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Paladino vs Lazio, our minds made up – Carl it is.

September 9, 2010
September 6, 2010
We are endorsing Paladino for NYS Governor and hope you will see to do so as well. To this end it is important to look beyond the daily snippets, so for an in depth look at the candidate with a plan, and the man behind the candidate, please visit our Paladino profile page here:
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An excellent reason to vote for Paladino (of course there are many more too, and many that are more important than what the NY Slimes has to say)!

Republicans have a primary battle for the governor’s race that follows the national playbook. Voters will choose between an establishment Republican, former Representative Rick Lazio, and Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman who is riding voter anger as a member of the national Tea Party movement…

In the Republican primary for governor, we endorse Rick Lazio. – NY Times

The NY Times, being disingenuous as usual, left out the part where Lazio supports abortion on demand & gay marriage; both mirror the Times editorial positions.





The NY TIMES did have an interesting endorsement in the Assembly. 


“In the Assembly, there are not enough real contests. And in New York, that means one thing: the Democratic Party has given some of Albany’s worst legislators a free ride. Here’s the only solution: vote against the incumbents.” 


AND In an earlier editorial, the Times endorsed State Senator Eric Schneiderman in the Democratic primary for attorney general. He is the most far left of all the choices, not near the most qualified, and is Liberal activist material not AG material!

NY Times Backs Lazio in Primary…Even Though They Want Cuomo as Next Governor

Why is the New York Times endorsing a candidate in the Republican primary for Governor when its fully their intent to back Andrew Cuomo ?
They did anyway, by backing Rick Lazio…a move likely to energy conservative Republican activists likely to vote on September 14. The Times position is that Mr. Lazio will lose in a quiet and dignified manner like John Faso did four years ago.
The Gray Old Lady of journalism contends challenger Carl Paladino is a national embarassment….Like NYS government isn’t already, not to mention themselves?
The Times is right in judging that Paladino will be ridiculed by MSNBC, The Nation, and Salon Magazine. They will call him a Neanderthal, a racist, a mysoginist, all the usual….
While newspaper endorsements are part of journalism, I do not agree with endorsing candidates you want to be the loser in November….That’s what is going on here.
(and it’s a bit remnisent of the McCain – Obama thing isn’t it)
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On the subject of endorsements, this just in.

Despite some jaded reporting that showed up in a few known liberal news outlets recently, here’s the real story on the stunning endorsement by State Senator Ruben Diaz of the Bronx, a conservative minister and Democrat

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Jr. of the Bronx, a conservative minister and Democrat, saw both sides recently. He invited Paladino to a meeting of 150 Latino ministers in the Bronx, who serve some of the poorest streets in New York, according to a New York Times report. As they waited for Paladino, stuck in traffic, talk turned what they’d heard claims that he’s a bigot, that he wants to put Hispanic kids in prison to work off their welfare, that he hates immigrants.

“At the beginning, it was tense,” Diaz told the AP. “But he ended up getting the admiration of all of them. He was clear, he was straight … he told us things we like to hear and he told us things we didn’t want to hear.

“People were impressed with his honesty,” Diaz said. “They gave him a standing ovation.”

Paladino had a connection. He credits his Italian immigrant grandfather, who scraped for years to bring his family to America only to struggle past poverty, for values that carry him today.

“I was raised on those values,” said Paladino, who would go on to college and law school before making millions in real estate. He politely suffered through his father’s constant “proverbs,” among them: “You’re not smarter than anyone else, but if you work a little harder, you can get ahead.”

“My father gave his kids everything he could. On his death bed, he said to me, in the hospital, ‘Carl, I’m sorry I can’t leave you guys anything,'” Paladino said, fighting back a sob. “That’s where I come from.”

