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Congratulations Paladino-Edwards, Thank you Lazio & Long. Unify NY 2010 accomplished

September 27, 2010

Once again the people have worked hard to demand the powers that be do the right thing, so thank you to them and thank you to those that indeed did the right thing.

Rick Lazio has officially withdrawn from the Governor’s race, Nys Conservative Party Chairman Long has now embraced Paladino, and as such the ticket will be unified. With Lazio accepting a Judicial nomination, he will be removed from the gubernatorial ticket, and the Conservative party will substitute Paladino, along with Edwards already on the line.

As for the Taxpayer party line of Paladino’s creation, it is being reported exclusively by PoliticsNY that his former running mate Ognibene is also formally withdrawing which will allow Edwards to be substituted.

So we have Paladino-Edwards, R, C, TXP vs Cuomo-Duffy, D, I, WFP (that’s working families party aka the Acorn party).

As Liuzzo puts it, Paladino has shored up 3 very strategic lines to match Cuomo and “Today’s events are sending shock waves through the Cuomo campaign, believe it”

and what’s Cuomo’s responce, his spokesman Josh Vlasto “Today’s decision by Rick Lazio and the Conservative Party means that the choice in this election is now more clear and more stark than ever.  The spotlight is now on the choice between the tea party extremism of Carl Paladino or Andrew Cuomo’s record of fighting corruption, standing up for a woman’s right to choose, and his detailed plans to create jobs for New Yorkers.” …

Extremism huh, how’s this for extremism –  from Mayor Graham:

Andrew Endorses Far Left AG Candidate Schneiderman

Andrew Endorses Far Left AG Candidate Out of a five way race, the Democrats get stuck with the most far left choice out of all of them. He brings not the skills of a District Attorney like Donovan his challenger, but rather the special interest of an entrenched Legislator, and a far left activist agenda!



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