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Higgins no longer represents interests of his district. Enter Roberto

June 12, 2010

NY-27: Roberto’s Campaign Boosted By Key Endorsements

Posted by Matt in Campaign 2010, NY-27 on June 5th, 2010

With two key endorsements in the past week, Leonard Roberto’s campaign got the boost it needs to go against Brian Higgins in the 27th congressional district. Last week he was endorsed by the Erie County Conservative Party and he now has the backing of the Erie County Republican Party.

Sure the district has reliably going for Higgins, but the wave of anti-incumbency  puts Roberto in a good position to wage a formidable campaign.. if he gets his name out there, and makes the case that Brian Higgins no longer represents the interests of the district.

Roberto says, “I represent a real choice in this election for the people of Western New York. Brian Higgins once boasted that he was ‘the most independent and conservative Democrat in New York.’ However, by supporting the agenda of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, he has proven he is no conservative.”

Roborto also just got endorsed by the Erie County Republican Party. Chairman Nick Langworthy called Roberto “a very principled conservative” whose experience as a businessman means he “understands the problems of small businesses in our area.”

Nick also noted that Roberto “has the dedication to beat Brian Higgins this year.” Beating Brian Higgins won’t be easy, but everything I heard from people in his campaign I spoke at the Buffalo GOP’s 2nd Annual Latin Irish FUN Raiser this week was that Roberto is ready to go out there and do what it takes to show the voters of the district how Brian Higgins no longer represents their interests.

Matt Margolis is co-author (with Mark Noonan) of Caucus of Corruption: The Truth About The New Democratic Majority. He also blogs at Blogs For Victory. Follow Matt on Twitter.


*A side note to this story is the Chautauqua County Republican endorsement. Paul Ritacco, a Chautauqua resident, had received the endorsement but has now left the race, consequently clearing the way for a unified front against Higgins.


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