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Lazio Holds Edge in New York Primary or does he



“Today’s Quinnipiac poll is in the ballpark showing Carl cut Rick
Lazio’s lead down to 47-35. Our internal research shows the GOP
gubernatorial primary is much closer today, but here’s the rub for
Rick Lazio: while he pounded the Mosque issue, he dropped. Carl
Paladino was keeping his powder dry, and he gained. Rick picked up
zero undecided voters and Carl collected them.

Today begins our media push. We’re on television and radio full-force,
hitting Republicans’ mailboxes and gearing up for a big finish at a
time when the Q-poll shows Rick’s voters are looking for another
candidate. And Rick is out of cash.

Carl Paladino is tailgating Rick Lazio; everyone knows it and the
public polls prove it. We’re pulling into the passing lane today and
we’ll have Rick in our rear view mirror by next week.

I wonder if Rick is taking another look at his calendar for a debate
date, or will he continue to insult the voters and refuse to debate
Carl Paladino?”

A new Quinnipiac poll in New York finds Rick Lazio (R) leading Carl Paladino (R) in the Republican gubernatorial primary, 47% to 35%. However, Paladino’s support looks a little stronger as 62% of his voters say their mind is made up, compared to 42% of Lazio backers.

Said pollster Maurice Carroll: “With many of his supporters open to changing their minds, Rick Lazio has a shaky lead. The people who like Carl Paladino are more likely than Lazio’s voters to have made up their minds to stick with him. But an awful lot of voters don’t know much about him. Can he convince enough voters that he’s the Republican to run against Andrew Cuomo with a big TV blitz in the next two weeks? We’ll have to wait and see.”

GOP guv candidate Lazio has little cash on hand

Fund raising for Lazio is and has been anemic. Barely enough to go the distance through the primary, how will he possibly challenge Cuomo and his 20 million+ war chest? If he even gets to challenge Cuomo that is.

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It’s less than a month before Primary Day in New York and GOP conven tion-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio is rapidly losing ground to challenger Carl Paladino of Buffalo. According to the latest Siena College poll. Lazio’s once 20-point lead over Paladino is dwindling…

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Niagara County GOP endorses Paladino, revoking their endorsement of Lazio 

August 18, 2010, 10:07 AM

LOCKPORT — Niagara County’s Republican leaders, bowing in part to their party’s base, endorsed Carl P. Paladino for governor Tuesday, revoking their endorsement of Rick Lazio.

County GOP Chairman Michael P. Norris said at a news conference in downtown Lockport that a “sea of orange,” the color of Paladino’s ubiquitous campaign signs, was submerging the official stance in favor of Lazio, a former congressman from Long Island.

“I think the choice is clear,” said Norris, who had endorsed Lazio last December, two months before the first reports surfaced that Paladino was going to run. “If you drive through Niagara County, down Route 31 or Route 104, people clearly want somebody like Carl Paladino to shake up Albany.”

“Niagara County’s endorsement proves confidence is growing among leading Republicans who know it is time to rid Albany of the ruling class and bring good government back to the people of New York,” Paladino said.

Norris already had bowed to rank-and-file support for Paladino during nominating petition season in June or July. In an unusual move, he allowed committeemen to carry Paladino’s nominating petitions without fear of political reprisal.

Normally, committeemen who seek signatures for candidates other than those endorsed by the party pay a political price for their stance.

“I drove from Barker to Bergholz, and I haven’t seen a single Rick Lazio sign,” Norris said. “Clearly, the people want real change. … Their message is loud and clear.”

“I am thankful for the support from Chairman Norris and the Niagara County Republican Committee,” Paladino said. “Mike Norris believes in the Republican principles of lower taxes and less government, and that’s why he believes in this campaign.”

The entire battery of top GOP elected officials in the county was on hand to support Paladino, including State Sen. George D. Maziarz, Lockport Mayor Michael W. Tucker, North Tonawanda Mayor Robert G. Ortt, Wheatfield Supervisor Robert B. Cliffe and County Legislator John D. Ceretto, who is running for assemblyman in the 138th District.

