JOBS: Paladino blasts Cuomo who has worked whole life in government. Government may destroy jobs but cannot create them and Andy doesn’t know how!

October 8, 2010


“Hiring Cuomo to create jobs is like asking a ballet dancer to do brain surgery”

New York Republican candidate for Governor Carl Paladino Tuesday criticized his opponent Andrew Cuomo’s newest jobs plan as “more empty promises from another career politician who has never created a job in his life.”

“Andrew Cuomo’s newest plan to create jobs is more of the same big talk, big money and big failures New Yorkers have come to expect from career politicians,” Paladino said. “New York businesses will grow and hire more employees only if we cut taxes – not slow the rate of tax growth – and cut spending – not slow the rate of spending growth.”

“Andrew Cuomo won’t make the tough cuts our State desperately needs to spur job creation,” Paladino said. “Instead, he just wants to raise taxes and spending a little slower than his daddy did and create more regional development bureaucracies for political appointees.”

As Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton, Cuomo’s last jobs program for New York – the Canal Corridor Initiative – cost the taxpayers $237 million. Projected to create 27,000 jobs, the plan failed miserably and earned the derision of the New York Daily news for a laughable result in Orleans County. There, Cuomo gave $9 million in grants and loans and created just two jobs in a beauty salon. (Daily News, 6/24/2001

The last time Andrew Cuomo ran for governor and collapsed, his big idea to create upstate jobs was to rebuild Manhattan, a plan as comical as the plan announced today. “I have a detailed plan to create 325,000 new jobs. Twenty billion dollars is going into downtown Manhattan to rebuild – let’s get some of those jobs for upstate companies.” (AP 5/23/02)

Carl Paladino, a successful Buffalo businessman and attorney, has created thousands of jobs across New York and employs 450 people in urban Buffalo.

“I will cut taxes by ten percent by July 2010, cut State spending by 20 percent by December 2010 and cut taxes on New York businesses that reinvest their profits to retain or create new jobs,” Paladino said. “Hiring Andrew Cuomo to create jobs is like asking a ballet dancer to do brain surgery. He has no experience creating jobs. He has only experimented and failed at the cost of millions to the taxpayers.”

“Andrew Cuomo’s jobs plan is just more empty promises from another career politician who has never created a job in his life,” Paladino said.

Carl Paladino, a successful Western New York real estate developer and attorney, is a Republican candidate for Governor of New York. He petitioned his way into the Republican Primary and canvassed to create a new Taxpayers ballot line. On September 14th, Paladino beat his Republican Primary opponent by a record 62 to 38 in one of the highest-turnout primaries in New York history.

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