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Ny Congressional Candidate Blasts Unconstitutional and Bias Sullivan gun control law

July 2, 2010

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Buffalo, NY,  July 1, 2010—

Congressional Candidate and attorney Michael Giuliano (R. 28th Dist.), released this
statement today in response to this week’s Supreme Court decision applying the
Second Amendment to the States: I commend the Supreme Court for correctly
concluding that the Constitutional and fundamental right to bear arms, a right
of self-defense, is binding on the states.
  If we need the permission of
the police and judges to bear arms, it’s not a right but a privilege.  The
Court also demonstrated that it understands that so-called “gun control” in
America had its origins in government discrimination
and a desire to prevent
newly freed slaves from defending themselves against lynch mobs. Yet, we
in the North should not be too smug.  Under present law, New York makes it
very difficult for lower-income people, the people who often need them most, to
obtain pistol permits.  If people have a right to bear arms for
self-defense, it is unconscionable for state officials to make them jump through
hoops for a year or longer to get a permit.  In many high-crime
neighborhoods, people can’t wait that long to protect themselves.It is
also wrong that permits can be denied based on the whim and fancy of a state
judge or police bureaucrat.  Therefore, I call on state officials to
immediately repeal the Sullivan Law and start treating gun ownership as

a right not a privilege granted by the state.
  I also call on New York’s county
clerks and county court judges to begin immediately issuing pistol permit
licenses following a successful instant background (NICS) check.If
elected to Congress, I will make it a top priority to make sure that state
officials, including judges, who violate the rights of citizens to bear arms be
sued or even criminally prosecuted if appropriate.  And I will make it my
business to investigate any claim that race has been a factor in the denial of
any gun permit in Western New York. In conclusion, New York should
immediately repeal its unconstitutional gun laws.  In the meantime, I call
on all state judges to stop denying permits to New York citizens in violation of
the right to bear arms and I further call upon Congresswoman Louise Slaughter to
stand with me against this corrupt, prejudicial and unjust pistol permit
licensing scheme that favors the wealthy and well-connected and thwarts the
rights of the law-abiding residents of high-crime neighborhoods who are left at
the mercy of failed political leaders.  We now await comment by the Congresswoman
as to whether she believes that her constituents’ right to bear arms and defend themselves
should be recognized or whether she thinks that Senator Sullivan’s law, grounded in
corruption and prejudice, should continue to deny Western New York residents a
constitutional right


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