Also present was County Legislature Chairman William L. Ross, a Conservative whose state party has endorsed Lazio.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Rick Lazio,” Maziarz said, “but clearly his campaign is not taking off, and Carl’s is resonating.”

Maziarz said he likes Paladino’s stance on the New York Power Authority, a frequent Maziarz target. “Carl says he wants to keep more of its assets here,” Maziarz said.

After the news conference, Paladino and Ceretto walked two blocks down Main Street to the Niagara County Board of Elections to file nominating petitions for Ceretto to run on Paladino’s independent Taxpayer Party line in November.

Paladino’s statewide petitions for the new party are to be filed in Albany. If they withstand possible challenges, they would guarantee him a spot on the November ballot even if Lazio beats Paladino in the GOP primary Sept. 14.

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Paladino: ‘The economy is down. Everybody has to suffer’

Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 7:35 PM by Laura Northrup

I’m catching up on podcasts, and just listened to WAMC’s Capitol Connection interview with candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, Carl Paladino. Here a transcript of what he had to say about the state workforce during the interview.

Here, he’s describing life in the theoretical Paladino administration.

Carl Paladino: Most assuredly, we’re going to have a transparent government.  We’re going to let the people know. There’s not going to be any more negotiation of public employee contracts in secret. The contracts will be negotiated–because they’re public contracts–they’ll be negotiated in public, in full view of the press! Everything that the union leaders want to say, they’re going to have to say to everyone when they’re ready to sit down. We have a lot of contracts coming up next year.

Alan Chartock: There was a story in the paper, as we speak, that said that instead of furloughs, public employees around the country are being asked to take pay cuts. How do you feel about that?

Carl Paladino: Well, I would start with the exempt class.  My government, when we take office, will be expected to take a pay cut and we haven’t yet defined how much that might be. But likewise, we’re going to ask the unions to not necessarily take a pay cut, as much as we’re going to ask them to cut the overall cost of the employee by a certain percentage. So, in other words, if we’re looking for a savings in the exercise of state government, we’re going to look to the public payroll as a source.

Part of it will be solved by attrition and layoffs, and the other part will be resolved by cuts in benefits. Maybe we’re going to realign our health insurance benefits and recast them, and maybe we’re going to expect contributions on health care benefits, and maybe we’re going to expect a change in our pension rights. We’ll cap the pensions as they presently are and we’ll move away from a benefit-defined to a contribution-defined program.

All told, we’ll be looking to the state workers to participate. It isn’t only the taxpayers who have to suffer in times like this. The economy is down. Everybody has to suffer. There’s a lot of private-sector people out of work today. We have to create jobs. The only way we’re going to create jobs is by cutting taxes and by cutting spending. And we’re going to cut. We’re going to cut the size of this government down by 20%.




Chemung County Committee Republican Chairman Michael Krusen endorsed Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino for Governor of New York. Chairman Krusen joins a growing trend of seven Republican County chairmen endorsing Carl Paladino as the candidate who best represents the interests and values of their constituents.

“I enthusiastically endorse Carl Paladino for Governor of the State of New York,” said Michael Krusen Chemung County Republican Chairman. “As a businessman and attorney, Carl knows how to make New York’s government work for the people again. Carl has the passion, knowledge and ability to make the tough decisions that so desperately need to be made in New York.”

“Chemung County Republicans need to vote for Carl Paladino on September 14th,” said Krusen.

“I am thankful to receive the endorsement of the Chemung County Republican Chairman Michael Krusen,” said Paladino. “This election is about changing the way Albany works and I will lower taxes, cut spending and reform the status quo. As Governor I will do what it takes to bring New York back as the Empire State,” Paladino said.

Krusen joins a growing list of Republican County Committee Chairs endorsing Carl Paladino, including Richard Siebert of Genesee County, Ed Morgan of Orleans County, Cherl Heary of Cayuga County, Michael Norris of Niagara County and Nick Langworthy of Erie County. More County GOP leaders are contacting the Paladino campaign every day and announcements are imminent of other endorsements.


