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Support Paladino Today- It’s a Money Bomb

October 5, 2010

Do you want to change Albany for the better, rather than see it continue its downward spiral aka the status quo? Do you want to take back your out of control dysfunctional state government? Do you want to put the establishment ruling class in its place? Do you want to see the corrupt exposed and ejected, rather than coddled and compromised with?

Well then we need to defeat Prince Andy Cuomo who represents all that is wrong with Albany, who has been a member of the ruling class all his life, and who is part of the problem, not part of the solution! To do this Paladino needs your help, let us explain.

You see Cuomo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has led a privileged life having made his entire fortune off the backs of the taxpayer from the time he was a young man and advisor aka “his father’s brass knuckles” aka “the dark prince” in the former Cuomo administration, throughout his days as Housing/HUD secretary, through today as Attorney General. He previously had married into fame and fortune, aka the Kennedy Dynasty, and now he is with Sandra Lee who is both another famous woman and also a millionaire.

Cuomo had millions poured into his campaign coffers by every special interest within and without the state the last time he ran, and now in the last few years (off years) while a sitting Attorney General he has amassed millions more in his war chest.

Contrast Carl Paladino who was lucky to be born with a copper spoon. He is a self-reliant self-sufficient man who was instilled with that work ethic from an early age both from his father, and then as a member of the US Army, and went on to become a self-made private sector businessman. Yes he is a millionaire now, but he never joined the ruling class, and he is not going to either. He is going to Albany to dismantle it and he needs our help. As a life long New Yorker, Paladino has become so upset at what it has become, that he has stepped up and committed much of his own fortune in order save our once great State. However, it is still Paladino’s 10Million vs Cuomo and Company’s almost 30Million.

So we need to help him! Do anything you can and encourage anyone you know to do the same.                                        


The Paladino Money Bomb  “IT’S ON – MONEYBOMB”, the Big Day Tuesday, October 5th.  Pledge today.


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