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Dinapoli Silver Cuomo all a part of the problem

June 12, 2010

GOP Links DiNapoli To Silver, Cuomo

June 11, 2010 2:47 pm

Posted by Liz Benjamin

The state GOP is acting as an attack dog surrogate for the party’s state comptroller designee, Harry Wilson, slamming Democratic Comptroller Tom DiNapoli today for ending his self-imposed campaign contribution limits.

Party spokesman Alex Carey released a statement saying DiNapoli “can’t be serious,” and accusing him of “trying out a new belief system just in time to attempt to save his own job.”

“In the midst of a crippling budget crisis that he has done nothing to avoid, Tom DiNapoli’s sudden transformation into a reform-minded fiscal watchdog is utterly preposterous,” the statement continues.

“In fact, it would be laughable if the situation weren’t so dire for New York, its businesses and families. A faithful apostle of Sheldon Silver, Mr. DiNapoli has contributed more than most to Albany’s chorus of dysfunction and our bloated, unsustainable government throughout his career.”

“Year after year, vote after vote, he has consistently supported the high spending, high tax culture that is driving jobs and our people out of this state. Unfortunately for Mr. DiNapoli, New Yorkers know a leopard doesn’t change its spots.”

“Throughout the course of this campaign, Tom DiNapoli, like Andrew Cuomo, is going to be exposed for exactly what he is – part of the problem.”


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