The Seneca County Republican Committee and Chairman Ken Padgett announced Tuesday their endorsement of Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino for Governor of New York. Seneca County is the latest of many county GOP groups switching their support to Carl Paladino.

The Seneca County Republican Committee voted Monday night to endorse Paladino on the eve of a campaign event for the candidate in Seneca County on Tuesday.

“Republicans across New York are talking, and Carl’s campaign is catching fire with many of my colleagues in Party leadership,” Chairman Padgett said. “Carl is proposing new ideas to help solve our State’s worst problems while his opponents duck the issues.”

“We are particularly disappointed in Rick Lazio for denying Republicans across New York State the debate we deserve,” Chairman Padgett said.

“Under Chairman Padgett, the Seneca GOP organization has delivered time and time again for candidates and I am deeply thankful, honored and humbled by the County Republicans’ support today,” Paladino said. “Seneca County is an important piece of the puzzle we are putting together as we drive toward victory in the Republican Primary.”

Padgett joins several Republican county committee chairs endorsing Carl Paladino, including Mike Norris of Niagara County, Cherl Heary of Cayuga County, Richard Siebert of Genesee County, Ed Morgan of Orleans County, and Nick Langworthy of Erie County. Announcements of other GOP leadership endorsements are imminent.


There have been no formal statements out of Chautauqua County who endorsed Lazio earlier this year. Of course being the hometown of County Executive Edwards explains large in part the choice. Edwards has proven to be an accomplished and well respected executive, and we think a great candidate as well. However, one must remember that it’s Lazio at the top of the ticket, and that’s what has to be decided. We’ll just have to see where the voters end up on this one.


Here to Lazio got the county’s endorsement, but since there has been silence. With no statements coming out of the county leadership we looked into the matter and though we found that the Chairman is at least for now staying put, one influential source in the know tells us, it seems pretty sure that the parties voters will go to Paladino.

Paladino gets Tea Party Support
“Carl Paladino was endorsed by three county tea party groups recently during the tea party festival, the Taste of Freedom. The event was sponsored by the Tea Party Coalition (WNY) and was held at Potts Banquet Hall in Buffalo. The groups are: Wyoming County Tea Party Patriots, Livingston County Tea Party and the Ontario County Tea Party Patriots. Of course, at the heart of sponsored event was the Erie County Tea Party group who endorsed Paladino early on. We’ve also heard over the last couple weeks that the Cattaraugus County group is for Paladino as well. 

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Insurgent candidate for Governor calls for Lazio to “stand up for his beliefs”

Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, a Republican candidate for Governor of New York, accepted the invitation of the Association of Public Broadcasting Stations and the League of Women Voters to debate his opponent Rick Lazio before the Republican Primary.

“I am delighted the League and PBS extended their deadline for acceptance of this invitation,” Paladino said. “The voters want a debate and this is the only statewide televised opportunity remaining since lobbyist Rick Lazio started dodging the challenge.”

“Campaign schedules have tightened up quite a bit, but I’m eager to find a date suitable to both campaigns,” Paladino said. “Why won’t Rick Lazio give Republicans the debate they deserve and stand up for his beliefs? He’s had a lifelong career in politics and has quite a bit of experience debating in front of the voters.”

“Unfortunately, he’s had at least one demeaning experience debating when Hillary Clinton wiped the floor with him in 2000,” Paladino said. “Maybe that’s why he’s running scared.”

For more information on where Carl Paladino stands on the issues, please visit To find out why Rick Lazio refuses to give Republicans the debate they deserve, call Lazio’s Manhattan headquarters at 212-944-5800.

Who in their right mind blows off a debate invitation by the League of Women Voters? Lazio. Even guys like Faso, who recently endorsed Lazio, albeit not that impressively being a former Levy backer, has tried to convince him to debate but he isn’t listening.

