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Thomas endorses Paladino, crushes racist accusations. And more on race and charity.

September 19, 2010
Thurman Thomas says Carl Paladino is No Racist

Thurman Thomas says Carl Paladino is No Racist

Sept 18, 2010

The people who love calling Carl Paladino a racist probably weren’t too thrilled when they heard  that former Buffalo Bills star Thurman Thomas endorsed Paladino in a video put out by the campaign:

This just goes to show you that  Carl’s critics who want him branded a racist either are totally ignorant, or when it comes specifically to his local critics, who know very well of his philanthropies with poor and minorities communities, they are just flat out lying.

But hey, what’s a little character assassination, as long as it helps a Democrat get elected?


Here’s just one related comment we’ve received: 

September 18, 2010 by Seton

I live in Buffalo. I have volunteered at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. I was at Paladino’s announcement for Gov of NY and I was there on primary night. So were many other people of color.

Our betters on the left attempt to portray Paladino as a vulgar racist. Quietly, gently, Paladino has sustained a focus of charity, respect and concern for Buffalo’s inner-city poor. He is the mission’s greatest benefactor and not just with his money, but with his hands on approach, and with his heart.

You should also take a look at his business. He employees a lot of minorities and is a good employer who pays fair wages.
I know people who work for him and I don’t know of any complaints.
Carl may not be a saint, but show me who is, we are all imperfect, and if you’re really seeking to find raging examples of imperfection then you on the left should look at yourselves.

Look at those stuck in the quagmire of corruption and political scandal, both black and white. Look at Patterson, Rangel, Meeks, and many others. Does that make me a racist to point this out? Really, I’m black!

Paladino is a decent man with proven executive ability, he will roll up his sleeves and take the “dys” out of the dysfunction that is currently everything Albany, he will lead to serve the people, and he will work with black people, not use them!


On Paladino’s Welfare reform initiative, welfare to work, the Dignity Corps and St Luke’s Mission

Carl was inspired by two things to create the Dignity Corps: his father’s Civilian Conservation Corps experience and his own experience in Buffalo. There was economic trouble when Carl’s immigrant father joined the CCCs, much like we have today. Recession, Depression: it doesn’t matter much what the economists call it if you can’t find a job.

Carl has also drawn inspiration from St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, a remarkable private homeless center in Buffalo. He has worked closely with St. Luke’s for fifteen years and he’s watched closely as the missionaries have housed, clothed, fed and given work to thousands of inner city homeless and unemployed – and helped many get back to work.

for more details go to:


Paladino details welfare reform plan |

Aug 24, 2010 Paladino wanted to meet our cameras in front of Buffalo’s St. Luke’s mission, stating, “This is my inspiration right here.

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