The Non-Debate Debate With Carl Paladino

Lazio snubbed what a chance he had left to tell the people where he stands on the issues. So Carl was there alone, watch the video clips here….

Last week, the Republican candidates in each of the U-S Senate races went toe to toe on stage at Union College in Schenectady. We had hoped to be hosting the two Republicans running in the race for governor in a debate at Onondaga County Community College tonight, but only one of the candidates accepted our invitation. Rick Lazio informed us only last week that he would not participate. And so, in fairness to the candidate who did agree to our debate.

Carl Paladino joined Liz Benjamin, Capitol Tonight from Syracuse.

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Liberal Lazio 
In one of the stupidest moves yet by State Republican Chairman Cox, that ranks up there with his original endorsement of Steve Levy and therefore his empty rhetoric in support of Lazio since; Cox now puts out a statement attacking Democrats acceptance of JP Morgan contributions. As you can see in the 2 articles that follow this is a poke right in the eye of Lazio and in his defense, one of the biggest hinderances to his campaign in general and his ability to fundraise specifically, has been Cox. We have long since joined the growing chorus seeking Cox’s outster!
ICYMI: When Will Schumer & Gillibrand Return Their J.P. Morgan Cash?

In case you missed it, the New York State Democratic Party is out with another letter to J.P. Morgan, urging the company not to spend money in the New York Governor’s race, citing the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens’ United case.Of course, the Democrats’ aggressive posturing on this matter raises the question of whether or not they will now call on the two U.S. Senators from New York, as well as President Obama, to return the tens of thousands of dollars in contributions that they received over the years from J.P. Morgan.  

“The shameless hypocrisy of Democrat leaders in New York apparently knows no bounds. In their view, it’s perfectly acceptable for J.P. Morgan to spend money in elections so long as that money only goes directly into the campaign coffers of Democrat candidates and not spent expressing their First Amendment rights. Now that they’ve made their position clear though, we’d like to know when Senators Schumer and Gillibrand will adhere to their state party’s position and return the tens of thousands of dollars they’ve received from J.P. Morgan over the years?” – NRSC Communications Director Brian Walsh


Over Her Career, Appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) Has Taken At Least $110,400 From JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 8/16/10)

  • This Cycle, Gillibrand Has Taken At Least $103,350 Making Her The Top Recipient Of JPMorgan Chase & Co Cash. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 8/16/10)

Over His Career, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Has Taken At Least $306,300 From JPMorgan Chase. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 8/16/10)

  • This Cycle, Schumer Has Taken At Least $23,350 From JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 8/16/10)

Barack Obama Received Nearly $700,000 In Contributions From JPMorgan Chase In The 2008 Cycle. (Center For Responsive Politics Website,, Accessed 4/21/10)


Lazio conflicted and exposed on lobbyist issue

(BUFFALO, NY) – Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman and Republican Candidate for Governor, today accused both New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and lobbyist and former Congressman Rick Lazio of being “cut from the same bolt of insider cloth” and called upon them to return special interest campaign cash.

“When Rick Lazio criticizes Andrew Cuomo’s skads of special interest cash, it is pure comedy gold,” Paladino said. “If Lazio wasn’t running for office, he’d still be lobbying today and would likely have loaded up Cuomo’s coffers with more special interest campaign donations.”

“After Lazio got waxed by Hillary Clinton in his failed Senate bid, he stepped through the revolving door of our dysfunctional government and became the lead lobbyist for JP Morgan,” Paladino said. “Lazio helped the Wall Street mega-bank pull in $25 billion in TARP funds from the taxpayer bailout – funds his employers admitted the bank didn’t need and would use to grow and build their company on the backs of the taxpayers.”

“Worse, Lazio the Lobbyist is proud of the $1.3 million bonus he took just as JP Morgan was pocketing bailout money,” Paladino said. “In fact, he’s still a lobbyist on leave from the mega-bank today.”


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